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The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited
Booth No : 3F-C02
Website: www.towngasappliance.com
Simpa New Anti-scorch Built-in hob

  • Exclusive for Hong Kong
  • Anti-scorch protection (New and exclusive)
  • Powerful flame up to 5kW
  • Quick and easy electronic ignition
  • Independent simmer flame
  • Durable temper-glass surface
  • Flame failure device
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Decor Suite Interiors Ltd
Booth No : 3F-F12
Website: www.decor-house.hk
Decor House

  • With all aspects of professionals, not only interior, furniture and lighting designers, but also audio-visual, AI and landscape designers. We offer tailor-made services to customers who love unique and beautiful interior design.
  • No matter the elegant European style, simple and modern style, “Mix & match” style, or the popular Nordic style and Industrial style, our creative and energetic staff is able to satisfy customers' needs. We can provide the most unique and beautiful design for your apartments and commercials space.
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Beauty & Health Magic Water Purify Limited
Booth No : 3F-B17
Website: https://bhmagic.com.hk/zh-tw/
Smart Ozone Sterilizer

  • Day Clean 400 releases active ozone which is designed to help effectively removing the harmful substances; decompose 94% of pesticides and kills 99.99% of colon bacillus while decomposing hormone (not affecting its original taste and nutrition); the active ozone can also reduce the chance of cross-infection at home by killing bacteria in the air.
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Goodway Electrical Enterprise Ltd.
Booth No : 3F-D22
Website: www.goodwayelectrical.com
Aqua pro

  • Aqua Pro is equipped with double tanks for fresh water cleaning and sewage storage. Upon vacuuming of dirt/dust and dirty fluid into the sewage tank, fresh water from tank will be applied for cleaning, to prevent bacteria from cross contamination due to mopping with recycled dirty water.
  • Aqua Pro features a 24500RPM high-speed wheel brush that allows you an effortless speedy cleaning.
  • After cleaning, simply detach the sewage tank, drain the fluid, and clean the tank. It is simply convenient and hygienic.
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Airland (Holdings) Co Ltd
Booth No : 3F-E25
Website: https://www.airland.com/
Airland Celliant Power

  • CELLIANT technology and high-quality tapestry cloth
  • Pocket spring system
  • Natural Latex with high resiliency for better support and spine alignment and outstanding in ventilation
  • European-style cushion with stylish design
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Kukel International Group Limited
Booth No : 3F-D25
Website: www.kukel.com
Porcelain-Energy Instantaneous Electric Water Shower

  • Free storage; instant heating; 3 seconds hot water
  • Faster; hotter; safer
  • Pure copper body, microcomputer intelligent control
  • Intelligent power saving
  • Ceramic core; leakage proof; small size;
  • Easy to install and more portable
  • For showers use
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Jebsen Home Tech Company Limited
Booth No : 3G-A02
Website: www.dyson.hk
Dyson Pure Cool Me™ Personal Purifier Fan

  • Delivers cooling, purified airflow – wherever you need it.
  • HEPA filter captures 99.95% of particles as small as bacteria and viruses.
  • Dyson Core Flow™ technology is developed to project a focused and precise stream of air.
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Lighting Gas Stoves Trading Ltd.
Booth No : 3F-C19
Website: www.lightinggas.com.hk
Built-in range hood

  • Grand launch of Hong Kong and Macau’s first intelligent electrical degreasing function, automatic controlled degreasing time without manual operation
  • Built-in design
  • Two poles motor with turbo, high and low speed options
  • Made in Taiwan
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Amazing Mode Limited
Booth No : 3F-A15
STONELINE® - Brand New ALPS Stone Non-Stick Cookware from Germany

  • STONELINE® - The ORIGINAL patented cookware with REAL STONE.
  • With hot stone grilling results, STONELINE® cookwares empowers you to cook with or without fat and oil tailoring to your diet and lifestyle.
  • Always the perfect cookware at hand
  • STONELINE® makes life in your kitchen easier. Cooking fun guaranteed.
  • REAL Mineral Stone from the ALPS in STONELINE® cookwares
  • Scratch-proof and lasting durability
  • Excellent Heat Conduction
  • Uni-body design ensures perfect results and cooking enjoyment
  • German Craftsmanship
  • Over 100,000 cycles of dry rub testing (20 times more scratch resistant than regular cookwares)
  • Every piece is tested on oil-free cooking before certified for delivery
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Tiger Corporation HK Ltd
Booth No : 3F-A01
Website: http://tiger-hk.com
Made-in-Japan Double Pressure IH Rice Cooker (JPB-G)

  • one of TIGER’s best sellers
  • It takes various conditions for cooking a bowl perfect rice. JPB-G fulfills these conditions completely.
  • The varying double pressure rice cooker can maintain the high temperature within the pot, keep it boiling and facilitate the gelatinization. Together with the 11-layer coated inner pot, the high heat retention capacity simulates the small and dense bubbles of traditional clay pot. Cooking the best taste of rice.
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Livington Enterprises Ltd
Booth No : 3G-B08
Website: www.rapeeliving.com.hk
BURSA x LINE FRIENDS The "Cupid" bedding style

  • Produced and launched by the famous and fashionable bedding brand Bursa.
  • The lovely sweet Brown and Cony are intoxicated by the massive heart pattern, and instantly feel the love flowing in the air.
  • The bed quality is 100% cotton, 500 needle fiber / 15cm SQ, durable and comfortable.
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Owell International Ltd
Booth No : 3F-C23
Website: www.owell.hk
Cuckoo Korea direct drink water purifier

  • Prince Top model with direct drink function, no water tank, multifunctional and get rid of 99-99.99% of lead
  • With killing bacteria and sterilisation function
  • Slim design is suitable for Hong Kong family. Intelligent
  • Voice Navigation can remind you everday to use each function of the water purifier
  • Also have world's first In & Out Electrolysis Sterilisation System
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Maxcare Industrial Limited
Booth No : 3F-F22
Website: www.maxcare.net
Comfy Chair (Voice Control)

  • Smart Voice Control Function – Controlled with simple voice commands
  • Zero-gravity Massage
  • SL-shaped Massage Rail – Covering from Shoulder to Thigh
  • From Massage Modes to Recline Angle, All under Your Control
  • Different Shapes; Different Impressions
  • Comfy Patch – a Comprehensive Massage
  • Silent Design Creating a Quiet Environment
  • Choose Your Color as You Desire
  • Elevate Your Massage Experience with Your Taste of Music
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Scott (UK) Limited
Booth No : 3F-A05
Website: www.scott-gear.hk
The Simplissimo Chef

  • A multi-purpose kitchen appliance that can create a host of delicious food at the touch of a button. This handy device takes all the stress and time out of meal preparation for your family.
  • The Simplissimo Chef boasts a compact, sleek and easily portable design that will blend seamlessly into any kitchen. The machine’s built in mount allows it to sit on any surface. Gone are the days when kitchen devices were large, clumsy and stuck out in your perfectly styled kitchen.
  • The Scott Simplissimo Chef can help anyone from a novice to a well-seasoned chef to create mouth-watering dishes in no time. The easy to use cooking programs are curated to enable you to cherry-pick the program for you whether you are making soups, sauces, juices or even cooking meat, seafood or vegetables. With touch sensitive technology and a patented overflow sensor which prevents hot liquids from spilling out the jar, Simplissimo will help you discover the stress–free way to cook.
  • Simply turn the digital rotary touch control to select the function best suited for your dish.
  • The 1.75L BPA free glass jar is made of premium quality borosilicate; suitable for cold and hot liquids. The Scott Simplissimo Chef is further enhanced by the state of the art LED timer completed with digital touch control, food ready audible indicator and automatic 20 minutes keep warm function. The array of functions available range from blending and ice crushing to manual and steam mode allows you to create dishes from scratch using the same device.
  • The Simplissimo also incorporates special functions to help make your life easier. The auto clean function is quite simply a time saver as the device will clean itself in just a few minutes meaning no fuss or mess.
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Top Leader Asia Pacific Limited
Booth No : 3F-C22
Website: http://plusminuszero.hk/
Plus Minus Zero Cordless Cleaner XJC-C030

  • Minimal design
  • Light weight with Only 0.85kg
  • Long-running - up to 57 minutes operation time
  • Three Hours Fast charging
  • Detachable battery
  • Washable filter and parts
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Three level of power operation
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White Pan and Wok Co Ltd
Booth No : 3F-A06
Website: www.blancwok.com
Blanc CHIC Nano Ceramic 3 Pieces Set

  • “Chic” is a brand new cookware series designed by Blanc wok. A new Japanese style design with Nano-ceramic 2.0 Technology.
  • To prevent ingredients nutrition lost during over-heated, the new 2.0 Technology features a special “Temperature Alert” function to remind user when cooking temperatures are too high.
  • All of the “Chic” @ Blanc Wok cookware products make absolute commitment towards your health and environment protection with even better cooking enjoyment.
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Fidelity (Far East) Trading Co. Ltd.
Booth No : 3G-B16
Website: https://www.ff888.com/
FUJIOH cooker hood, FR-CL1890 series

  • Patented Oil Smasher technology Japan made cookerhood, with high-speed spinning Disk catches oil in fumes. It largely reduces oil buildup inside the hood and air pollution.
  • Oil Smasher technology also won the Good Design Award 2017. Our intelligent design and superior technology help improve your quality of life in the kitchen.
  • 2019 Brand new color – Sakura is now available.
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The Sharper Edge Limited
Booth No : 3F-F02
Website: http://www.cheong-hing.com/
staub Braiser 30cm/3.3L (La Mer)

  • Discover the new La Mer range from staub. With their distinctive blue colour, products from the La Mer range are inspired by the Mediterranean Sea.
  • The self-basting system consisting of distributed spikes over the interior of the flat lid ensures a continuous rainfall effect over the food inside the braiser which provides the most delightful cooking experience and excellent taste.
  • Enamel prevents discoloration and rust, which enhances durability and resistance to chipping. With a wide assortment of interesting presentation pieces in dynamic colors, staub cookware easily moves from the kitchen to the dining table.
  • Because of its’ outstanding performance, staub is used and praised by the most celebrated chefs around the world.
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The Sharper Edge Limited
Booth No : 3F-F02
Website: http://www.cheong-hing.com/
World Kitchen Rainbow High Heat Cooker

  • World Kitchen Rainbow High Heat Cooker series breaks the dull indifference of kitchen appliances and adds a touch of color to the kitchen.
  • The Japan STELLASHINETM glass-ceramic cooktop surface for optimum heat conduction, scratch-resistant and easy to clean.
  • The 9 temperature control settings which are evenly heated and suitable for different cooking needs.
  • Heat insulating structure prevents burning user’s hands to achieve safety and reliability.
  • Hi-heat Electric Stove is based on a heating principle designed with the nation of low carbon emission and energy saving in mind, it has the advantages of the new generation electric stove, eco-friendly and safety.
  • The High Heat Cooker is suitable for all types of cookware (i.e. stainless steel, glass and ceramic pots etc.) which can completely satisfy everyone’s needs for a quality lifestyle in this modern age.
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Smartech International Marketing Limited
Booth No : 3F-B16
Website: www.smartech-intl.com
'Smart Cool' Ionic Intelligent Air Cooler

  • Automatic oscillation from left & right and up & down
  • Washable & detachable water curtain
  • Water tank capacity: 7L (compatible with ice/ provided ice box)
  • Ionizer function
  • 3 speeds selection: high/med/low
  • Eco made- adjust wind speed based on ambient temperature
  • 3 wind modes selection: normal/natural/sleeping
  • 1-8 hours Timer setting
  • Water shortage alert protection Product Size: approx. 26.6(L) x 27.5(W) x 75(H) cm
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Quality Life Company
Booth No : 3F-A24
Jamie Oliver’s kitchenware

  • Jamie Oliver’s beautiful kitchenware and expertly designed top-quality baking dishes and trays.
  • Bakeware are the perfect combination of style and practicality – all designed to make it easier than ever to cook great food from scratch at home.
  • Made in Portugal with a ribbed design and exposed terracotta rim, this dish looks great in the center of the table. A brilliant piece of oven-to-tableware.
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Pure Glory Ltd
Booth No : 3F-B20
Website: http://e.window.com.hk
e.Window ABA Kills Bacteria coating Chinese Knives

  • ABA Kills Bacteria technology has been awarded the Hong Kong Innovative Invention Award in 2017.
  • At the same time, SGS testing certification has been conducted, which certifies that ABA Kills Bacteria technology can kill 99.99% bacteria, including bacteria such as “Staphylococcus Aureus”, “Escherichia Coli”, and “Salmonella Enterica”.
  • Furthermore, all kitchen tools have been tested by SGS Food-Grade Safe FDA Standards, to confirm that our ABA coated kitchen tools are not harmful to human health.
  • In addition, knives’ material are manufactured using top-range Stainless Steel from Germany, with code number printed on each knife. Thus our high quality kitchen knives are as sharp as they can be, with a touch of elegance and professionalism.