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Exhibitors' and Buyers' Comments

Empowered wsith decades of experience and expertise in organising trade exhibitions, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) is reputed internationally for its outstanding performance.


Our trade exhibitions have been the distinctive platforms where both exhibitors and buyers alike explore business opportunities. At HKTDC's world-class events where buyers and exhibitors from different countries and regions converge, our comfortable and convenient venue provides the perfect venue where they can negotiate business, exchange the latest market intelligence, and establish business contacts.


The HKTDC sincerely invites you to join this exhibition, to explore the way to success.



Exhibitors’ Comments


“Celebrating its 70th anniversary this year, Brasport is a Swiss company which produces calf leather straps. Brasport is a well-known brand in Europe. To develop the Asian market, we set up an office in Hong Kong in 2004. In view of strong demand for smart watches and wearables, we opened our second factory on the Chinese mainland in 2015 to focus on producing components for smart watches and wearables. Our sales of these components doubled as compared to two years ago and kept growing fast. This is our second year at the Hong Kong fair because it is an international fair which is attended by buyers from all over the world. It is important for us to be here to raise brand awareness and to showcase our products. This year we have met more new buyers than last year. About 60-70 per cent of our visitors are new, and we’ll have further discussions with them after the fair.”
Matthieu Boileve, General Sales Manager, Brasport HK Limited, Hong Kong



“Coffer has more than 28 years of experience in producing high-quality wall clocks, table clocks and alarm clocks. We have been exhibiting at the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair for more than 20 years because it is the most influential fair of its kind in the world which draws international buyers and provides the perfect showcase for our products. Up till now, we have received onsite orders worth more than US$500,000 from international buyers including those from Iran, the UAE and the UK. Apart from high quality, good design also helps to attract more customers. Customers now prefer personalised and fashionable clock designs. Plastics, wood and metals are still the major materials for making clocks. As smart watches are popular, we predict that smart clocks will become trendy. We plan to launch smart clocks at the end of this year.”
Carrie Liu, Vice General Manager, Coffer Industrial (HK) Ltd, Hong Kong



“Established three years ago, our company focuses on the R&D of battery watch straps to support the development of smart watches. This is our first-time participation in the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair. We are taking this opportunity to announce the official launch of our GPS and battery smart straps and flexible battery technology and to introduce them to buyers and manufacturers. The demand for smart watches is emerging. Our smart watch straps and flexible battery technology help to extend the battery life of smart watches, allowing manufacturers to add more functions to smart watches. At the fair, we have met with potential buyers from Australia and Europe. We’ll continue our participation in the Hong Kong fair because it is the right platform for us to promote our new products.”
David Yeung, CEO, Chuang’s Innovation Industries Limited, Hong Kong


“In business for 20 years, Montrichard shifted the production from traditional watches to smart watches two years ago. After spending one year’s time on R&D, we successfully added smart features while keeping the cosmetic design of traditional watches. Our two smart watch collections which track data such as steps taken, distance travelled, calories burned and sleep time were formally launched this year. Smart watches will be the next trend. At this year’s Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair, we notice that exhibitors offering smart watches and related modules have captured a lot of attention from buyers. We are no exception. We have met with potential buyers from Europe, the Chinese mainland and other Asian markets who are interested in buying smart watches. We expect that traditional watches incorporating less-complicated smart features will be popular in 2017, and user-friendliness is also a major consideration for consumers.”
Christine Pan, Product Manager, Montrichard (H.K.) Ltd, Hong Kong


“Established 25 years ago, we launched our Geya brand in 1993. Designed for white-collar consumers, our Geya watches feature fashionable and sporty styles. Currently, 85 per cent of our watches are sold on the Chinese mainland while the remaining 15 per cent are exported to 18 countries and regions. We have been exhibiting at the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair for more than 10 years to promote our Geya brand to international buyers. This year we’ll focus on developing the markets in Europe and the US. The Hong Kong fair provides the most effective channel for us to meet with quality buyers from all over the world. All of our overseas markets were developed through the fair. We’ll definitely return to the fair next year.”
Sha Linkai, General Manager, Switzerland Tianjun Clocks & Watches Int'l Group (H.K.) Limited, Hong Kong



“In business for more than 30 years, our company is a long-term exhibitor of the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair because it is important to show our presence in the international market. With nice designs, high quality and excellent customer service, we have built good relationships with customers from all over the world. At this year’s fair, we are showcasing about 600 styles for alloy and stainless steel watches. We are now focusing on stainless steel watches with 3-10 ATM water resistance because customers like quality watches especially fashionable and elegant watches. We plan to launch our own brand next year. The Hong Kong fair is a great place for us to establish new contacts and make deals. We expect some customers to place orders on the last day of the fair.”
Rajesh Agrawal, Director of Export Business, Time Creations Company, Hong Kong



Salon de TE


exh01 “Ciribelli is the only watch brand in Monaco. Our watches are 100-per-cent made in Switzerland with the use of high-end materials such as 18K gold, titanium, diamonds and mother-of-pearl dials. Europe has been our major market. As the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair attracts a lot of buyers from all over the world, the fair provides an ideal platform for us to launch our brand in the Asia-Pacific region and to reach out to international buyers. As consumers on the Chinese mainland have good taste and appreciate high-quality watches, we think that the Chinese mainland is a niche market for us to develop. Up till now, we have met with potential distributors from the Chinese mainland, Iran and Japan.”
Olivier Chlous, World Sales Manager, Ciribelli, Monaco



“Gevril Group is a distributor of seven brands including Gevril which is the oldest watch brand in Switzerland. Our main markets are Europe and the US. We visited the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair as buyers before and found that a lot of Asian people who do not attend the Basel Fair visit the Hong Kong fair. As we are keen to expand the markets in Asia and the Middle East, we have joined the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair for the first time to look for quality customers. Up till now, we have found potential distributors from the Chinese mainland and other Asian markets. We’ll definitely return to the fair next year to explore new markets.”
Samuel Friedmann, President, and Giancarlo Vincenzo, International Sales Manager, Gevril Group, the US





“Our Weide brand was launched in 2007, and now we have distributors covering 90 countries and regions. Weide offers low- to medium-priced sports watches and smart watches, but we focus more on sports watches because their multiple functions are well-liked by consumers. This is our second exhibition at the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair. It is an international trade fair which helps us to showcase our brand and get more distributors. This year we have expanded the size of our booth from 27 square metres to 36 square metres to promote our brand image. During the first two days of the fair, we have met with more than 200 buyers, of whom 40 per cent are new buyers. So far, we have received onsite orders from more than 10 buyers from Chile, India, Malaysia and the Philippines.”
Jack Tang, CEO, Guangzhou Weide Watch Co Ltd, the Chinese mainland


“IMC is the worldwide distributor of René Mouris watches. Born in 1975 in France, René Mouris is an affordable luxury watch brand for all walks of life. We create timepieces that express our ambitions for shared experiences and lasting relationships. René Mouris watches are sold through 25 retailers in Hong Kong and have entered the markets in Asia Pacific, Dubai, Ireland, Korea and the UK. This is our fourth-time participation in Salon de TE, which is one of the most popular and famous events for branded watches. We are expanding worldwide to serve our potential customers because people love French-style classic watches. At this year’s event, we have found prospective distributors for our new markets such as the Chinese mainland and Africa.”
Miguel Pereira, Manager, International Dept, IMC Group Limited, Hong Kong






“This is the second time that we have organised the Swiss Independent Watchmaking Pavilion (SIWP) in the Salon de TE at the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair. The main goal of setting up the SIWP at this important fair is to promote Swiss brands which offer value-for-money limited-edition watches with excellent quality. This year the SIWP is showcasing classic, elegant and sporty watches from seven Swiss brands to target Asian buyers visiting the fair. As one of the exhibitors at the SIWP, I am very happy with the fair. At last year’s fair, I found a new distributor from Australia and just started to sell our Pilo watches in the Australian market. In addition, I met a large buyer from Japan and successfully referred him to our Japanese distributor. I hope to find more potential distributors this year.”
Amarildo Pilo, President, Pilo & Co SA, Switzerland



“We have been promoting Romago watches at the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair since our acquisition of this Swiss brand in 2008. We have two product lines, namely Romago Design and Romago Swiss. Romago offers creative designs to meet the tastes of fashion-conscious young consumers and classic designs which appeal to mature consumers. Currently, Romago watches are sold through distributors on the Chinese mainland and in some European countries and Southeast Asia. All of our existing distributors came from the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair because the fair provides the perfect platform for us to promote our brand image to global buyers. At this year’s fair, we are keen to look for new distributors especially from Europe and the US. So far, we have met with potential distributors from Saudi Arabia and Southeast Asia.” Daniel Tsai, Managing Director, Romago Design Limited, Hong Kong





Buyers’ Comments


“Bulbul is a designer watch brand, with Europe, Korea and the US as our main markets. Designed for men, Bulbul analogue watches come with minimalist design. This is our second-time visit to the Hong Kong fair to look for OEM manufacturers. We have found five new suppliers here and will ask them to make samples. We are going to place an order for analogue watches worth US$200,000 with one of our existing suppliers in Hong Kong. We notice that smart watches are attracting a lot of interest, but current designs are not creative enough. As we have a strong design team, we are planning to add smart features to our designer watches. We believe that smart watches will help us to open up new markets and attract new customers. At the fair, we have talked to five smart watch suppliers and will explore the possibility of co-operating with them.”

Jacob Juul, CEO, Bulbul ApS, Denmark



“Clifton Traders is an importer and manufacturer of clocks for the UK market. We have visited the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair for more than 10 times. The fair provides an ideal platform for us to meet with existing suppliers, find new suppliers, look for new products and learn more about the market trends. To expand our product range, we are looking for clocks which are made of high-end materials such as wood and metals. Consumers in the UK like decorative clocks with a modern look. Up till now, we have found six potential suppliers from the Chinese mainland and Taiwan for the supply of wooden clocks and metal clocks. We have already bought US$100,000 worth of plastic clocks from three suppliers. We are going to buy US$50,000 worth of wooden clocks from another supplier, but we need to make sure that their quality has met our requirements.”
Tanveer Ahmad, CEO, Clifton Traders (UK) Limited, the UK



“Established in 1991, our company owns five watch brands and also imports new brands for the Indian market. I have been a regular visitor at the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair over the last 10 years. This year I am looking for new suppliers of watch components, and new brands especially medium-priced fashion brands. I plan to buy US$300,000 worth of watches at the fair. I have found a good component supplier from the Chinese mainland on the second day of the fair and I think I can find more potential suppliers in the next few days. This year’s Salon de TE looks much better than before because its setting is very nice and I can find more brands.”
Nischay Nagpal, Director, Designer Watches Pvt. Ltd., India



“Founded in 1998, Fregat is a watch and clock wholesaler and retailer in Russia which operates 30 shops. We visit the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair almost every year to find potential suppliers and keep ourselves up-to-date with the newest design trends. More importantly, we can find everything that we want at the fair. Through the HKTDC’s business matching service, we have found two potential suppliers for the supply of classic watches, sporty watches and classic clocks. We’ll meet three to four existing suppliers on the third day of the fair and place orders for their new models.”
Suvorin Alexandr, CEO, Fregat Ltd., Russia



“Maurice Lacroix is a luxury brand of Swiss watches which specialises in elegant quartz watches. I have come here for the first time to look for watch components. As smart watches are becoming trendy, demand for these watches is increasing. We are keen to develop smart watches within the next two years, but we still keep the elegant look in this new line. At the fair, I have found a potential supplier of smart watch movements and I have also made 10 new contacts for the supply of various components. I’ll send drawings to these suppliers for making samples and see whether their quality, craftsmanship and price have met our requirements. If everything is good, our initial order will be in the range of 1,000-5,000 pieces per item. I have also seen beautiful packaging boxes and watch displays at the fair and will pass these useful contacts to my colleague. I am happy to have found more component suppliers here in Hong Kong than at the Basel Fair. I’ll come again next year.”
Laurent De Blasio, Industrial Director, Maurice Lacroix, Switzerland



“Nouveaux Bijoutiers is an industry organisation which has 170 members in France including watch and jewellery retailers. I have come here for the second time to look for men’s watches and women’s watches for our members. The Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair is an interesting show where I can see what’s new in the market and establish business connections. Salon de TE is a professional event with impressive decoration. I am particularly interested in ring clocks, branded watches and smart watches. The smart watch market has just started to develop in France. I foresee that half of the French population will use smart watches especially quartz watches with smart features in the next five to 10 years. After the fair, I’ll present new product information to our members, and it’ll take at least two months for them to finalise their orders.”

Franck Boudrie, President, Nouveaux Bijoutiers, France



“In business for more than 30 years in the UAE, Rivoli Group is a leading watch importer, distributor, wholesaler and distributor with 200 outlets in GCC countries. Currently, the group is the distributor of 50-plus watch brands. I visit the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair every year to find new OEM suppliers for our own brands, look for new brands and meet with existing suppliers. It’s important for me to be here to see what’s happening in the industry and keep abreast of the latest technologies and design trends. I have found three new OEM suppliers at the fair and I am going to place an order worth US$60,000-75,000 with each new supplier after the fair. Sporty watches and fashion watches are selling well in GCC countries and each consumer has at least two to three watches to match clothing.”
Senthil Kumar.N, Manager – Procurement, Rivoli Group LLC, UAE



“We are a distributor of 20 watch brands in the US and also manufacture watches under our own brands. This is my first time visiting the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair. I am here looking for new products, new brands and new suppliers. Currently, our main products are quartz watches which represent 80 per cent of our business, with automatic watches taking the rest. Traditional watches remain popular in the US market because they are fashion accessories for different occasions and wearing high-end watches is one of the best ways to show off your status. At the fair, I have found potential business partners and I am planning to buy US$100,000 worth of watches for our private labels. I am also interested in brands like Bentley and ice-watch. The Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair is a big show offering a great variety of watches and it’s the place where I can get inspiration and new ideas. I’ll be back next year.”
Alfred Gleiberman, Brand Development Director, Sterling Time LLC, the US



“Watch Boutique is a distributor of 10 fashion watch brands which supplies to 50 retailers in Indonesia. We also own one fashion watch brand. This is our third time visiting the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair. We are looking for new products, new brands and OEM manufacturers. We are very interested in Slazenger sports watches and it’s very likely that we’ll bring this brand to our market. In addition, we have found a new OEM manufacturer from Hong Kong and already placed a trial order worth US$10,000. We like the Hong Kong fair because we can meet many suppliers in one place and see a variety of quality products from complete watches to packaging.”

Dedy Hendro, Operational Manager, Watch Boutique, Indonesia



“In business for 30 years, our company is a leading watch importer, manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer in Korea. With 50 points of sale in department stores in Korea, we import more than 30 brands including high-end brands and fashion brands. This is my first-time visit to the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair to look for well-known brands and fashion brands as well as OEM manufacturers. With the help of the HKTDC’s business matching team, I have found three potential suppliers of branded watches from Denmark, Italy and Switzerland. I am particularly interested in their automatic watches and quartz watches. Further negotiations will be conducted after the fair. I’ll visit the fair again next year because it is an interesting show which is very well-organised.”

Brian Kim, Manager, International Business Division, WOORIM FMG Ltd., Korea