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Kawada Company Limited

Product zone: Brand Name Gallery
Booth no. 1E-E26
Country/region: Japan

nanoblock® - The Original Micro-sized Building Block

  • nanoblock® is an extremely small building block that is just a half the size of Kawada standard block (volume ratio 1/8)
  • Despite its micro-size, nanoblock® is just as precise as Kawada standard block. nanoblock® can be as stimulating and entertaining a hobby for adults as they are for children
  • Smaller parts make it possible to create more detailed and even smaller projects than what can be created with standard blocks
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Soap Studio Co. Ltd.

Product zone: Brand Name Gallery
Booth no. 1D-D16
Country/region: Hong Kong

“A” Family

  • The collaboration of Soap Studio and the renowned artist “b.wing” brings us an all-new series “A” Family
  • “A” Family series is designed and supervised by b.wing herself, where “A” is led to a whole new adventure, hoping to bring out the audience’s child-like side
  • “A” is going to first meet with superheroes from the DC Comics Justice League, such as Batman, Superman, The Joker, Harley Quinn and Catwoman
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Weplay Kiddie's Paradise Inc

Product zone: Brand Name Gallery
Booth no. 1E-E20
Country/region: Taiwan

Tai Chi Loop

  • Tai-Chi Loop (Ball) is inspired by the philosophy of Oriental Tai-Chi which explores physical potentials through the essences of harmony, symmetry and circulation
  • When playing this product, users are encouraged to keep the inner ball rolling along the track with wrist, arm and body movements rhythmically, just like when doing Tai Chi exercise
  • Excellent product to enhance hand-eye coordination, flexibility and concentration. Perfect for the whole family
4 1 VTech Electronics Limited
Product zone: Brand Name Gallery
Booth no. 1D-C20
Country/region: Hong Kong

Touch & Learn Activity Desk Deluxe

  • Touch, draw & learn
  • A big touch panel learning desk with a stool
  • Easy transformation to art station & chalkboard
  • Big storage for cards
  • Easy-to-clean surface
  • 3 toy gadgets - toy phone, music player, LED display
  • Toy phone can teach numbers and greeting phrases
  • Music player can play more than 20 fun melodies
  • LED display plays fun animations corresponding to the game play of the toy smart phone, music player and the interactive learning activities of the cards
5 1

Mega Zone Creation Limited

Product zone: Smart-Tech Toys
Booth no. 1C-E30
Country/region: Hong Kong

Spark It Up

  • Each block is full of possibilities. With this game your children will use magnetic blocks and wires to connect a series of circuits, creating different combinations of sounds and lights
  • They can use the game’s App as they create connections to see the flow of electricity in real time
  • Spark It Up! helps your children develop an interest in science as they explore the wonders of electricity
6 1

AR Application LLC.

Product zone: Smart-Tech Toys
Booth no. 1C-F24
Country/region: USA

Animal World With Elfi 

  • "Animal World With Elfi" is a mixed reality based fun educational App
  • Kids can explore each animal in virtual/augmented reality by showing its card. You will see the animals animated and come to life in 3D
    • 65 animals
    • Listen to each animal’s sound
    • Listen to each animal’s name as well as interesting facts
    • Virtual Reality Jungle Adventure
    • Amazing Mixed Reality Colour activity. You will see what you draw on the animated 3D model
7 1

Enterbay International Ltd

Product zone: Models & Figurines
Booth no. 3CON-066
Country/region: Hong Kong

1/9 Scale NBA LeBron James Action Figure

  • Museum-quality Lebron James figure with authentic likeness & details, the figurine body includes 34 points of articulations, accurate physical appearance and the best mobility ever
  • Newly designed figurine stand, which allows the figurine to be easily connected to the stand by magnet
8 1

Miller Technology (Tianjin) Company Limited

Product zone: World of Sports
Booth no. CH-M03
Country/region: Chinese mainland

DanDan D1 Balance Car

  • Using a permanent-magnet synchronous motor, the performance and power are excellent. Besides reaching a highest speed of 15 KM/H with a 250W rated power, it has outstanding stability and balance that allow it to pass over 12 slopes
  • Equipped with cutting-edge aerospace balancing that can do precise calculations, it can navigate the terrain as you like. Tilting forward brings it to an acceleration while tilting backwards decelerates. It can turn following a simple adjustment of the body’s posture. With automatic balance compensation, it can sense the slightest movement of the body and automatically readjust the vehicle’s balance, effectively reducing issues of imbalance
  • The 15cm-wide anti-skid vacuum tire provides a strong, stable and safe grip. Made with excellent rubber, the tire absorbs shock, and is very ductile, durable and anti-piercing. The middle of the tire is slightly concave in the middle while the sides use R chamfers that allow responsive and easing turning
  • The body frame is made with a very light aluminium alloy processed with heat treatment, thus gaining magnificent mechanical, physical and anti-corrosion behaviour
  • D1 capsule enables smart management via mobile phones with a Bluetooth connection. Car, data cloud and mobile app, coupled with a range of personal settings, allowing the user to create unique customisations
9 1

Asder Electronic Co Ltd

Product zone: Pet Toys
Booth no. 3B-C14
Country/region: Taiwan

CatDot – Interactive Laser Pet Toy

  • CatDot can be used in different environments, indoors or outdoors, with different angles and distances
    • Slow mode
    • Fast mode
    • Advance mode
    • Hand-held mode
  • Place the CatDot on the floor or table. The laser will moves in a circle, and your cat will chase up the wall, floor and over the furniture
10 1

Zhiwei Robotics Corp.

Product zone: Smart-Tech Toys
Booth no. 1C-F26
Country/region: Chinese mainland


  • Design of Antbo is basically aligned with features of ants. Antbo can perceive and explore his surrounding environment by using his neurotic system to think and react to stimulus 
  • Antbo can be “nurtured”. Users can conduct simple control with mobile terminal and check its specific growth nature
  • Antbo is programmable, which can enhance your programming mind. Using a range of programming platforms to hack Antbo and make him truly unique
11 1

Most Success Trading Limited

Product zone: Brand Name Gallery
Booth no. 1D-E20
Country/region: Hong Kong

Ferrari My First RC

  • Controller with forward and backward buttons
  • Motion sensor to control left & right
  • Realistic horn sound button
  • Working headlights/tailights
12 1

Eastcolight (Hong Kong) Limited

Product zone:  Brand Name Gallery
Booth no. 1E-A02
Country/region: Hong Kong

#8101 Galaxy Tracker Nova

  • Galaxy Tracker Nova 116 Smart Telescope
  • Navigate star tracking with included App “Star Walk 2”
  • Take photos and videos of stars and constellations with your smartphone


  • Galaxy Tracker Nova Telescope
  • Aluminium Tripod
  • 20mm, 10mm, 6mm eyepieces
  • Red dot finderscope
  • Smartphone adapter
  • Diagonal mirror
  • “Star Walk 2” App download card
  • Manual

Technical specifications:

  • Power: 35/70/116
  • Objective lens: Achromatic multi-coated
  • Objective diameter: 60mm (2.36”)
  • Focal length: 700mm
  • Eyepieces: 20mm (Wide angle), 10mm, 6mm
  • Tripod: 119cm (46 inches)
  • Mount: Alt-Azimuth
13 1

Liuyang Jinxiang Fireworks Co Ltd

Product zone:  Fireworks
Booth no. 3E-A44
Country/region: Chinese Mainland

Assorted 47sh Firework Battery

  • A firework battery is an original complex of salutes that will be started independently; it has 47 shots
  • The firework battery slowly burns from top to bottom, consistently popping
  • Consist of different combinations of fireworks tubes. It is practical and distinctive 
14 1

Kids Logic Co Ltd

Product zone:  Smart-Tech Toys
Booth no. 1C-F31
Country/region: Hong Kong

Macross VF-1J 1:6 Cockpit Statue Digital Sound System

  • The product was designed in 2015 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the company
  • Real LCD display
  • More than 30 LED light bulbs
  • Door opening and shell layering
  • 3.1 Digital Sound effect with HD sound reproduction