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Exhibitors' and Buyers' Comments


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Exhibitors’ Comments Buyers’ Comments


Hear What Exhibitors Say


“Enterbay is famous for producing highly detailed collectible figurines with our multi-layer paint application. Our main markets include Southeast Asia and the US. In the past, we only produced 1/6 figurines, but this year we have launched 1/9 figurines which are more affordable and of good quality. We see a lot of business opportunities in our newly launched 1/9 figurines. We have exhibited at the Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair for the first time to promote both our 1/6 and 1/9 collectible figurines because it is a huge show where we can meet with different buyers and expand our sales and distribution channels. We expect good results at the fair.”

Alan Lai, Senior Business Development Executive, Enterbay International Ltd., Hong Kong

“Established in 2008, our company started out as a manufacturer of robotic components. We began to produce DIY robot kits in 2014 and sell our products in 2015. Currently, Southeast Asia and the US are our major export markets. This is our first year at the Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair. The fair provides a good opportunity for us to understand the market needs and sales channels especially in the Asian market, connect with buyers in this region and learn from our counterparts. We receive a lot of enquiries from buyers who are interested in our DIY robot kits especially the Antbo model which is designed for children aged 6 or above. We are happy with the results so far.”

Lola Lou, Manager, Business Development Department, Zhiwei Robotics Corp., the Chinese mainland

“The Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair has been highly praised by Taiwanese toys companies. This year we have organised a delegation of more than 170 Taiwanese companies to take part in the fair. Taiwanese manufacturers are renowned for their strong ODM and OEM capabilities, high-quality products and punctual delivery. The Hong Kong fair provides a great platform for them to showcase their strengths to international buyers, increase their exports and understand the latest product trends. Hong Kong itself is a good place for hosting such a professional toys and games fair because of its convenient location, great facilities and good hotel services.”

Stephen I.C. Wu, Managing Director, Taipei Trade Centre Hong Kong, Taiwan

“This is the second time that we have set up the UK Pavilion at the Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair. Due to positive results at last year’s fair, the number of exhibitors in our Pavilion has increased from 9 to 17. As there is a huge market in Asia, UK companies need to join the Hong Kong fair to expand their exports and also do their purchasing in this region. This year UK exhibitors are showcasing a good selection of toys and games including educational toys, musical toys, jokes and games, board games and horns for bicycles as well as trade magazines. Our exhibitors are excited being here and have seen plenty of visitors. It’s a good show and we hope to meet more buyers during the fair. We believe that the weak pound is good for exports as UK products become more price competitive. We may bring more UK companies to the Hong Kong fair next year.”

Stuart Whitehill, Overseas Fairs – Account Director, Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce, the UK

“We specialise in the development and production of smart tech toys and tablets which target children aged between 3 and 12. Mega Zone Creation Limited is our business partner in Hong Kong. We are selling our products domestically and also exporting to Europe, Taiwan and the US. We are exhibiting at the Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair for the first time to look for international distributors and retailers and showcase our latest smart tech toys such as AR books, AR toys and smart bands. Smart tech toys are getting more and more popular in the international markets and our products have attracted many high-quality buyers from all over the world. More than 10 serious buyers from Europe have shown their intention to buy our smart tech toys. We are satisfied with the results so far and will return to the fair next year.”

Helen Jiang, Senior Vice President, Pai Technology Ltd, the Chinese mainland

“Established in 1952 in Japan, Kawada is a manufacturer and wholesaler of micro-sized block toys under the nanoblock brand. This is our first year at the Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair to promote our brand and let international buyers know that Kawada is the original manufacturer of nanoblock because there are so many similar products in the market. Through the fair, we are keen to expand our sales channels and look for new distributors. We have made a lot of new contacts from our target markets including buyers from the Chinese mainland, Europe, Korea, Israel and Taiwan. The Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair is an important showcase for our products and a brand promotion platform as it is a big show that attracts many international buyers from different parts of the world.”

Michiru Kamata, Export Department Sales, Kawada Company Limited, Japan

“We have more than 20 years of experience in producing plastic injection products. Currently, we focus on producing AR toys which are popular items in the market. This is our fourth time participation in the Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair, which is also the only toys trade show that we have joined. As Asia’s largest toys fair, the Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair is the place where we can establish contacts with different buyers. Our main goal of joining the fair is to promote our OEM and ODM capabilities in the production of plastic injection products. At the fair, we are promoting Hoku Warriors, a new breed game that has incorporated AR elements and GPS function. The appealing design of Hoku Warriors has attracted the attention of many buyers including those from the Chinese mainland, India, Japan and Korea. We’ll follow up after the fair.”

Linda Cheung, Senior Operation Manager, Global Manufacturing Partners (Holdings) Limited, Hong Kong

“Kids Logic is a manufacturer of licensed toys for Saint Seiya, Mazinger Z, Transformers, Back to Future, Batman and so on. Our main markets are Hong Kong and Southeast Asia. We are exhibiting at the Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair for the first time to develop overseas markets and strengthen our existing sales channels. We are showcasing high-priced products such as the Macross cockpit and magnetic levitation products, and cheaper products which also feature high quality, detailed sculpting and special finishing. We have made useful contacts with buyers from India, Iraq, Peru and Spain who are amazed by the finishing of our products. A Japanese buyer is interested in acting as our distributor and further negotiation will be conducted after the fair. In view of positive feedback, we have decided to join the fair again next year.”

Stephen Chan, General Manager, Kids Logic Company Limited, Hong Kong

“Most Success Trading Limited is the subsidiary of May Cheong Group. We are a leading manufacturer of die cast model cars in Hong Kong. To mark May Cheong’s 50th anniversary, we have made a breakthrough this year by launching a new line of plastic vehicles under the Bb Junior brand for preschool children aged 1-3. Bb Junior’s Ferrari or Jeep vehicles come with interesting features such as lights, engine sounds and more. The Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair provides an important platform for us to announce the launch of the Bb Junior brand and to look for distributors. Market response has been very good. We have received onsite orders from both new and existing distributors from Asia, Europe and the Middle East.”

Sara Lee, Senior Sales Executive, May Cheong Group, Hong Kong

“Hape Holding AG, established in Germany in 1986 by Founder and CEO Peter Handstein, is a leader in designing and manufacturing high-quality wooden toys for baby and children from birth to 6 years old. The Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair is the first international toy event in the calendar year that provides a good opportunity for us to meet our existing distributors coming from more than 60 countries and regions. Hape booth has become one of the attractions at the Hong Kong fair, and we introduce a broader product range including Bath Play and Hape Rail, in order to meet the different needs of the age groups, and to supply a gap for railway sets. Parents can gently engage with their little ones as they simultaneously play with and clean their child with these bath time friends. And Hape Rail with endless play scenarios and opportunities will inspire creativity and whimsy within children.”

Andrew Ng, General Manager, Hape International (Hong Kong) Limited, Hong Kong

“Liuyang in Hunan Province has always been the centre of fireworks production in China. Established in 2004 in Liuyang, our company specialises in the design and production of safe, eco-friendly, smokeless and odourless mini fireworks which are ideal for use at wedding parties, birthday parties and banquets. With the debut of the Fireworks zone, we have our first-ever exhibition at the Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair. We aim at connecting with buyers from all over the world and exchanging ideas with our counterparts. The Fireworks zone provides an ideal platform for us to meet with toy buyers who may also be interested in buying new products like fireworks and buyers who really come here to look for fireworks. We have met with new buyers from Europe and Southeast Asia. Three new buyers from Europe have expressed their intention to buy our fireworks and we’ll send samples and quotations to them after the fair.”

Ethan Lu, Manager, Candour Fireworks Co., Ltd., the Chinese mainland

“Miller Technology is dedicated to the R&D and sales of electric transport vehicles and electric scooters which are patented on the Chinese mainland. We started to export our products to Europe in 2016 because European customers like our innovative and interesting designs and good quality. The Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair is a great place for us to let more buyers understand the features of our products and to reach sales agreements with international dealers. We have met potential buyers from Australia, Japan, Korea, Thailand and the US. Overall speaking, buyers’ feedback has been very good. We see bright prospects in this sector.”

Ashley Huo, Sales Manager, Miller Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., the Chinese mainland

“Founded in 1983, Asder specialises in the production of high-quality electronic educational toys. Utilising our electronic technology, we started to produce pet toys last year in a bid to develop new business. Knowing that there is a new Pet Toys zone at this year’s Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair, we are happy to come here to introduce our latest pet toys to international buyers. Europe and the US are our major markets. We believe that toy buyers are looking for new products and they may also be interested in our pet toys. We are showcasing interactive toys for cats and dogs, attracting many buyers to stop at our booth and make enquiries about our minimum order quantity and prices. We’ll follow up with these new buyers after the fair.”

Johnny Wang, Manager, Asder Electronic Co., Ltd., Taiwan


Hear What Buyers Say


“Malis is a toy importer which runs a B2B online store in Poland, with hypermarkets and retailers being our customers. We import four to five containers of toys every month. This is my third time visiting the Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair to look for new items and new ideas and to see the latest trends. At this year’s fair, I have found some innovative products such as educational toys that play with smart devices, 3D pens and DIY paper houses. I’ll show samples to my customers and place orders after the fair. The order size for my initial order will be 200-2,000 pieces per item. The Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair is the best toys fair in the world because it brings together many suppliers and a great variety of toys from plastic, wooden to plush toys.”

Bartosz Machonski, President, Malis, Poland

“Greenbean is a premier supplier of learning resources in South Africa. We have our own brand and also distribute famous brands. This is my fourth-time visit to the Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair. I like the fair because many of the top brands are exhibiting here. It’s convenient to come here because no visa is required for South Africans. At this year’s fair, I am looking for new brands and OEM manufacturers while meeting my existing suppliers. On the first day of the fair, I have found a potential supplier of wooden toys and STEM toys. STEM toys are gaining traction in South Africa because they are new concepts and form part of the curriculum in schools. We’ll buy more STEM toys.”

Ryan Bishop, Accounts & Sales Director, Greenbean Learning Resources, South Africa

“In business for 25 years, Growing Fun has four toy stores in Singapore and is also a distributor of educational and construction toys for the markets in Singapore and Malaysia. This is my third-time visit to the Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair. With the help of the HKTDC’s business matching team, I have found seven potential suppliers of educational and construction toys from the Chinese mainland, Europe and Hong Kong. I am waiting for their samples and plan to place orders between June and August if these suppliers have met my requirements. The amount for my first order will be in the range of US$100,000-500,000. The Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair is becoming more international. I am happy to be here because I can meet a lot of suppliers not just from Asia but also from non-Asian countries such as European countries. I like unique designs offered by non-Asian suppliers.”

Ng Kee Guan, Managing Director, Growing Fun Pte Ltd, Singapore

“Magrudy’s operates nine toy and book shops in UAE and also distributes toys and books not only in the UAE but also in Qatar. This is my third time visiting the Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair to look for new brands especially for STEM toys and arts and crafts. Parents in the UAE like to buy STEM toys because STEM toys help children develop their creativity. Compared to my last visit four years ago, I am able to find more new brands at the fair which offer good quality and innovative designs. I am particularly interested in eight to nine new brands which come from the Chinese mainland, Europe, Hong Kong and will consider bringing them to our markets. It’ll take about three weeks’ time for us to finalise the co-operation agreements.”

Ismail Derbe, Senior Manager – Buying and Wholesale Operations, Magrudy’s, the UAE

“Winning Moves is a designer, manufacturer and distributor of the world’s hottest licensed games, such as Monopoly, Cluedo, Guess Who, Connect Four and Operation. Winning Moves’ own brands include Pass The Pigs and Top Trumps. At the Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair, I am keen to look for new brands, to diversify into new product categories such as electronic games, remote-controlled cars and role-playing games, and to find new products which are unavailable in the Australian market. So far, I have found potential suppliers of drones and remote-controlled cars. It’s great to be here to see a lot of new products and new ideas developed by suppliers. The Brand Name Gallery is a good place for me to look for new brands. It’s a worthwhile trip.”

Reid Herbert, Managing Director, Winning Moves, Australia

“Kinderland is the exclusive distributor of Bruder toys in Brazil and sells toys to retailers and consumers through its online store. Bruder is a German toy brand and we are going to launch two other German toy brands in 2017. I am visiting the Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair for the first time to look for new partners, new brands and new products. At the fair, I am interested in two new brands for STEM toys and 3D puzzles and it’s likely that we’ll bring them to the Brazilian market. Due to high import taxes in Brazil, our company focuses on high-quality and innovative toys as consumers are willing to pay more for this kind of products. I have found innovative products at the Hong Kong fair. It’s a fantastic experience. I’ll definitely come back next year.”

Ivan Tygel, Co-owner, Kinderland Importacao e Comercio de Brinquedos Ltda, Brazil

“Shinsegae is the only department store chain in Korea which has the Kids’ Wear & Goods section. As the market for toys and baby products in Korea is growing fast, we doubled the size of the Kids’ Wear & Goods section last year. This is my first visit to the Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair. I am particularly interested in science toys, wooden education toys and block toys. At the fair, I have found 12 potential suppliers of educational toys from Europe and Hong Kong, and our purchasing agent will help us follow up. The Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair is the biggest fair of its kind that I have ever visited. It’s good to see a lot of foreign brands which do not exist in the Korean market, so we can find new brands that can meet our business needs.”

Jung-min Yu, Kids’ Wear & Goods Buyer, Shinsegae, Korea

“Based in Israel, Edlee is a distributor of video games, toys connected with video games, and related accessories. This is my first time here and I am keen to look for high-quality smart tech toys and innovative products. The Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair is a very well-organised show with a good mix of products from traditional toys to smart tech toys. It is a big show which provides a lot of business opportunities. In Israel, parents encourage their children to play outside. I like the World of Sports which offers many choices. I have found potential suppliers of outdoor/playground toys and games, sports games, app-controlled toys and water toys. Usually, it takes me one to four weeks to finalise my orders.”

Noam Weisberg, CEO, Edlee Entertainment Ltd., Israel

“Parques Reunidos operates souvenir stores inside about 130 theme parks in Europe and the US and owns 26 theme parks in Europe. This is my first time attending the Hong Kong fair. I am particularly looking for ‘wow’ products and suppliers of soft toys and plastic toys. I am happy to have found many interesting items such as masks, animal jackets, electronic animals and 3D puzzles. I’ll check their prices and assess the needs of our souvenir stores after returning to my office in Spain. As our business is expanding, we need to buy more souvenirs for our stores. The Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair is a nice exhibition with a lot of suppliers, new products and new ideas. I like to come back next year.”

Juan Romero Cuadra, Retail, Photo and Games Director EMEA, Parques Reunidos, Spain

“We are a wholesaler and e-tailer of educational toys and games in Russia. This is my first time visiting the Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair to look for new products. At the fair, I have collected a lot of product catalogues and information. Through the HKTDC’s business matching team, I have identified two quality suppliers of EVA foam toys and wooden toys. It’s very likely that I’ll place orders with these suppliers after doing market research and checking their quotations. EVA foam toys in particular provide a new direction for my business development. I am impressed with the size of the Hong Kong fair. It’s well-organised and I am satisfied with this visit.”

Valerii Voskobovich, Chief Operational Manager, Educational Games of Voskobovich, Russia