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Old World Wines (by alphabetical order of Region/Country)

Exhibitor: Albert Bichot
Product’s Name: Chablis Grand Cru
"Les Vaudésirs"
Producing Region: Burgundy, France
Booth no: 3G-D17  

Chablis from Burgundy is a renowned wine region in France that only produces Chardonnay. Its steely and strong wine has always stayed at the top of the game among white wines.

The high altitude, chilly winter and Kimmeridge clay of Chablis give the white wine the distinctive crisp acidity, pronounced and flinty minerality yet aromatic flavour.

Domaine Long-Depaquit is located at Les Vaudésirs, one of the seven Grand Crus in Chablis. Its award-winning winemaker, Albert Bichot takes the geographical advantages to produce Chablis that invites thumb-up from renowned wine critics such as Jancis Robinson. She gave its Chablis Grand Cru 17 out of 20, for its complexity and inviting nature on the nose, with a taste of lemon and hay. It also has a creamy texture but lots of freshness at the same time.

Exhibitor: Syndicat Général des Vignerons de la Champagne
Producing Region: Champagne, France
Booth no: 3G-B18

The Syndicat General Des Vignerons De La Champagne will make its debut at our Hong Kong International Wine and Spirits Fair 2017 with 7 growers, showcasing their unique champagne to Asia’s wine lovers.

Once drank by kings and royals in coronation banquets, champagne has never lost its charm and elegance despite its huge popularity nowadays. Only wines made in Champagne AOC of France can be labelled as "Champagne". SGV represents 15,000 winegrowers from Champagne with one-third of them (Les Champagnes de Vignerons) producing champagne using their own grapes.

Exhibitor: Schmidt Marketing (Consumer Products) Limited
Product’s Name: Juliusspital, 2012 Silvaner Trocken, Würzburger Stein "Grosses Gewachs"
Producing Region: Franken, Germany
Booth no: 3E-C20

German wines are more than Riesling. The German wine region Franken (or Franconia) produces the hidden treasure of elegant, mineral and very structured white wines.

Unlike the commonly-used long neck wine bottles, Franconia wine is bottled in rounded and flattened “Bocksbeutel”. Legend tells that “Bocksbeutel” was invented by monks, who weren’t allowed to drink during fasting, so they cleverly created the flat and short bottle to fit into their monks’ habit pockets, just to have a sip while they were working outside.

Today, “Bocksbeutel” is a sign of high quality Franconian wine as the bottling costs are higher compared to a regular one. Franconians love their wine so much that they drink almost the whole production themselves, leaving just a few of this gem shipping abroad.

Not only is the bottle shape unique, the grape variety Silvaner is also special. Würzburger Stein is a Grosses Gewächs (Grand Cru), which is the top classification in Germany.


Exhibitor: BIOtiful Wines
Product’s Name: La Galoche Beaujolais
Producing Region: Anse, France
Booth no: 3G-A16

As consumers around the world become ever-more health-conscious, a group of French independent winegrowers from different terroirs have vowed to make wine drinking “green” by using only organic grapes to make wines.

BIOtiful wines is a group of independent winegrowers from different terroirs unified by a common philosophy: to produce exceptional wines from only organic grapes. They choose to grow their vines on a living soil by practising organic farming without the added burden of chemical fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides. Paying respect to their land and sustainable development of nature, their vineyards are thriving, robust and healthy. The grapes they produce in moderate yields are naturally rich in components as the essential basis for the development of fine wines.

The new generation of Saint-Cyr’s proprietor has fully converted to organic agriculture. As part of the new, dynamic and ambitious generation of winemakers in the region, Raphaël strives to make his Beaujolais wines the most authentic representation of their famous pierres dorées (golden stones) terroir. His cuvées are elegant and superbly refined, the fruit structure is balanced and the body is soft and lush.

Exhibitor: Cantina Colli Del Soligo S.C.A
Product’s Name: Prosecco Valdobbiadene Superiore DOCG “Col de Mez” Extra Dry
Producing Region: Prosecco Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG
Booth no: 3F-C18

Anything but a poor man’s champagne, Prosecco from Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG, which boasts Italy’s most prestigious status, displays the epitome of elegance.

Prosecco Conegliano Valdobbiadene at Italy’s northeastern region is the birthplace of Prosecco. It has been recognised as Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin (D.O.C.G.), the highest level of quality for Italian wines in 2009. From harvest, winemaking to bottling, every step of the making of Prosecco is regulated to guarantee the end product’s delicacy and fruitiness.

“Col de Mez” is 100% produced with grapes called “Glera”. Carrying fruity and floral notes with hints of golden apple, drinkers can experience its beauty and lively creaminess once it hits the palette.
New World Wines (by alphabetical order of Region/Country)

Exhibitor: Seven Round Company Limited
Product’s Name: Chateau Mercian Nagano Chardonnay Unwooded 2015
Producing Region: Nagano, Japan
Booth no: 3E-B16

While Japanese wines have emerged in the international wine scene, the award-winning Chateau Mercian is certainly a sight to behold.

Chateau Mercian, with its forerunner established in 1877, is Japan’s oldest private winery. Sparing lots of resources to enhance wine-making techniques and grape varietals, it has taken a firm foothold on the map of Japan’s wine-making history.

Chateau Mercian Nagano Chardonnay Unwooded 2015 is clean and fresh, followed by peach and nectarine notes. It has won the Gold Award in the International Wine Challenge 2017.

Exhibitor: Liquid Bless Co Ltd
Product’s Name: Girard 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon
Producing Region: Napa Valley, USA
Booth no: 3E-D14

You know the wine is good when it was served at the dinner hosted by US President Donald Trump for China’s president, Xi Jinping in April 2017 when the two political giants met face-to-face for the first time.

Girard of Napa Valley, California is a boutique winery known for its Cabernet Sauvignon. California Cabernet Sauvignon is America's most beloved red wine – California’s warm weather leads to fleshier and fruitier grapes leading to Cabernet Sauvignon’s strong character and complex structure.

Girard 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon displays the famous cocoa powder note of this region intertwined with the notes of black currants and black raspberries. Notes of leather and dried herbs join the tannins to fill the palate with an integrated texture.

Exhibitor: Oriental Pearl (Hong Kong) Limited
Product’s Name: Signorello Hope’s Cuvee Chardonnay 2015
Producing Region: Napa Valley, USA
Booth no: 3E-A02

Robert Parker, the renowned wine critic, remarked Signorello Hope’s Cuvee as “the best Chardonnay I have ever tasted from Ray Signorello (winemaker)... this wine is absolutely spectacular" and offered an astoundingly high mark of 98.

This comes as no surprise as the family winery, located in Napa Valley, is fully committed to quality and deliberately limits yield to emphasise elegance of its wines. The total production is less than 6,000 cases annually and often significantly less.

Hope’s Cuvee Chardonnay 2015 draws you in with scents of Granny Smith Apple, Asian Pear and apricot with just a hint of white flowers and a kiss of baking spice. In the mouth it is rich and juicy. The wine is crisp and vibrant with a beautiful minerality and a long lingering finish. This naturally fermented, unfined & unfiltered Chardonnay can be enjoyed over the next 15 years.

Exhibitor: Winery Aleksandrovic
Product’s Name: Trijumf Chardonnay Sparkling
Producing Region: Sumadija, Serbia
Booth no: 3G-B34

Located at the same geographic latitude as the major French wine-making regions, Serbia was one of the significant wine producers in Europe back in the 19th century but it took a turn for the worse due to political factors and natural disasters. It is only in the last 10 years that some small wineries have been picking up the threads.

Winery Aleksandrovic of Serbia was blessed with the “recipe” of the previous royal cellar master as the base for its wines. With scientific knowledge and modern technologies, it has successfully launched the first Serbian sparkling wine using the traditional Champenoise method – Trijumf Chardonnay Sparkling. This first Serbian sparkling, apart from winning the gold medal and the regional trophy in the sparkling wines competition in London, was highly praised by China’s president, Xi Jinping when served during his visit to Serbia.

Exhibitor: Doolhof Wine Estate (pty) Ltd
Product’s Name: Dark Lady
Producing Region: Wellington, South Africa
Booth no: 3C-B26A

Which grape varietal is dubbed “the future of South Africa”? Born in South Africa and widely used by the country’s wineries, “Pinotage” is a home hero that leads the country on par with European wines.

Pinotage typically produces deep red varietal wines with smoky, bramble and earthy flavours, sometimes with notes of bananas and tropical fruits.

Doolhof Dark Lady is 100% produced from high quality Pinotage grapes. A coffee mocha explosion with dark chocolates, rich black fruits and almonds on the nose. Light to medium body with firm, well-integrated tannins. It has recently spread its fame to China and received the gold medal at the China Wine and Spirits Competition 2017.
Others (by alphabetical order of Region/Country)

Exhibitor: Leung Yick Company Limited
Product’s Name: Dictador 20 Years Solera System Rum
Producing Country: Colombia
Booth no: 3E-B11

Dictador 20 Years Solera System Rum is the world’s most awarded rum, snatching 15 international awards throughout the years, including double gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America.

The medium-bodied rum is made from the fermentation of virgin sugar cane honey, distilled partly in copper alembic and partly in steel continuous column. It is then aged in pre-used oak barrels using the solera method.

Carrying an intense dark amber colour with red brown tones, the rum is big on the nose with soft caramel, vanilla, smoky honey, dry seeds, roasted coffee and a rich rounded oak sensation. In the mouth it is very soft and round, with a strong and rare texture as well as a great finish, the exceptional complexity of which is unique to Dictador Rum.

Exhibitor: Birrificio Antoniano SRL
Product’s Name: Portello Golden Ale
Producing Country: Italy
Booth no: 3CON-064

One of the 26 certified “Slow Brewing” distilleries, Birrificio Antoniano SRL from Italy has every reason to be the proud title owner of “European Brewer of the Year” in International Beer Challenge 2017.

“Slow Brewing” is a movement that values natural ingredients and the importance of time in each step of beer production. No artificial ingredient is added in the procedure to speed up fermentation. The stringent production and longer time, though only small patches can be made at a time, guarantee better beer with intense flavour.

Exhibitor: AF Trade Limited
Product’s Name: Komagatake ShinanoTanpopo Single Malt Whisky
Producing Country: Japan
Booth no: 3CON-072

The celebrated Mars Distillery of Shinshu, Japan once shut down in 1991 in the face of a shrinking whisky market just 6 years after its establishment. The distillery re-opened in 2011 after Japanese whisky started to gain international recognition in the early 2000s.

The 3rd generation of the Shinshu Series is a combination of old and new. Malt distilled in American white oak bourbon barrels in 2014 was mixed with malt aged for more than 20 years in sherry casks (from the stock before Mars Distillery’s closure). The blend enriches the whisky with soft and gorgeous scents of ripe fruits and a smooth aftertaste.

Exhibitor: Lillion Wine Limited
Product’s Name: Kura Single Malt Whisky White Oak 12 Year
Producing Country: Japan
Booth no: 3CON-071

Grain-based whisky gets redefined with Kura, using rice as one of the ingredients.

Kura is made from best-quality Indica rice with black Koji (a culture to break down the carbohydrates in rice to produce alcohol) which is unique to Okinawa. It is then aged in selected North American white oak casks for 8 years. The handcrafted procedure has brought out the mellow taste in the spirits.

Light on the palate and velvety smooth in the throat, Kura carries effortlessly the elegant sweetness and complex aroma from oak aging.

Exhibitor: Yamanashi Meijo Company Limited
Product’s Name: Sparkling Sake “Mori no Kanade”
Producing Country: Japan
Booth no: 3D-C02

Sake, the traditional Japanese rice-based alcohol, has evolved into the first-ever sparkling sake with in-bottle secondary fermentation in Suntory's Hakushu Distillery whisky barrel.

Unlike sparkling wine containing sugar from grapes which makes fermentation easier, Shichiken’s sake masters overcame challenges that lie ahead in the making of the rice-based sparkling sake with five years of trial and error. Adopting the in-bottle secondary fermentation method used in making French champagnes, the finishing product has fine and gentle bubbles.

"Mori no Kanade" is Yamanashi Meijo’s third generation of sparkling sake. To further improve the product, the distillery has fermented it in Suntory's Hakushu Distillery whisky barrel. The deep aromas of maple syrup and vanilla from the cask complement the soft and pleasant bubbles.

Exhibitor: Spawn Trading Limited
Product’s Name: Código 1530 Tequila Añejohas
Producing Region: Jalisco, Mexico
Booth no: 3E-C24

Código 1530 tequila, which used to be private and nameless, has always been loved by Mexico’s most respected families.

The winner of “Best Añejo of the Year” in various spirits competitions, Código 1530 follows a centuries-old code to make the top quality tequila “Añejo”, yet it is not afraid to experiment with its aging method. Its Añejo is carefully aged for 18 months in Napa Cabernet French White Oak barrels, fully embracing the refined elegance of the wine making process.

Código 1530 Tequila Añejohas only uses hand-picked and pressed Agave juice. Each bottle uses more than double the amount of fully matured agave with a brix level (sugar content) of 32 or higher to bring out the best of the spirits.

Exhibitor: Winepak Corporation (M) Sdn. Bhd.
Product’s Name: Viss (Malaysia Durio)
Producing Country: Malaysia
Booth no: 3E-D25

Durian, the “King of Fruits” from Southeast Asia, is surely a love-it-or-hate-it kind of food, but blending it in vodka liqueur will certainly change haters’ perception.

Viss (Malaysia Durio) comes with durians’ unique and rich aroma with a slight bittersweet aftertaste to create a perfect tropical drink. It was awarded the silver medal in International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC) 2017.

Exhibitor: Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corporation
Product’s Name: OMAR Cask Strength Malt Whisky (Sherry Cask)
Producing Region: Taiwan
Booth no: 3E-D35

OMAR, a Taiwanese whisky brand, breaks the paradox that only Scotland or Japan can make good whisky. It has outshone others in many major spirits competitions, establishing Taiwan as a legend in the international whisky scene.

Nantou distillery is where OMAR is produced. Nantou is famous for its fruits and the distillery used to produce fruit liqueurs. It then switched to whisky production only from 2008. Despite its short operational time, Taiwan’s hot and humid weather assists the aging of whisky, resulting in a more flavourful taste.

OMAR Cask Strength Malt Whisky (sherry cask) is matured in top-quality Spanish sherry casks for at least 4 years, and then bottled in cask strength by hand. Strong toffee, brown sugar and herbs fill the nose, it won the title of Best Taiwanese whisky.

Exhibitor: Firestone & Robertson Distillery
Product’s Name: TX Blended Whiskey
Producing Country: USA
Booth no: 3C-B09

Setting out to create an American blended whiskey that would rival the best Scottish, Irish and Canadian blends, Firestone & Robertson Distillery, a boutique distillery in Texas, USA might have achieved that with its TX Blended Whiskey.

The distillery spent over two years sampling an enormous number of whiskeys, hammering away at the best recipe. Its Blended Whiskey is an extraordinarily complex spectrum of fragrance and flavor that mixes well or stands alone on the rocks or neat. TX Blended Whiskey is a proprietary masterpiece, taking home the “Best American Craft Whiskey” award in 2013, along with a “Double Gold” at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition from more than 1,000 competitors.