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Empowered with decades of experience and expertise in organising trade exhibitions, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) is reputed internationally for its outstanding performance.

Our trade exhibitions have been the distinctive platforms where both exhibitors and buyers alike explore business opportunities. At HKTDC's world-class events where buyers and exhibitors from different countries and regions converge, our comfortable and convenient venue provides the perfect venue where they can negotiate business, exchange the latest market intelligence, and establish business contacts.

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Exhibitors’ Comments Buyers’ Comments

Hear What Exhibitors Say

“We are part of the Korean Pavilion at this year’s HKISF, which is occupying a bigger space compared to last year’s edition.  International pavilions represent stationery trends in multiple Asian regions and also highlight the industry’s leading players. The stationery market in Korea is consistently strong, just as it is in Hong Kong and the rest of Asia. Visitors appreciate the structure of our pavilion and the quality of exhibitors on display across the whole show. So far, we’ve spoken to high-level buyers from many different sectors, namely office and DIY supplies, as well as gift stationery. These visitors mostly come from surrounding Asian regions, but we can see there are more international buyers on the show this year too. We expect a fruitful event and return to the Korean Pavilion next year on an even larger scale.
Shin Geon-sik, Director, Korea Stationery Industry Cooperative (KSIC), Korea

“We are an Indian manufacturer of different kinds of office stationery and supplies and this is our second time exhibiting at the HKISF. The show provides a great opportunity to display our capabilities within the strong Asian stationery markets, as well as to meet many international buyers face to face. We received several big orders during and after last year’s show from stationery brands in Asia Pacific region and we are expecting more positive results in this edition. Overall, the quality and quantity of visitors is particularly strong. The good combination of Asian and international companies helps us to boost business and expand our network across the entire industry. We’ll be back next year for another successful, well-organised and trend-setting show.”
Priyanka Narvekar, Marketing Manager, International Business Hindustan Pencils Pvt. Ltd., India

“This is our second time exhibiting at HKISF. We received quite a lot of orders last year and found a new Korean dealer at the fair, so we decided to come again this year to look for new dealers and distributors. Only after a few hours, we have already met six potential buyers from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Turkey and the US. Two of them showed great interest in our newly-launched products - the Safari Fountain Pen and the Essential Series. Nowadays, there are lots of products out in the market that customers can choose from, so originality is the key to success. Innovation and customisation are definitely the latest trends in the industry. HKISF not only plays a vital role for us to enter to the Chinese mainland market, but also Asia. We will come again next year.”
Phil Lin, Vice President, International Writing Instrument Corp, Taiwan

“HKISF is renowned in the industry so this year we decided to exhibit at the fair. We are promoting our unique and eco products such as Drawable Cartoon Wallet, and Music Sheets Display Book that is detachable and refillable. During the first two days of the show, we received over 10 business leads and we are very satisfied with the result. We met serious buyers including purchasers from supermarket, designers, manufacturers, musicians and more. They came from Japan, the USA, the Netherlands and Romania. The overall visitor flow is great. I think HKISF is an essential industry platform as it provides business opportunities and new ideas to the industry at the same time. This is important as the competition in stationery industry is getting stronger and only unique and personalised products can stand out. Considering the great outcome we achieved, we will be interested in coming back next year.”
Elton Lau, B & P International Industries Ltd, Hong Kong

“This is our 18th year exhibiting at the fair. We have managed to find all of our largest customers by participating at this show. The show gathers all the major suppliers and big hitters of the industry. On the first day we received some good leads from Chinese customers and some serious enquiries. The second day of the show has been much more international in terms of the visitor flow and enquiries that we have received. This year we have expanded our private label line in order to catch new customers and get into new emerging markets and exhibiting in Hong Kong is a good platform to reach those kinds of customers. There is a change in attitude and approach from Chinese mainland customers, who are now looking for higher quality products. The show has always been a big draw for buyers from regions like India, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.”
Scott Wen, Mirage International Industries Inc., USA

“Our company manufactures LCD writing tablets and was established two years ago. We have brought our new 40 inch tablet to the fair. Besides connecting with buyers, promoting our brand through the show is one of our major reasons for exhibiting. We would ideally like to meet with many dealers and distributors. After a day and a half, we have met with around 50 visitors and 80% of them showed a keen interest in our products. They are from all over the world including Europe, the UK, and Korea. The buyers are serious and professional. Stationery trends change over time and we must stay innovative in order to be unbeatable. Being eco-friendly is another important trend, not only in the stationery industry, but in every aspect of a business. One of our products is very environmentally friendly as the writing film can be used up to 100,000 times.”
Judy Zhao, Sales Manager, Shenzhen POLICRAL Science & Technology Co., Ltd, Chinese mainland

“We are a Greek company that focuses on school supplies and this is our fifth time exhibiting at HKISF. We mainly produce school bags and some stationery items under our own brand name. Our main customers are from Europe, but we are growing our customer base in ASEAN nations too. HKISF is often a very busy fair with customers from all over the world. This is what makes us come back year after year. Here, we are able to reach customers from outside of Europe, and the last two years in particular have been very successful. We secured contracts with businesses in Singapore, Taiwan, Dubai and more. The show acts as the gateway into the Chinese market and we are currently in discussion with a Beijing company which is interested in our designs. I think I can confidently say that we will return once again next year.”
Sophia Diakakis, Owner, Diakakis Imports SA, Greece

“We are a first-time exhibitor at HKISF, and we have definitely made the right decision to come here. The fairground is busy and the quality of potential buyers is high, we attracted a lot of interest in our products. One of our newest developments is our range of recycled stationery items, which are in line with the industry’s aspiration to promote sustainability and more eco-friendly production methods. Our main targets at the show are buyers from the US and Europe, and there is a good mix of them as well as Asian buyers too. So far, we have two potential buyers whom we expect will be placing orders soon. We will be back again at the next edition to gain an even stronger foothold in the market.”
Jake Jan, COO, Philbook, Philippines

“This is our second time exhibiting at the Stationery Fair. The number and quality of visitors at this edition has been better than the previous year. We have noticed particularly high numbers of visitors from Southeast Asian countries like Thailand and Indonesia. As we are focusing on expanding our business in the ASEAN market, this has been very positive for us. We had lots of business discussions with Hong Kong retailers too. Retailers are looking for high quality and innovative brands and products which really align with the Kokuyo brand. Our stapleless stapler has once again being very popular with our overseas buyers as they are very safe and environmentally friendly. Masking tape is also hugely popular. We designed a portable clip that can be attached to the rolls and easily cut the tapes. We will certainly return next year as the fair is far beyond our expectations this year.”
Soichi Kawada, Branch Manager, Kokuyo Co Ltd, Japan

“Our company is an agent for several stationery brands and established two years ago. This is our first time exhibiting at HKISF and we are especially looking for buyers from Middle East. After just two days, we have met with around 40 potential buyers from many different countries, including some from France, the Netherlands, Africa and the Middle East. We have even received some orders already, including one worth around US$20,000. I have also found a new partnership with one of the exhibitors here. Overall, we are very impressed with the effectiveness of the show as an exhibitor, as well as its ability to gather high level international buyers. We will definitely be returning next year with an even larger booth space.”
Sunny Kan, General Manager, Many Group Company, Hong Kong

Hear What Buyers Say

“We are a wholesaler and supplier of office and school products. This is my first time here to source for stationery and office supplies from the Chinese mainland or Taiwanese companies. I will be here for four days and expect to meet with around 30 exhibitors. I have talked to a Chinese exhibitor AIMO Graphics Company Limited and they can supply innovative label tapes. I think the fair is great as the products here are diversified. It not only provides traditional stationery items, but also offers products with trendy design that can attract younger generation. I will definitely consider coming back next year.”
Vishal Sadhwani, Sales and Marketing, Penline Stationery Inc, Philippines

“Our company has a history of 45 years and we are one of the leading designers and distributors of giftware in the UK, specialising in licensed and personalised merchandises. I’m here to source various items that we are buying already to see if I can find any good alternatives which might save costs. I’m expecting to be inspired by new and innovative products. I’ve seen some beautiful, upmarket stationary that would look right at home in places like Fenwick or Harvey Nichols. Many of the standout items were from Hong Kong companies and I’ve made a number of enquiries and sourced quotes. This is my first time to this particular fair and I’m impressed with the range of products."
David Phillips, Senior Director, Instant Gifts International Ltd, United Kingdom

“We are a Thai book store looking for high-end, good quality products that offer high functionality and quality. We have already found three new vendors, including Kokuyo, a Japanese stationery brand selling various Moleskine products, as well as a company selling crayons for children to mould and create themselves, which are really interesting. We’ve also sourced some licensed stationery merchandise for Paddington Bear, Peter Rabbit and Peppa Pig, which are now very famous in the Thai market. HKISF is a place for sourcing high quality and innovative products which you often can’t find in the mass market. The concurrent Toys & Games Fair offers additional business connections.”
Gesarin Anek, Managing Director, Asia Books, Thailand

“Our company is an office stationery supplier in Dubai. This is my second time visiting HKISF and I'm looking for creative and useful stationery for the market in the UAE. I found a wide variety of innovative and high quality stationery products at the fair. I'm happy to see there are new suppliers every year and I have met at least three potential suppliers from the Chinese mainland and Korea. I'm going to place orders with one of the Chinese exhibitors for around USD15,000. The fair is really impressive and I'll definitely come here again to look for more stationery products.”
Ram Lakshmanan, Managing Partner, Super Swift General Trading LLC, UAE

“Our company creates branded merchandise based on client briefs and then purchasing products and designing them in-house. I am looking specifically for pens and pencils with charms and notebooks as well as a broader range of stationary products. So far I have managed to find everything that I was looking for and I’ve met with new vendors that I’m very happy with. I can see new products and new styles and the general receptiveness of exhibitors has been positive. I especially like the Korean pavilion and the range of pens that they are showcasing. I feel this edition has also seen a greater variation of products with every stand offering different types of products which makes it much better for buyers. Products seem to come here before anywhere else so I think it’s always worth coming to HKISF to see what is being presented each year.”
Lauren Knight, Director, Hype, United Kingdom

“Our company is an importer and dealer of stationery items in Taiwan. This is my first time to HKISF and I am sourcing gift stationery items and notebooks. I have met with two potential suppliers, including a Hong Kong company called Ditto Ditto that offers letterpress gift cards. I think HKISF is very influential in Asia, as I am able to see lots of international exhibitors and find a comprehensive spectrum of stationery items in the industry. Holding it concurrently with other fairs can also help exhibitors and visitors to create more business opportunities. In the coming year, I believe innovation and personalisation will lead the industry as people love unique products.”
Peipei Ho, Sales Manager, Plain Co Ltd, Taiwan