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Exhibitors' and Buyers' Comments

Empowered with decades of experience and expertise in organising trade exhibitions, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) is reputed internationally for its outstanding performance.

Our trade exhibitions have been the distinctive platforms where both exhibitors and buyers alike explore business opportunities. At HKTDC's world-class events where buyers and exhibitors from different countries and regions converge, our comfortable and convenient venue provides the perfect venue where they can negotiate business, exchange the latest market intelligence, and establish business contacts.

The HKTDC sincerely invites you to join this exhibition, to explore the way to success.




Exhibitors’ Comments Buyers’ Comments

Hear What Exhibitors Say



“This is our first time joining the fair. The show has a great reputation among the industry so that’s why we are here to promote our newly-launched 3D image notebooks and customised kids’ backpacks. Our booth has drawn a lot of attention from international and local buyers, such as those from Asian countries, Canada and the US. At the first day of the fair, we have already received around 20 to 30 good business leads from distributors, wholesalers and shops. The result is satisfying. I think compared to other fairs, HKISF is more international and attracts better quality of customers. We will seriously consider coming back next year.”
Pierre-Emmanuel PETIT, La Compagnie BMC, France



"We have been joining this fair since the very beginning. For us, it is one of the most important industry shows. We met most of our big customers through this platform and they made up a big proportion of our annual revenue. At the first day of the fair, we met customers from North America, South America, Europe and emerging markets like India, and received around 12 to 15 good contacts. For example, a customer from India has shown great interest in placing order with our stationery sets. Another Hong Kong-based customer is interested in our stamp markers. Those are all serious buyers for us. And we are definitely happy with the result. I think HKISF is very professional compared to other fairs and we will be here every year."
Scott Wen, Mirage International Industries Inc, United States


“This is my second time here. I brought some companies from Korea to the fair and aim at attracting more buyers from Asian countries. This is an important fair for us as I can compare different countries’ products, quality, price and design in one platform and it provides us invaluable business networking opportunities. This fair is located in Hong Kong and this gives us a gateway to international markets. “
Dong-Jae Lee, President, Korea Stationery Industry Cooperative, Korea



“We have joined this fair for a few years. This year, we are promoting our own brand elfen and our full collections of multi creasing ring binder and lever arch file. We have met professional buyers including wholesalers and distributors from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Africa, India and Saudi Arabia. They have shown strong interest in working with us. The buyer from Saudi Arabia for example, has asked for quotation and detailed information about our products. I think they have good potential in placing orders. Overall, I am happy with the result. Apart from focusing on traditional markets such as Europe, we are expanding to emerging markets including South America, South Africa and more. And we have been able to meet buyers from South Africa at HKISF. This proves the fair is indeed international and can help us tap into global markets and expand more business opportunities.”
Anchalie Cherdchuchai, Export Manager, Export Division, DHA Siamwalla Ltd, Thailand



“This is our first time at HKISF. It is a springboard to promote our brands to overseas markets. IWI is our own brand that has comprehensive product portfolio including notebooks, pens and writing pads. We have discussed some potential deals with overseas buyers. For example, a retail buyer from the Philippines is interested in introducing our brand to their country. This customer shows strong interest in placing order with around 1000 to 3000 pieces. This is very encouraging. Together with other potential business leads generated from the show, we are quite happy about this year’s presence at the fair.”
Mei Chang, Senior Manager, International Writing Instrument Corporation, Taiwan



"Wing King Tong is a printing company. In the recent years, we expanded our portfolio to stationary and paper products, with a highlight on green products. With the Airypack®, our newly invented technology, fewer materials and glue are used on paper products and thus more environmentally friendly. Wing King Tong's major markets are the United States and European countries. Through HKISF, we hope can expand to Asian markets with great potential such as the Philippines and Indonesia. At the fair, many visitors have shown strong interests in our products. We have already provided quotations to customers from Thailand, Canada, United States and France. I am looking forward to discussing further business leads with them."
Emily Yan, Director, Wing King Tong Printing Limited / Mottologues Co. Ltd., Hong Kong



“We have been supporting this fair since its first edition. At this year’s show, our association brought 13 companies to demonstrate Taiwan’s core competence and creativities. The fair is located in Hong Kong, a perfect gateway to international arena. Most companies at this year’s pavilion are emerging brands with a lot of new ideas and innovations. By participating at HKISF, they can obtain first-hand information about how the markets respond to their new products and help set their future business direction. The result has never been disappointing, and we will sure be here every year. ”
Donald Mai, Secretary General, Taiwan Association of Stationery Industries, Taiwan



“Our company provides paper trimmers and paper cutters and our major markets are in Europe. By exhibiting at the show, we aim at expanding to Asian regions. The result of this year’s participation is beyond our expectation. We have met decision makers from big companies, and importers from over 20 countries and regions, including Australia, France, Sweden, Japan and many more. At the first two days of the show, we already received around 3 to 4 orders, total value amount to around USD 100,000. I am really happy with the outcome and for sure will join next year.”
Michael Y.M. Wu, Bosser International Co Ltd, Taiwan


“Our new product ‘waterproof notepads’ makes its first presence at this year’s HKISF. By participating here, we aim to expand to international markets, and this objective has been fully achieved. Our product is made with stone paper that is environmentally friendly and it draws a lot of attention from large number of buyers. We met over 100 importers and distributors from over 40 countries and regions within just two days, and we believe around 20% of them have great potential in working with us. The result is tremendous.”
Kalle Kinnunen, Managing Director, Modestone Ltd, Finland




Hear What Buyers Say






“This is my first time here at the HKISF. Our company is a stationery wholesaler. I am looking for new products and bring them back to Malaysia. I had also been to stationery fairs in other countries but I found the variety and the price of the products here fit the needs of the Malaysian market. The products here are more interesting and innovative than those in the Malaysian market. I have walked down two aisles and already found some interesting products such as some nice greeting cards and ball pens. Some of the exhibitors from the Chinese mainland have upgraded new products. I have met 3 to 4 potential suppliers here. I will definitely come back to the fair next year.”
Yu Chan Ng, Sales Manager, Lian Pang Stationery (M) SDN BHD, Malaysia 


“My company is a toy and stationery distributor based in Australia. I have been visiting this fair for many years as in HKISF, you will always find something new. This year, I am sourcing gift stationery, and have found a lot of high-quality brands that I will consider working with, such as a Vietnamese company that provides hand-made calendars and a Chinese brand that offers pencils with excellent designs. I think over the years, the show has maintained high quality and gives me a lot of ideas through its full demonstration of innovations. It is a fair that you will not miss. I will definitely come back next year.”
Keith Garrett, Bright Spark Enterprises, Australia


“We would like to extend our cooperation with Hong Kong, Chinese mainland and Korea stationery suppliers. I obtained quotations from Shenzhen Kjin Stationery Co., Ltd, Dongguan Zhanhong Weaving String Co., Ltd and Hopewell Plastic Manufactory Co., Ltd. The quality of their products meets our expectation at a reasonable price. It is very likely that we will cooperate with these three suppliers in the future. I will recommend the show to my company because I can see innovative products and market trends in the stationery industry here. Also, we are able to reach out to more potential suppliers easily at an international and concentrated platform for the stationery industry.”
Joanna Hsiao, Buyer, Fun Chain Co., Ltd., Taiwan


“We are an Australia-based company that provides notebooks and writing pads. We attend this fair for the first time to source high-quality products, meet new suppliers and manufacturers, as well as to expand our business networks. We are impressed by the size and the products exhibited at the show, and we have already identified a number of quality suppliers and got connected with them about future business cooperation. HKISF provides us a golden opportunity to expand our product portfolio. Apart from paper pads, we are also interested in the products provided by a pen supplier. We already requested a quotation from the vendor, and will consider placing order.”
Nino Laygan & Katarzyna Gospos, Leaders in Heels, Australia


“Ofix.com is an e-commerce platform that supplies all kinds of products for offices. At HKISF, we are looking for office stationery that is new to Turkish market. I am impressed by the fair’s size and its strong presence of Asian brands that provide innovative and high-quality products. In fact, I have already arranged meetings with a number of companies such as Kokuyo from Japan, and Sanki from Hong Kong. And I have strong interest in placing orders with these companies. The trip has been fruitful and I plan to visit next year.”
Umut Bayhan, Assistant General Manager, Ofix, Turkey 


“This is our first time at HKISF. The fair is international with a good number of visitors and a wide array of choices. We are a B2B supplier selling office stationery such as files, pens, folders, binders and clips. And Hong Kong is an effective platform for us to identify suitable Chinese suppliers. At the fair, we have spoken to about 20 exhibitors and asked quotation of some products such as folders and box files. Most of the exhibitors we talked to are from Chinese mainland and the rest are from Thailand, Taiwan and Hong Kong. We will further study their products and discuss the cooperation possibility.”
Dinesh Gandhi and Chetan Gami, Directors of Benir Store Solutions Pvt Ltd, India