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icco nico
Country/Region: Japan
Booth No.: 5B-B23
Zone: DIY Supplies
Website: www.icconico.com
Sticking Calendar

  • HARU KOYOMI is the original washi tapes from icco nico® STATIONERY.
  • They are the combination of the washi tapes with days and dates and easy to customize any piece of paper or the notebooks to your original organizers and planners.
  • HARU KOYOMI comes from Japanese words haru (貼る) means stick and koyomi (暦) means calendar.
  • They are available in the size for 3mm grids/6mm rules, 7mm rules and either every 5mm or every other 5mm grid.
  • Very popular stationery goods from Japan.

2 7

Zhongshan Mofa Plastic Co., Ltd.
Country/Region: Mainland China
Booth No.: 5B-B07
Zone: DIY Supplies
Website: www.mofa.com.hk
Simulated cream soil clay

  • Ultra-light clay is different from traditional coloured clay. It features characters like rapid drying, not easy to crack, and not easy to deform.
  • It is clean, comfortable, non-sticky, non-toxic and no smell.
  • Magic cream soil clay with great tenacity. It can be stretched without cracking after drying. It is even more beautiful to be presented together with the ultra-light clay.

3 2

MIS (Asia) Limited
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth No.: 5B-A05
Zone: Gift Stationery
Website: www.misasia.com.hk
Notebook – Hero Collection

  • One of the notebook series designed by local designers.
  • Environmental-friendly 350g art paper, cardboard, PU leather or hardcover as cover material. 128 sheets of white paper as inner paper (100g).
  • 3 sizes available: 12 x 12 cm or 12 x 16 cm or 14.6 x 20.5 cm. Each can be packed in polybag, color box or gift box.
  • Use printing techniques such as silk screen, CMYK, and PMS. Matt, Glossy or Touch lamination, varnish or UV coating for surface treatment. Hot Stamping or Embossing can be applied for different design.
  • Use binding technique such as YO binding, paper pack binding, sewing binding etc.

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B & P International Industries Limited
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth No.: 5B-C11
Zone: Kids & School
Website: www.bnphk.com
Document Envelope

  • This is a personalised envelope.
  • Users can colour on the writable flip.
  • Client can design and customize cartoon on the flip for their target end users.
  • This special envelope is made by PP and Polystone materials.

5 8

Excellent Life International Limited
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth No.: 5B-D31
Zone: Kids & School

Jomily Stationery Set

  • Jomily's copyright belongs to Excellent Life International Ltd which was found in 2016. It focuses on brand licensing, stationery, food, wholesale, retail and other business.
  • Jomily, a cute cartoon from Hong Kong, was born in April 2015. It brings the message to public that they should preserve the natural environment regardless of race and nationality and make the earth a sustainable paradise full of joy.
  • They was honoured the "Best SME Award" in 2017.

6 8

Pyramid China Ltd
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth No.: 5B-C08
Zone: Kids & School
Website: www.pyramidinternational.com

Harry Potter Stationery Set

  • Pyramid was established in 1992, what started as a small business selling posters has grown into a hugely successful multinational organisation.
  • Latest licensed products of the popular MARVEL and Harry Potter themed items.
  • The Company’s unrivalled range of promotional merchandise includes: Posters and wall art, Stationery, Printed mugs, Branded merchandise and Giftware

7 3

M&G Stationery (HK) Limited
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Booth No.: 5B-D15
Zone: Kids & School
Website: www.mg-pen.com.hk
0.5mm Erasable Gel Pen (Black / Blue / Light Blue)

  • iErase writes smooth and erases clean. Unique Thermo Sensitive gel ink formula can be erased cleanly under friction.

8 8

Philbook Consumer Products Inc.
Country/Region: Philippines
Booth No.: 5B-D21
Zone: Kids & School
Website: http://www.philbook.com.ph

Genuine Recycled Sketch Book

  • ISO 9001:2015, SA8000:2014, FSC & PEFC Certified.
  • 70 gsm, 40 pages.
  • Paper made from recycled material, it is ultra-smooth and acid-free.
  • The wire binding and sturdy covers will guarantee a flat surface for drawing
  • experimentation or practicing technique.

9 8

Country/Region: USA
Booth No.: 5B-C18
Zone: Kids & School
Website: www.weveel.com

Scentos Scented Crayons - 64 Count

  • Great for drawing, coloring, and writing
  • Fun characters and appealing scents add an extra element of fun to everything
  • A variety of fruity scents and characters, including strawberry, green apple, blueberry, and watermelon
  • Nontoxic and allergen friendly

10 8

Zhejiang Caarany Group Co Ltd
Country/Region: Mainland China
Booth No.: 5B-E19
Zone: Kids & School
Website: www.caaran-y.com
Light weight school bags

  • Easy for cleaning with 1 piece design
  • Extra large U-shaped open for large capacity
  • U-shaped shoulder strap with ergonomics design
  • Water-proof surface design
  • Reflective surface for nightime movement

11 4

China First Pencil Company Limited
Country/Region: Mainland China
Booth No.: 5B-B16
Zone: Pen & Paper
Website: www.chinafirstpencil.com
Coloured pencils

  • “Zhonghua Brand” is a long established brand. In addition to covering all major stationery products in Mainland China, it also exports to 54 countries and regions in the world.
  • A very easy-to-master colouring tool that works like a pencil.
  • A variety of colours. Lighter colouring that brings fresh and simple touch. Usually easy to erase.
  • Soft and richly coloured lead. It can be evenly painted on all types of paper. Relaxed and easy drawing, the lead core is not easy to fall off from the pencil body.

12 8

Shandong Orange Paper Import & Export Co., Ltd.
Country/Region: Mainland China
Booth No.: 5B-C17
Zone: Pen & Paper

Paper Globe

  • a DIY & creative paper globe.
  • It has unique sphere structure and 72-face.
  • No need to use scissor or glue.
  • It is convenient to assembly and disassembly for many times.

13 6

Sunde Stationery Co., Ltd.
Country/Region: Mainland China
Booth No.: 5B-B02
Zone: Pen & Paper
Website: www.eraserhome.com

  • Sunde is working with many internationally renowned companies such as Wal-Mart, Target, Kmart, Toys R Us, NEN etc. for ODM designing.
  • Sunde also works with well known licensors, including the Disney series, the Marvel, SpongeBob, Angry Birds, Hello Kitty etc.
  • Sunde has 3 CNC and full mold supporting machines which are able to transform your ideas and designs into real samples within 7 days, and make mass production within 15 days.

14 8

Avery Products Pty Ltd
Country/Region: Australia
Booth No.: 5B-A10
Zone: Smart Office
Website: www.averyproducts.com.au/avery/en_au/
Avery Sure Feed Labels

  • Sure FeedTM Technology designed for a reliable feed
  • No more wasted labels

15 8

Sozen Design
Country/Region: Mainland China
Booth No.: 5B-A30
Zone: Smart Office

  • A set of bronze bookmark gift set
  • Use the elements from natural which is flower, bird, fish and insect.

16 8

Behiveworld Co., Ltd
Country/Region: Taiwan
Booth No.: 5B-E12
Zone: Taiwan Pavilion
Website: www.behiveworld.com

Sticky Note - Vintage Style

  • Different styles available
  • Easy to carry, allows you to quickly jot down what you need to remember and then stick it on a nearby, visible surface
  • Special protection made on the cover

17 8

Yung Hsin Hang Stationery Co Ltd
Country/Region: Taiwan
Booth No.: 5B-E06
Zone: Taiwan Pavilion
Website: www.yunghsin.com
Bingo placemat, Coloring placemat

  • Paper Stationery and Paper Party Supplies
  • Coloring placement give fun for kids in meal time