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Additional Facilities & Services Order Form

Part A For Custom-Built Participation Exhibitors
Form 1 Custom-Built Participation Contractors' Information (For Custom-Built Participation Only)
Form 2 Electricity Supply & Communication Facilities (For Custom-built Participation Exhibitors Only)
Part B For Standard Booths Exhibitors
Standard Booth Layout 9 sq.m. Standard Booth Layout (3Mx3M)
18 sq.m. Standard Booth Layout (6Mx3M)
27 sq.m. Standard Booth Layout (9Mx3M)
Form 3 Additional Furniture Facilities / Modification of Standard Facilities
(Not Applicable for Custom-built Participation Exhibitors)
  Catalogue - Additional Booth Facilities
Form 4 Additional Electricity Supply / Lighting Facilities
(Not Applicable for Custom-built Participation Exhibitors)
Form 5 AV, Plant & Communications Facilities (Not Applicable for Custom-built participation Exhibitors)
Form 6 Additional Overnight Electricity Supply Order Form
  Conditions of Order for Form 3-6
Form 7 Contractors' Information (For Standard Booth Exhibitors' requesting early move-in for booth decoration)
Form S1 Order Form For Special Furniture (Not Applicable for custom-built Participation Exhibitors )
  Special Items Catalogues
  Conditions of Order for Form S1
Form S2 Standard booth upgrade - Artwork package
Part C Advertising & Promotion Opportunities
Form 8 Hanging Advertising Banners
Form 9 Products Description Form
Part D - Tea Activities
Form 10 Press Conference Submission Form
Form 11

Tea Tasting Session Application Form

Form 12

Application Form of Tea Tasting Session

Form 13

Additional Exhibitor Badges

Form 14 Value-for-Money Hotel Booking
Form 15 Official Freight Forwarding Service
Form 16 Security Personnel Service Order Form
Form 17 Copyright Performance Right Permit For One-off Musical Event Order Form
Form 18 Application to Public Performance of Sound Recordings, Music Video and Karaoke Video (For Single Event)
Form 19 HKRIA Short-term Public Performance Licenses
Form 20 Purchase Of Additional Admission Tickets Order Form


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