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3DMazia Company Limited
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth No.: 5B-B25
Zone: DIY Supplies
Website: www.3dmazia.cn
3DMazia Printing Pen

  • 3DMazia Printing pen is applying PLA filament of no contaminations, it helps the world to live healthier.
  • An unique design for comfort hand feel.
  • Safe to use as auto-sleeping function is equipped.
  • Single button carries multi-function.

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Country/Region: France
Booth No.: 5B–D19
Zone: Kids & School
Website: www.lacompagniebmc.com
Strawberry Eggmiss Bag by EGGMAN®

  • Taking your school notebooks is now a child’s play with this schoolbag equipped with shoulder straps and two handles, as well as a silicon front pocket to be personalised with eggis. Children just need to listen to their creativity, placing the colourful eggis according to their imagination.
  • The backpack is also available in a wide range of colours.

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Ditto Ditto Limited
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth No.: 5B-A07
Zone: Gift Stationery
Website: www.dittoditto.net
Letterpress Animal Calendar

  • Ditto Ditto is a boutique stationery brand and design studio based in Hong Kong.
  • 12 individual animal parenthood desk calendar to accompany you in 2018! Decorate your home or office with a beautiful and meaningful standing desk calendar.

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Eyeguard System
Country/Region: Korea
Booth No.: 5B-D10
Zone: Smart Office
Website: www.eyeguard.net
Secret View Privacy Filter for LCD Monitor, laptop, phone

  • Secret View information protection Film secures your personal or sensitive security information from sights of others in public places or in the office.
  • Multi-functional privacy filter: anti-reflecting coating technology that requires advanced optical technology from basic material development and transparent blue light blocking agent as well as antimicrobial treatment.

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Gala Plus International Company Limited
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth No.: 5B-C05
Zone: Pen & Paper
Website: www.galaplusint.com
Pop-up books

  • Refined laser-cut technology
  • Fully automatic binding machines for both hardcover and softcover

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M&G Stationery (HK) Limited
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth No.: 5B-D15
Zone: Kids & School
Website: http://www.mg-pen.com.hk
M&G Double-sided Adhesive Tapes

  • Double-sided adhesive tapes adopt the advantages of correction tapes with a durable design and smooth operation.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Dot colloid coated tapes can be easily rubbed off by hand, thus less waste of paper compared to traditional double-sided tapes.
  • Roller head with protection cover to prevent dust.
  • Suitable for handwork, visual art & DIY cards.

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Paper Art Viet Company Limited
Country/Region: Vietnam
Booth No.: 5B-B23
Zone: Pen & Paper
Website: www.paperartviet.com
Four Seasons Calendar

  • The company specialises in designing and manufacturing products from fine art paper, especially handmade pop up calendars and greeting cards.
  • Products are truly made by hand and the papers used are imported from Europe and Japan; each of them is unique with its own personal touch.
  • This foldable four seasons calendar is perfect as a special gift to save your precious moments.

8 8

Yung Hsin Hang Stationery Co., Ltd.
Country/Region: Taiwan
Booth No.: 5B-E08
Zone: Taiwan Pavilion
Website: www.yunghsin.com
Cute Animal Notebook with Magnetic Bookmark Pen

  • The Magnetic Bookmark Pen is a cute and multi-functional bookmark pen with 160 pages (80 sheets), you can use it as a bookmark and as a pen!
  • A magnet is wrapped inside the bookmark so it can be easily attached to the notebook (there is a tagger inside the front cover).
  • When you need a pen to take quick memo, simply use the pen attached on the notebook. You can use the Magnetic Bookmark Pen as a fridge magnet too.