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Company Name: BMC SAS
Country/Region: France
Booth No.: 5B–D19
Zone: Kids & School
Website: www.lacompagniebmc.com

Strawberry Eggmiss Bag by EGGMAN®

  • Be creative with the latest EGGMAN backpack! Kids can now design and personalise their EGGMAN backpack with colourful tiles. The backpack is also available in a wide range of colours.
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Company Name: Goeunbit Co., Ltd.
Country/Region: Korea
Booth No.: 5B-D10
Zone: Kids & School
Website:  http://www.chococrayon.co.kr

Chocolate Crayons

  • Using chocolate as the raw materials, “Chocolate Crayon” is a product created focusing on the safety of infants and children and is made of food additives registered on the Korean Food Standards Codex and non-toxic dyes.
  • The product is convenient to use as less powder are generated and hands are less smeared by the crayons when using them.
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Company Name: International Writing Instrument Corp.
Country/Region: Taiwan
Booth No.: 5B–E18
Zone: Taiwan Pavilion
Website: www.iwic.com

SAW note

  • SAW stands for sunshine, air and water, and three trendy geometric patterns are used on a SAW notebook cover to represent three themes – in the FOREST, above the SKY and under the SEA. The notebook is 100% waterproof, with hidden geometric pattern only to be revealed when a notebook is exposed to UV light.
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Company Name: Kokuyo Company Limited
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth No.: 5B-A20
Zone: Smart Office
Website: http://www.kokuyo.com


  • KOKUYO Dotliner glue tape series is the award winning product of Good Design Award 2016. Launched for 10 years, its reaches over 9 million in Japan.
  • Dotliner ensures wrinkle-free sticking and uniform application. It is clean and fast drying. With just a light touch, objects are glued easily by strong adhesive dot patterned glue.
  • The glue is acid-free in order to maintain the original colour of papers and photos.
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Company Name: M & G Stationery (HK) Limited
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth No.: 5B-D05
Zone: Kids & School
Website: http://www.mg-pen.com.hk

Hail to Masters of Art – Van Gogh Holland
Notebook Set (licensed products from Van Gogh Museum in Holland)

  • A premium notebook set, including a PU travel journal with Van Gogh’s signature seal, four notebook refills, a metallic ballpoint pen and a pen clip.
  • As a cooperation project with Van Gogh Museum, the cover of the notebook depicts Van Gogh’s masterpiece “Almond blossom” which was painted in 1890. Its theme colour is cerulean, which is also the background colour of the masterpiece.
  • Van Gogh’s self-portraits and quotes on the notebook refills demonstrated his passion on life and art. The refill covers also showed his mesmerizing manuscripts. The pen can be used as a stylus for drawing on digital devices.
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Company Name: Ningbo Lesda Stationery Co Ltd
Country/Region: Chinese mainland
Booth No.: 5B-C28
Zone: Kids & School
Website: http://www.lesda.com

SanriBear 4D Art Set

  • SanriBear 4D Art Set series is an educational interactive product which applies augmented reality (AR) technology. Children can paint on the colouring templates with their own imagination. After colouring in a picture, hold smartphones or tablets with the “4D painting app” open over the drawing - the animated 4D version of the character will get filled with colour in real-time on the device's screen. Children can interact with the characters and take photos with them.
  • Children can develop their unlimited artistic inspiration as well as enhance their colour awareness and competencies in artistic areas.
  • As it applies AR technology, children can observe what they create in order to develop the interest in learning and cultivate their creativity.
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Company Name: Paper Art Viet Company Limited
Country/Region: Vietnam
Booth No.: 5B-B46
Zone: Pen & Paper
Website: http://paperartviet.com

3D Pop-Up Calendar

  • The company specialises in designing and manufacturing products from fine art paper, especially handmade pop up calendars and greeting cards.
  • Products are truly made by hand and the papers used are imported from Europe and Japan; each of them is unique with its own personal touch.
  • This foldable calendar is suitable for New Year occasion as a special gift to save your precious moments.
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Company Name: Shanghai Seiko Engineering Co., Ltd.
Country/Region: Chinese mainland
Booth No.: 5B-D31
Zone: Kids & School
Website: http://ssec-sakura.com

RANDOSERU – Traditional Japanese School Bag

  • The Traditional Japanese school bag is made of synthetic leather with pearl polished finishing.
  • With large storage (size: H320xW235xD120mm), flat-files of A4 size can be put inside.
  • Finishing by hand sewing - the craftsmen sew the parts of back pad and shoulder belt with great care to make it durable.
  • The back pad is soft, superior in air permeability and well-cushioned to ensure that children can maintain good posture and hardly feel tired even if they carry the bag for a long time.