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Exhibitors' and Buyers' Comments

Empowered with decades of experience and expertise in organising trade exhibitions, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) is reputed internationally for its outstanding performance.


Our trade exhibitions have been the distinctive platforms where both exhibitors and buyers alike explore business opportunities. At HKTDC's world-class events where buyers and exhibitors from different countries and regions converge, our comfortable and convenient venue provides the perfect venue where they can negotiate business, exchange the latest market intelligence, and establish business contacts.


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Exhibitors' Comments Buyers' Comments


Exhibitors' Comments


“Slovenia represents a unique wine region in Europe, producing a diversity of quality wines with its own characters. We strive to support the wine industry and help our wineries grow business internationally. This is the first time we have organized a Slovenian pavilion at Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit Fair featuring 16 wineries from our country. It is my great honour to be here introducing our diverse Slovenian wines and exchange ideas with industry players. Slovenia has been expanding our economic ties over the last two years with China through the ‘16+1’ cooperation framework, an initiative aimed at deepening the exchange and relationships between the Chinese mainland and 16 European countries. Hong Kong is a beautiful city and this fair is a truly international event. We are taking advantage of the Hong Kong fair to reach out to more buyers and promote Slovenian wines internationally. This trip also offers a good chance for us to meet with officials from the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau of Hong Kong. We are positive about expanding cooperation between Slovenia and Hong Kong.”

His Excellency Dejan Židan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Food of the Republic of Slovenia

“This is the third year we’ve organized a pavilion at Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit Fair to promote wines and spirits from Mexico. Six companies from Mexico have come here this time promoting various wines as well as mezcal and tequila. The response has been quite positive on the first day of exhibition. We’ve received a lot of enquiry from Hong Kong buyers in our wines. Customers from Taiwan, the Chinese mainland and Europe also expressed keen interest in our mescal and tequila. Hong Kong is a highly-developed and competitive wine market. The city also serves as a gateway to penetrate the Chinese mainland market where customers love strong alcoholic drinks. This is truly an international trade fair for wines and spirits. We can find buyers from Hong Kong, Southeast Asia and the rest of the world.”

Alejandro Garcia, Trade Commissioner, ProMexico Hong Kong

“The provincial government of Guizhou is looking to increase the exposure of our Moutai and baijiu products through the Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit Fair. This is the first time we’ve organized a Guizhou pavilion at this exhibition with six companies showcasing a variety of Moutai and baijiu. We value this opportunity highly and are very impressed by the scale of the exhibition that features a diversity of exhibitors and buyers from different parts of the world. The fair hosts a good range of activities and we are able to promote our products through the wine tasting session effectively. HKTDC boasts profound experience in organizing trade fairs and that really helps us acquire extensive publicity here. This fair offers an international trading platform to increase sales and grow our presence. The exhibition results have been encouraging. We look forward to bringing even more enterprises from Guizhou to participate in the fair again next year.”

Wu Qiang, Director, Economic and Information Commission of Guizhou Province, Chinese mainland

“We are making a strong presence again to showcase a wide range of French wines at Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit Fair. This is an excellent opportunity to bring together a large number of wineries and companies representing different wine-growing regions from France to explore new opportunities. Many of our participating wineries have exhibited here before and they are very keen to come back regularly each year to meet buyers and importers, especially those from different parts of Asia. The fair also helps us reach out to more Chinese mainland customers and penetrate the huge mainland market. The response has been positive this year. We have met many buyers on the first day of exhibition. We’re happy with the results. This is a good exhibition offering a convenient and effective platform for business development. We will continue to exhibit here to grow our presence.”

Michel Bettane, Chairman, Bettane+Desseauve, France

“We are making our presence at the Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Fair for the fourth year to raise our profile. The response has been terrific again. A large number of buyers, especially those from Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland, have come to us, keeping us busy all the time. Rastignac is a Cognac brand of Chateau des Plassons vineyard with a long history. This fair allows us to promote the brand effectively and fuelled our business development in both Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland. We see a strong growth in the mainland market in particular. The fair opens up more sales prospects and new cooperation opportunities. We can secure new buyers through the exhibition every year. This is a must-attend event and we will continue to exhibit here to grow our business.”

Adam Un, General Manager, Rastignac (HK) Limited, Hong Kong

“Spain is the third largest wine producer in the world contributing to 14% of the global production. Our wineries are actively expanding our sales worldwide and Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Fair offers an important platform to grow business in this part of the world. This is our eighth-year participation in the fair and we’ve organized a big pavilion from different regions of Spain. Our participating companies are very happy with the fair and have received a lot of interest from buyers including customers from Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland, Taiwan, Malaysia and other parts of Southeast Asia. Hong Kong is a sophisticated wine market where people have passion for food and wines. The city is also a key gateway of penetrating the Chinese mainland market. That’s why Spanish wine companies are keen to exhibit and ride on this platform for business development. We have organized a series of wine tasting sessions during the fair for buyers to understand more about our wines. The response from buyers has been very strong. We are satisfied with the exhibition results.”

Maria Pérez-Ribes, Counsellor for Economic & Commercial Affairs, Trade Commission/Invest in Spain, Consulate General of Spain

“In business since 1937, we are a long-established winery in southern France producing about 3 million bottles of wines a year. Our wines are being exported to markets worldwide including Europe, USA, Canada, Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland. We have been participating in Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Fair for several years. This is a very good show. We have achieved positive results again this year. A Chinese buyer from Shanghai has just confirmed an order to purchase 13,000 bottles of red wines from us. Shipment is expected to take place within two weeks. We have also established initial contact with other buyers from different places such as Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland, India and Japan. This fair really draws a diversity of good quality buyers. Hong Kong is a lively city and I love doing business here.”

Norbert Gaiola, Director General, Cave De Saint Chinian, France

“We have been participating in Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Fair since 2008 and this is always a good place to find new customers. Five wine companies from California have come together for the Hong Kong exhibition this year offering a total of 20 different brands. The showcase comprises a variety of wines and spirits including Napa Valley wines, boutique California wines, an array of spirits, rum-based cocktails as well as hip and fashion wine products. Our participating companies are doing very well as we’ve got a lot of attention. We are offering very good products while Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland markets are the focus of our expansion. This fair really allows us to promote our wine products and draw buyers effectively.”

Jeffrey A. Williamson, Statewide Director, California Center for International Trade Development, USA

“Distilled Spirits Council is the national trade association representing America’s leading distillers and about 70% of all distilled spirits brands in the country. We have brought together 11 distillers and two leading whisky brands to participate in Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Fair this year. These companies are showcasing a good variety of spirits from whiskies to gins and cocktails. We have met with a number of buyers including customers from Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland, Japan, Malaysia and Indonesia. There is a growing demand for American spirits in Hong Kong. This fair serves as an ideal place to promote our products and to arouse more interest in American spirits across Asia. Our seminar held at Whisky Bar has attracted an excellent feedback and we are very impressed by the scale of the exhibition. Everything has been well organized and professionally run while the business matching service and guided buyers’ visits generated fruitful exchanges. Hong Kong will continue to be on our radar in the coming years to facilitate our expansion in Asia.”

Robert Maron, International Trade Specialist, Distilled Spirits Council of The United States, USA

“This is the first time we have organized a Bulgarian pavilion at the Hong Kong fair to promote wines of native varieties from Bulgaria. A total of 13 wineries from five wine-growing regions of Bulgaria have come together to showcase a diversity of red wines, white wines and rosé products. Our wines are very good to pair with Asian cuisines so we are participating in this fair to extend presence to the Asian markets. A number of buyers have joined our wine tasting sessions and they are very positive about our wines. Buyers who have expressed serious interest in our wines are coming from different markets including Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland, Singapore, Japan and India. We look forward to negotiating further with them for cooperation. Our participating wineries have established some useful contacts and are really pleased with the results. This fair offers an excellent platform to raise the profile of Bulgarian wines. We will definitely return next year and hope to make a bigger national stand with even more wineries from Bulgaria.”

Galina Niforou, Chairwoman, Bulgarian Wine Export Association, Bulgaria

“The Affleck Village is producing a unique grape-based spirit distilled from Australian wines. We have successfully created this new spirit after extensive R&D for seven years. The spirit has a higher alcoholic content and offers an exceptional, light and clean taste that will match nicely with Chinese and Asian cuisines. Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Fair offers a perfect stage for us to launch our brand new grape-based spirit to buyers from all over the world. We’ve received an overwhelming response. Wine samples were given out to several hundred buyers already. At least seven to eight Chinese mainland customers from different places such as Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hunan Province and Inner Mongolia are especially keen and we are positive about building relationships with them. Some buyers from Thailand and Singapore also expressed serious interest in our spirit. This is a very good fair attracting a large number of buyers. Staff is very helpful and the modern exhibition venue allows us to exhibit and do business in a comfortable environment.”

John Affleck, Director, The Affleck Village Co., Australia

“Bodega Noemìa is an organic winery in the Patagonia region on the southern part of Argentina. Our Malbec wines are very popular especially among customers in Europe. At present, our wines are mainly exported to USA, UK and Sweden with a relatively small sales presence in Hong Kong, the Philippines and Singapore. This is our debut at Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Fair to promote our brand and Malbec wines. Our exhibition has been very successful as many buyers approached us to explore opportunities. They really appreciate the quality of our wines. Many Chinese mainland buyers coming from Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Nanjing and other places have demonstrated the strongest interest. A Guangzhou customer is especially keen and we expect to negotiate further to establish cooperation. Our Malbec wines are catering to the high-end market and we hope to achieve sales of 2,000 to 3,000 bottles upon successful negotiation. I really like this fair that opens up new business opportunities. We hope to exhibit again to extend our presence.”

Eduardo Piccolo Antonini, Commercial Manager, Bodega Noemìa Patagonia, Argentina

“Domaine de l'Ile Margaux is a vineyard located on a small island on the river Garonne in Margaux of France. Our unique microclimate enables us to produce high quality red wines. We are joining Syndicat AOC Bordeaux and Bordeaux Superieur and other wineries to participate in Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Fair for the first time to promote our new wines. This is really the right place to explore long-term business relationships with wine importers, distributors and retailers. We have met with buyers from different places including Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland, Korea, Thailand and Japan. The feedback is very positive. Two to three Hong Kong customers have expressed serious interest in our wines. We are hopeful of concluding business with them over the next few months. The first shipment of wines can be made as early as March next year. If everything works out well, the volume of orders can be up to 6,000 bottles a year. This exhibition marks the first step of our expansion into this part of the world and the results have exceeded our expectation.”

Pierre Favarel, Owner, Domaine de l’Ile Margaux, Syndicat AOC Bordeaux and Bordeaux Superieur, France

“Canned wines are the special highlight of our exhibition this year. This new product line from California targets younger wine lovers especially those fond of outdoor activities. They can carry the canned wines, red or white, anywhere easily so as to enjoy chilled and fresh wines anytime they like. We have got a lot of media publicity with the support of HKTDC. Buyers have shown strong interest in our canned wines and a number of Hong Kong customers are keen to include this new product on their sales list. Oriental Pearl distributes a wide range of wines form the USA and France. Our business focus is on Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland markets. Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Fair is an excellent place to raise our company profile and promote new wines. Besides Hong Kong customers, we have received a lot of enquiry from Chinese mainland buyers again this year. The results are very positive.”

Ming K.S. Sze, Managing Director, Oriental Pearl (H.K.) Limited, Hong Kong

“This is the seventh edition of our participation in Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Fair. The Italian pavilion is in the spotlight with about 150 wineries from different wine-growing regions of Italy coming together to showcase a great variety of wines. We are pleased to see the increased level of knowledge, awareness and interest in Italian wines. The prospect of growth for Italian wines looks very positive. At this year’s fair, Vinitaly has organized a series of breakfast seminars featuring international speakers and wine experts to share insights on popular topics like the future of e-commerce in China and the role of wine-related education in the Chinese mainland market. The responses have been exceptional. Our exhibitors have attracted a lot of attention and are pleased with the results so far. The Hong Kong can facilitate our wineries to penetrate the Chinese mainland market. In addition, it can serve as a strategic platform to reach out to more customers in Southeast Asia.”

Stevie Kim, Managing Director, Vinitaly International, Italy

“Founded by four brothers with passion for top-quality wine production about 30 years ago, Tenuta Sant’Antonio produces both red and white wines in an organic and natural way. Our exceptional Amarones made of dry grapes are very popular and we see an increasing demand for Amarones in Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland. That’s why we are participating in Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Fair to showcase our wines this year. A number of buyers expressed strong interest in our Amarones. They include customers from Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland and Vietnam. The feedback has been excellent and we’ve got about 100 new contacts so far through the exhibition. A couple of Chinese mainland customers have indicated serious interest in buying our wines. Further talks will be held to finalize deals. This fair is really a perfect platform to find buyers and grow our business.”

Attilia Merzari, Brand Ambassador Asian Market, Tenuta Sant’Antonio, Italy

Buyers' Comments


“Hyundai is one of Korea’s biggest department store operators running a total of 19 stores across the country. We source various wines and spirits through local importers mainly. This is our first visit to the Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit Fair to explore new products. So far, I have found some interesting wines and spirits from different exhibitors including some German wines with appealing flavour. We will ask our wine-importing partners to bring in these German wines. I have also got in touch with a couple of Chinese mainland exhibitors for baijiu or distilled Chinese liquor. A series of business matching meetings have been arranged with five exhibitors selling Japanese sake. I look forward to establishing more business relationships soon. This fair has a lot on offer. I love participating in various wine-related seminars and activities here. I will visit the fair again next year.”

Park Hyeong Jin, Buyer, Hyundai Department Store Co., Ltd., Korea

“Wellcome Taiwan currently operates some 240 supermarket stores and about 20 Jasons stores across Taiwan. We usually source wine products through local trade fairs or suppliers in Taiwan. I am visiting Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit Fair for the first time to find new sourcing opportunities. The journey turned out to be quite rewarding. I have already identified an Australian supplier for beers and craft beers. Further negotiation will be held to conclude a deal and the initial order will involve a 20-foot container of beers. This fair has so much to see and source. The French and Italian pavilions are especially big in scale showcasing a great variety of wines. I am still exploring at the fairground to search for new wines to enrich our offerings for customers. The show is full of excitement and activities. I am very impressed.”

Ashley Wang, Category Supervisor, Wellcome Taiwan Company Ltd., Taiwan

“Established in 2014, Winest is engaged in the wholesale business of wines and spirits in Cambodia. We also run a showroom in the capital city Phnom Penh, selling a wide range of wines and spirits particularly those from Australia, France, Spain and Chile. The wine market in Cambodia is growing fast with a rising interest from consumers. We are visiting Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Fair for the first time to enrich our product categories. This is a good show. We’ve found some interesting products and are in talks with several potential suppliers. They include an Argentinian exhibitor for red and white wines as well as a Finnish exhibitor for spirits. We are also negotiating with a Czech company to source their spirits and a Portuguese exhibitor for red wines. We will get some samples first to test market response. The initial order will involve one 20-foot container of various wines or spirits with each supplier upon successful negotiation. We like this fair and the results are encouraging.”

Chhim Chenda, Managing Director, Winest, Cambodia

“Vinomofo is a popular wine site catering to the needs of wine lovers in Australia and New Zealand. Besides online sales, our direct marketing team calls customers regularly to provide the latest offerings. We provide a wide range of choices with wines from Italy, France, Spain, Argentina and Chile especially in demand. I am visiting the Hong Kong fair for the first time and have already found eight potential suppliers so far. Among them are three Argentinian exhibitors for Malbec red wines that are getting increasing interest among customers in Australia. I’ve also got in touch with three Spanish exhibitors and two Italian suppliers for a variety of red and white wines. I will taste the wine samples with my colleague again before finalizing orders. The initial order will usually involve about 100 cases for more expensive wines. For wines carrying a lower price tag, the order may be 500 cases. This is a great show. It has been a rewarding journey and I really enjoyed it. I will definitely come again next year.”

Andy Lloyd, Buyer, Vinomofo, Australia

“JD.com is a major online retailer with the headquarters in Beijing. There is a continuous growth in e-commerce business across the Chinese mainland and we are keen to expand further the portfolio of wines on our sales list. Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Fair offers us a good platform to find new wines. The business matching service provided by the organizer generated some positive results. I have met with different wineries and exhibitors through the matching service. The white wines of German exhibitor Weingut Rappenhof are really good and we are interested in placing order. Another exhibitor’s Scottish whisky also looks very interesting. Further talks will be held to discuss details with a view to finalizing deals.”

Yang Si Qi, Senior Purchasing Manager, JD.com, Chinese mainland

“Amazon.cn is a leading e-commerce company in the Chinese mainland selling a wide range of products to meet different customer needs. I am exploring more sourcing opportunities through the Hong Kong fair to discover new wines that may appeal to Chinese mainland wine lovers. I have taken advantage of the business matching service at the fair to meet wineries and exhibitors more efficiently. The results are encouraging. The red wines of Chilean winery Expo Sur Valles Ltda have good potential to sell to mainland consumers. I have also got in touch with Argentinian exhibitor Hacienda del Plata for a selection of red wines and white wines. We will be in further discussions to conclude cooperation and orders. The prospect of business development is positive.”

Zhu Mi, Purchasing Manager, Amazon.cn, Chinese mainland

“Favourite International is part of Favourite Group, a conglomerate engaged in various businesses from garments and property to aviation, finance and wine. We are now expanding our wine business. That’s why I am visiting Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Fair for the first time to extend our wine list. The fair is full of excitement. I have already identified about 30 potential suppliers from different countries for an array of wine products. At present, we do not carry any wines from Argentina. I have found an Argentinian winery at the fair and intend to spend US$19,000 for its red wines and white wines. Talks are underway with a Hong Kong exhibitor to purchase a unique wine dispenser at a cost of about US$25,000. I will also explore with an Australian winery and three Japanese exhibitors for wines and sake products. More discussions will be held with other exhibitors including an Italian winery, a Spanish exhibitor, a Californian winery and a South African exhibitor. This is a very good show. I will visit the fair again next year.”

R. Dushyanthan, General Manager, Favourite International (Pvt) Ltd., Sri Lanka

“In business for over 20 years, JSB MB Group is one of the biggest wine importers and distributors in Russia. Our portfolio comprises over 30 brands, primarily wines from Italy and France. We are actively looking for new wines to enrich our offerings. This is my first visit to Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Fair to find new and interesting wines that will appeal to our customers. So far, I have found a Japanese exhibitor for its white wine and two Australian wineries for a selection of red wines and white wines especially Shiraz and Chardonnay. Some German wines have also caught my attention. I will look further into the quality of their wines with my colleagues in Russia. Further talks will be held to discuss details such as the pricing, logistic arrangements and our specific requirements. This fair has been well organized. Everything is good and I hope to see the show grow bigger and bigger.”

Sergey Yakovlev, PR & Communications Director, JSC MB Group Impex, Russia