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Exhibitors' and Buyers' Comments

Empowered wsith decades of experience and expertise in organising trade exhibitions, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) is reputed internationally for its outstanding performance.


Our trade exhibitions have been the distinctive platforms where both exhibitors and buyers alike explore business opportunities. At HKTDC's world-class events where buyers and exhibitors from different countries and regions converge, our comfortable and convenient venue provides the perfect venue where they can negotiate business, exchange the latest market intelligence, and establish business contacts.


The HKTDC sincerely invites you to join this exhibition, to explore the way to success.



Exhibitors’ Comments


“Citizen uses metal parts to produce high-precision quartz analog watch movements and mechanical watch movements in Japan. As our major customers are watch manufacturers from the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong who are also exhibitors of the annual Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair, we have been participating in this fair for many years. As the largest event of its kind in the world, the fair provides a good opportunity for us to meet with many new and existing customers as well as importers and owners of watch brands from Europe and the US. It is also the ideal platform for us to showcase our new models and our latest technologies.”
Ryota Kawato, Manager, Movement Division Hong Kong Office, Citizen Watch Co., Ltd., Japan



“Dnx specialises in the design and production of IoT (Internet of Things) devices and smart watches. Earlier this year, we launched two watch brands, namely Qliq for digital smart watches and Carah for QA smart watches. Our smart watches come with functions such as SOS, GPS, fitness, SMS/email notifications, recording, selfie and phone finder. We are the first in the world to produce IoT devices which can connect with smart watches and we hope to expand into new markets. On the first day of the fair, I have talked to potential buyers from India, Russia and South America. A large company from India is likely to become our business partner.”
Steve Brown, Chief Marketing Officer, Dnx Co., Ltd., Korea



“Established four years ago, KaHa is now among the top 10 technology companies in Singapore and has obtained investment from SPRING Singapore which is a government organisation responsible for helping Singapore enterprises grow. This is our first year at the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair. We are showcasing one-stop smart watch solutions covering the production of smart modules, micro motors, PCBAs, mobile apps, cloud services and data analytics. Analog watches incorporating smart functions such as fitness and wellness, personal safety, and creating convenience in our daily lives are getting popular. Our one-stop solutions can help any watch brand in the world to create its own smart watches while retaining its cosmetic design and brand DNA. At the fair, about three to four buyers from the Middle East and South Africa have shown their intention to co-operate with us.”
Justin Tang, COO & Co-founder, KaHa Pte Ltd, Singapore


“Time Module is wholly-owned by Seiko Holdings Group, and is dedicated to offering high-quality watch movements manufactured by Seiko Instruments Inc. At this year’s fair, we are demonstrating our new models including NE86 mechanical chronograph movements and VH Sweep Second Quartz Series which resembles a mechanical movement. Apart from meeting with our existing customers, we have connected with new buyers including independent watch makers from Europe and the US who offer high-end custom-made watches, as well as buyers representing famous watch brands. We are a staunch supporter of the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair because it is convenient for us to meet with many watch makers who attend this annual event and answer the technical questions raised by them. We’ll maintain our presence in this important fair.”
Jane F. Y. Chu, Sales Promotion Supervisor, Watch Movement Marketing & Promotion Section, Time Module (Hong Kong) Limited


“With more than 30 years of experience in the watch industry, we specialise in the design and production of jewellery and diamond watches. Our main markets include the Chinese mainland, Europe, Japan, the Middle East and the US. We have joined the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair because it provides a meeting place for us to strengthen our relationships with existing customers and introduce our latest designs to them. More importantly, the fair attracts new buyers and helps us develop new markets. At this year’s fair, we have received serious enquiries from new buyers including those from the Chinese mainland, India, Kazakhstan and the Middle East. Buyers are particularly interested in our bangle watches and bracelet watches.”
Pamela Kwan, Director, PAC Asset Limited, Hong Kong



“Anpassa is renowned for producing custom-made tourbillon watches. As the largest fair of its kind in the world, the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair provides a great place for us to show our hard work over the past year. At this year’s fair, we are showcasing a new collection of tourbillon watches adopting sports car as the main theme. Inspired by sports cars made from carbon fiber, we think that carbon fiber is a light and impact-resistant material which is good for making tourbillon sports watches. Up till now, we have found potential business partners from Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan. Regarding the product trends, smartphones or smart watches cannot replace our custom-made watches which are unique in the market. For young customers aged 25-35, we offer bespoke digital watches under the idée brand which are more affordable to them. Our Anpassa jewellery tourbillon watches and mechanical watches appeal to mature customers aged 45-60.”
Gary Ching (left) and Frankie Lam (right), Co-founders, Anpassa Watch Company Limited, Hong Kong



“This is our first-time participation in the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair. We are keen to introduce Audaz watches to international buyers. Launched last year, Audaz focuses on high-quality watches which can be worn during different occasions such as outdoor activities and formal occasions. Our watches come with Japanese movements, stainless steel cases and stainless steel or silicone bands. Currently, we have distributors for the US market and some of the Asian markets. We have made some useful contacts such as a large distributor from Australia and a large buyer from the Chinese mainland who is looking for a new opportunity to enter the watch business. The Hong Kong fair provides an important channel for us to make new contacts from all over the world.”
Jose San Antonio, International Business Development Manager, Big Time Rush Ltd, Hong Kong






“Kapten & Son is a German brand for young people who like travelling and want to be unique. To make it into a brand for fashion accessories, Kapten & Son will expand its product range from watches and sunglasses to include leather goods. As Hong Kong is a distribution hub in Asia, the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair provides a good place for us to find distributors and business partners who can help us develop the Asian market. This is our first-time participation in the Hong Kong fair. We are happy to have made more than 30 new contacts from the Chinese mainland, Egypt, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Poland, Taiwan and Vietnam during the first two days of the fair. Many buyers visit our booth because they know our brand through social media. It is likely that we’ll form partnerships with buyers from the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Vietnam. We’ll come back next year.”
Christopher Telley, Director of Asia, Kapten And Son Asia Pte Ltd, Singapore



“Designed and made in France, Pierre Lannier watches are represented in 60 countries and regions. We have participated in the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair for more than 15 years and started to exhibit at Salon de TE since its debut in 2013. This year we have doubled the size of our booth and built up a custom-made booth with the help from the HKTDC. The custom-made booth looks very attractive and makes it easier to showcase the beauty of our watches and brand image and visibility to industry professionals. So far, we have talked to potential distributors from Australia, India, Israel and Japan. We have also met with some retailers from the Chinese mainland, Iran and South America and we’ll refer them to our distributors in respective countries. Hong Kong is a convenient place to do business. Buyers from the Philippines and Malaysia who know our brand before the fair have come here to sign distributor agreements. We are very satisfied with this year’s results.”
Martial Butscher, Export Director, Pierre Lannier Sarl, France




exh06 “Our Cupid Memory Watch is not just a fashion watch but also a smart watch. By combining a NFC-enabled chip and a dedicated mobile app, our Cupid Memory Watch allows the users to install love letters, videos, greeting cards and postcards, creating surprises for their beloved ones. The NFC-enabled chip is embedded in the watch strap which is interchangeable. Through our second-time participation in Salon de TE, we hope to promote our Cupid Memory Watch and look for overseas distributors. Salon de TE provides the perfect platform for us to showcase our brand to industry players. At last year’s fair, we found business partners from the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong. This year we are displaying our fashionable smart watches in a nicely decorated booth, which draw a lot of attention. Buyers from Korea and Taiwan are keen to be our distributors and we’ll have further negotiations with them after the fair. Young people have a strong demand for our fashionable smart watches which are inexpensive and allow them to create their own letters, videos and greeting cards.”
Polly Yu, CEO, Exclamation Ltd., Hong Kong


“We are the distributor of two watch brands, namely Giorgio Fedon 1919 from Italy and TYLOR from the US. Giorgio Fedon 1919 features chronograph watches and automatic watches for mature customers, while TYLOR watches feature minimalist designs, interchangeable watch straps and affordable prices, targeting young people. We have joined Salon de TE for several years because it provides a cost-effective channel for us to promote our brands, connect with industry players from all over the world and look for new distributors especially for TYLOR watches which were launched in July this year. This year we have found potential distributors from Malaysia and Vietnam.”
Melody Wong, Marketing Manager, Modern Concept Watch Ltd., Hong Kong







“We are the first watch company from Hungary which has exhibited at Salon de TE. The goal of CODE watches is to bring high-quality watches to the market at a revolutionary price. Launched in 2015, our CODE watches come with stainless steel cases, stainless steel or genuine leather straps, Miyota or Ronda movements, 5ATM water resistance and two-year warranty. CODE also offers limited-edition diamond watches. We hope to find new business partners and open new markets especially in Asia through our first-time participation in Salon de TE. We have had preliminary discussions with new buyers from Canada, Iran and Japan and we’ll follow up with them after the show.”
Tamas Gyapjas (left), Managing Director and Founder of CODE watches, and Sarolta Papp (right), Managing Director of CODE watches, Meliafll Ltd, Hungary



“Our company has joined Salon de TE for the fourth consecutive year. This year we hope to promote our two brands, namely Aries Gold and WULF, and to look for distributors. Aries Gold watches are made in Singapore while WULF watches are made in Switzerland. We have made contacts with new buyers from the Chinese mainland, Europe, Hong Kong and the Middle East. European customers like WULF, which represents high-end Swiss-made watches. Customers from Asia and the Middle East favour Aries Gold because this brand features sports watches which are relatively cheaper than WULF watches. We like Salon de TE because it provides a good opportunity for us to increase brand awareness and to meet with both existing and new customers.”
Carissa Tan Chew Ling, Marketing Manager, H2 Hub Pte Ltd, Singapore







“With a long history of producing OEM watches, Silcon started to distribute two watch brands, namely a’-tek and Marschall Original, outside Europe five years ago. At the end of last year, we became the distributor of MANNINA and Rolf Cremer. This is the first time that we have moved our booth from Hall 1 to Salon de TE because Salon de TE is a premier showcase for branded watches, which attracts buyers who are really looking for branded watches. Our booth design provides an interactive environment for buyers to try on our watches and choose what they need. The HKTDC has done a great job in promoting Salon de TE. We like the watch parades which create a great impact and attract buyers to our booth. The business matching meetings arranged by the HKTDC also help us reach out to new buyers.”
Ben Lau, CEO and Executive Director, Silcon Watch Co Ltd, Hong Kong



Buyers’ Comments


“Arista is a distributor and retailer of branded fashion watches and accessories, which operates three outlets and 15 concession stores in Singapore and 18 concession stores in Malaysia. When it comes to fashion watches, our customers prefer less-is-more designs, small case size, blue dials and tan or light brown leather straps. This is my second visit to the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair. I want to see what’s new for fashion watches, look for watch boxes and look at the possibility of creating our own brand. So far, I have identified two potential box suppliers and a few potential OEM manufacturers. I find Salon de TE very interesting and inspiring. I am particularly interested in two fashion watch brands from Australia and Hong Kong and I’ll consider bringing them to our markets. ”

Herman Osman, Managing Director, Arista Singapore Pte Ltd, Singapore




“Concept Brands Group is the distributor of three watch brands including Still 19 and Tedlapidus from France and Patek Louis from Italy for GCC countries. My main objective of visiting the Hong Kong fair for the first time is to look for OEM manufacturers because we are also the licensed manufacturer for Still 19 and Patek Louis. I am happy to have found 10 potential suppliers from the Chinese mainland and I’ll place an order for 15,000-20,000 pieces for each brand. In GCC countries, high-end analog watches with stainless steel bands are sought after by ladies, while automatic watches with leather straps are favoured by men. The Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair is a professional show because suppliers here are offering good quality, a great variety of designs and attractive prices. I can find exactly what I need here.”
Sanjay Motwani, Assistant Buyer, Concept Brands Group, UAE



“24TIME.CZ is an e-tailer of designer watches and fashion watches in the Czech Republic. A total of 30 watch brands from Europe, Hong Kong, Japan and the US are sold through our online store. I am planning to launch my own brand for designer watches. At the fair, I am looking for new brands and OEM manufacturers who can produce designer watches under my own brand. So far, I have found two interesting brands from Germany and Hong Kong and also identified six to seven potential OEM manufacturers. I see a lot of potential for analog watches which come with the functions of smart watches, so I’ll consider bringing this kind of watches to our market. The Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair is the right place for me to look for OEM manufacturers because the fair brings together so many suppliers. It’s important for me to come here to have face-to-face meetings with them rather than communicating with them via Internet.”
David Hriech, Co-founder, 24TIME.CZ, Czech Republic



“Shinsegae is the No. 1 department store in Korea and we’ll increase the number of outlets from 13 currently to 25 by 2023. Our outlets are selling luxury watches which come from 20 European brands. This is my first visit to the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair to look for branded watches. I find Salon de TE very amazing because it is a good place for me to see many watch brands and I like its beautiful decorations. The fair also provides a good opportunity for me to see the latest watch trends. I am interested in three to four brands from Italy and Switzerland which have not entered the Korean market yet. Korean people like to exchange watches when they get married, so the demand for luxury watches in the retail price range of US$5,000-US$10,000 is steady. They favour European luxury brands which feature exquisite craftsmanship and show the status of the wearers.”
Ethan, HB Kim, International Luxury Fashion Buyer, Shinsegae, Korea



“With six watch shops and 30 points of sale in Bulgaria, Ru is an exclusive distributor of 10 watch brands from Finland, Japan, Switzerland and the UK. As we are planning to launch our own brand for fashion and classic watches next year, we have come here for the first time to look for OEM manufacturers. We have already identified about 10 potential suppliers from the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong. In addition, we are negotiating with a famous Japanese clock brand for the right to distribute their clocks in Bulgaria. At the fair, we find smart watches very interesting because they feature fitness and sleep time functions. Smart watches are new to Bulgarian consumers, so there’s still plenty of room for development. The Hong Kong fair is very interesting because the quality and designs provided by suppliers are good. We have made many useful contacts here, so we have decided to come again next year.”
Yuri Stefanov (right), Owner, Ru Ltd., Bulgaria



“Lazada is an e-commerce company which has offices in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. In Malaysia alone, Lazada has 1.1 million frequent shoppers. This is our first time visiting the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair. We are looking for branded fashion watches in the retail price range of US$100-150 and low-priced fashion watches in the retail price range of US$50 or below. Due to low purchasing power, fashion watches priced at US$50 or below are our best-sellers. Young people find this price range more affordable and they like to change their watches to meet the latest fashion trends. At the fair, we have already found three potential suppliers of low-priced fashion watches from the Chinese mainland. Benefitted from the Belt and Road Initiative and the construction of a new port in Malacca, Malaysia is well-positioned to be a distribution hub in Southeast Asia, driving the growth of e-commerce in the region.”

Benjamin Liang (right), Associate Category Manager – Watches, Sunglasses & Jewellery; and Chew Shih Ting (left), Associate Category Manager, Lazada Malaysia, Malaysia



“House of Watches has two shops in Sweden, selling branded watches from Japan, Sweden and Switzerland. This is my second visit to the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair. The fair is getting better and better as compared to my last visit 12 years ago. It’s very well-organised. To support our business operations and after-sales service, I am here looking for parts and components, displays and shopping bags. So far, I have bought US$50,000 worth of straps and spare parts for after-sales service, as well as displays and shopping bags because of good quality and attractive prices. At the fair, exhibitors are busy negotiating with buyers and I always need to wait for target suppliers at their booths.”
Naresh Lakhwani, Owner, House of Watches, Sweden



“Laval Europe is an importer and wholesaler of all kinds of consumer products in France. I have visited the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair for many times. This year I am looking for new watches and new watch boxes for the production of our next catalogue. Up till now, I have identified four potential suppliers of watches and two potential suppliers of watch boxes. I like the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair because I can find more suppliers than watch and clock fairs in Europe. It’s worth visiting the Hong Kong fair though it takes longer travel time.”
Eric Laval, Executive Director, Laval Europe, France



“Isetan has seven department stores in Japan and I am sourcing jewellery and watches for the Shinjuku store. Our store carries 25-30 international brands for luxury watches, jewellery watches and lifestyle watches. This is my first visit to the Hong Kong Watch & Clock and the concurrent Salon de TE. I am looking for branded watches and repair tools. I am particularly interested in a French watch brand and Swiss-made watch repair tools. I’ll follow up with these suppliers after the fair. In Japan, male customers like mechanical watches while female customers favour jewellery watches. I find Salon de TE very interesting because it brings together high-end watch brands including European brands which suit the tastes of our customers.”

Fukayo Seigo, Buyer, Jewelry & Watches Department, Luxury Merchandising Division, Isetan Mitsukoshi Ltd., Japan



“Talley & Twine is my own brand for designer watches which are created by myself and assembled in the US. I have come here for the first time to look for new suppliers of watch parts and components such as cases with movements, bands and boxes. I have found 6-10 potential suppliers of parts and components from the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong. I’ll choose the right suppliers and buy 500 pieces for my initial order with each supplier by the end of this year. The Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair is a good show where I can meet my existing suppliers and look for new suppliers. More importantly, I can find everything that I want here. I’ll definitely come again next year.”

Randy D. Williams, President, Talley & Twine, the US