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The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited
Booth No. : 3G-A02
Website: www.towngasappliance.com


Mini Stove-Top Oven

  • The Mini Stove-Top Oven combines grilling, steaming, baking and more into one. Experience and explore delicious flavours of flame cooking while making different trendy snacks such as egg puffs, steamed rice pudding sheets and baked dried fruits. Its light weight and tiny size are not all, it is even much easier to clean compared with the conventional electrical ovens.

The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited
Booth No. : 3G-A02
Website: www.towngasappliance.com



  • The exclusive limited edition of TGC’s  HELLO KITTY Built-in Hob in her  first-ever collaboration with HELLO KITTY. Decorate your kitchen with cute Hello Kitty prints with the choices of pink and stylish black colors.

Goodway Electrical Enterprise Ltd.
Booth No. : 3F-B12
Website: http://www.goodwayelectrical.com  


Goodway crossover Sanrio, Hello Kitty Waffles Maker (Limited Edition)

  • Two sets of interchangeable cooking plates, including Hello Kitty molding and Heart Shaped Waffle Cooking Plate
  • Cooking plates with non-stick surface
  • Temperature control knob
  • Power indicator light
  • Hello Kitty measuring cup is included

E K G New Technology Limited
Booth No. : 3G-A28
Website: http://www.auxhk.com


An Air-Energy Water Heater

  • Energy-saving, environmental friendly, zero carbon emission, healthy, safe, durable.
  • A space saving heating system which uses an air-energy water heater.  This new product is suitable for most of the homes in Hong Kong and is expected to reduce energy consumption by 80%. 

Emma International Limited
Booth No. : 3F-H06
Website: www.melolabs.hk


iKo & iKo Kids Soft-To-Touch Toothbrush

  • It obtains the exclusive distribution rights of MELO products in Hong Kong and launches MELO products for the first time in Hong Kong. iKo is the first soft-to-touch toothbrush that can be used on finger.
  • It releases Fluoride at each use and maintains your teeth clean and your breath fresh without water nor toothpaste. 
  • Four delicious flavours: strawberry, banana, orange and green apple. Brushing teeth will be as fun as playing.
  • It can be used wherever and whenever you want, with the minimum size and weight, up to 100 uses.

Alpha Appliances Ltd
Booth No. : 3F-F28
Website: http://www.alpha-general.com


General 368 Inverter window split type air-conditioner (1HP Cooling)

  • The product is the smallest inverter window split type air conditioner in market so far, outdoor unit with size (H368mm x W500mm) is specifically designed to fit into window type air conditioning platforms, can save the expensive scaffolding costs. Equipping with inverter technology, it is energy-saving and environmental friendly with Grade 1 Energy label.

An Cheng (China) Holdings Limited
Booth No. : 3F-D17
Website: http://www.magicliving.com.hk


Magic Airer

  • UV disinfection technology
  • Multifunctional and safe Clothes Hanger
  • Wireless remote control
  • Space saving design
  • More Convenient
  • High Power 360° Wind
  • Energy Saving
  • Mute Air Dry
  • Intelligent Shut Down
  • LED Light

CLP Power Hong Kong Limited
Booth No. : 3F-F02
Website: http://www.clp.com.hk


BRUNO Compact Hot Plate

  • 1,200W fast heat up
  • Occupying only A4 size on table
  • Perfect for a family of 2-3 people
  • Temp. control from 65-250°C
  • Detachable 1.8m powercord
  • Includes flat and takoyaki (24pcs) plates
  • Sturdy die-cast non-stick plates
  • Optional accessories:
  • Grill plate: BOE021-GRILL
  • Multi plate: BOE021-MULTI
  • Ceramic-coated pot: BOE021-NABE

Earth Selectives Ltd
Booth No. : 3F-H05
Website: http://www.earthselectives.com


Eco Concentrated Laundry Detergent

  • Natural cold pressed orange oil that clean clothes effectively. Product is antibacterial, anti-mite and does not leave residue
  • Orange oil molecules is 50% smaller than the average surfactant, can penetrate the fiber, effectively remove the dirt
  • Cleansing with environmental friendly formula and avoid damage to clothes
  • Suitable for sensitive skin and baby clothing
  • Do not contain fluorescent agent, artificial fragrance, phosphorus, chlorine, benzene and other chemicals

German Pool Group Company Limited
Booth No. : 3F-E02
Website: http://www.germanpool.com 


Foldable Jet Steamer JET-915

  • With the innovative foldable design, the steamer can be folded up after use for easy storage. When user opens it, it becomes a 10.5L large-capacity steamer.
  • The two levels of steaming baskets allow steaming of multiple dishes at the same time. Can easily cook bulky ingredients such as the whole chicken or fish by removing the rack and achieve an extra-large capacity.
  • The patented jet steaming technology allows high-temperature steam to be ejected within 30 seconds, making a low-salt, low-fat and low-sugar healthy meal.

A-fontane Company Limited
Booth No. : 3F-E12
Website:  http://www.dpmhome.com


DPM® Point-To-Point® Mattress

  • DPM® is revolutionizing sleep with the Point-To-Point® Relief System, which creates a customized mattress based on users’ individual measurements by relieving pressure of the human body and providing balanced support for bodies with different shapes and sizes.

Homelektro Limited
Booth No. : 3F-D15
Website: http://www.homelektro.com


EcoSink food waste disposer

  • EcoSink food waste disposer is installed under the sink in the kitchen and connected with sewer. It can grind the food waste instantly and washed away through the drain. This offers a solution to deal with food waste disposal.

Booth No. : 3G-C27
Website: http://www.infinite-bath.com


Super-Thin Solid Surface Washbasin

  • INFINITE Nordic minimalist style Super-Thin Solid Surface washbasin, with the edge of only 6mm, streamline and simple design fits for a clean and elegant bathroom.

OGAWA Health Care International (HK) Limited
Booth No. : 3G-B12
Website: http://www.ogawaworld.hk


Master Drive

  • Master Drive was brought to life by innovative Japanese technology.

JVG Development Limited
Booth No. : 3F-C12
Website: http://jvg.com.hk


JVG Therapy Shower

  • The Shower's filtration system filters harmful contaminants like chlorine and rust.
  • Pores are opened when showering, the Waters Therapy Shower supplies vitamin C, which helps revitalize the skin and improve deep wrinkles, as well as collagen to help increase your skin’s flexibility and elasticity
  • Natural aromatherapy to help invigorate and relax with lemon, lavender flavoursetc.
  • The JVG Therapy Shower features a cleverly in-built magnet and scientifically designed showerhead, resulting in a reduction in water use, around 40% when comparing to a standard shower system
  •  The Waters Therapy Shower delivers soft water and releases negative ions, which is around 5 times of a natural waterfall.

I Love Kitchen Limited
Booth No. : 3G-A12
Website: www.ilovekitchen.com   


Hanssem Anti-Oxidation Vacuum Blender

  • Hanssem Anti-Oxidation Vacuum blender can blend ingredients in such a way that oxidation is prevented and the nutrients are preserved. With pioneer Vacuum technology, during the blending process, ingredient container remains vacuum and ingredients inside remain in a fresh state, as they do not undergo oxidation. It also effectively prevents foam production as gases inside the container have been extracted.
  • The six-pronged blade and 24,000-rpm turbo motor finely blends in a suitable temperature so that dietary fiber, enzymes and vitamins can be effectively preserved.

Maxcare Industrial Limited
Booth No. : 3G-A22
Website: http://www.maxcare.net


Maxcare Honey Chair

  • Maxcare Honey Chair has a modern streamline, stylish, compact and space-saving design. With ergonomic design, it exquisitely calculates the curvature of the spine curve and provides an accurate kneading and shistsu massage experience.
  • Bidirectional neck massage
  • Back kneading massage
  • Back fixed point massage
  • Buttocks and Waist firming
  • Heat Therapy
  • Music Therapy

Meyer Manufacturing Co Ltd
Booth No. : 3G-A25
Website: http://www.meyer.hk


Covered Saucepan

  • Innovative flat-rivet technology is designed for easy clean up.
  • PFOA free. Safe for cooking.
  • Patented design circular grooves and the most advanced non-stick surface which requires very little or no oil for cooking.
  • Induction base for optimum and even heat distribution.
  • Suitable for all stove tops.
  • Oven safe up to 400°F/204°C.

More Profit International Holdings Limited
Booth No. : 3F-C20
Website: www.mpihk.com


Artiart Butterfly Thermal Suction Bottle

  • Artiart Butterfly Thermal Suction Bottle helps to reduce spillage by clever grip-pad design and strong suction that the bottle never fall over on flat and non-porous surface. Using twin wall vacuum insulated for maximum temperature retention (Hot or cool 6-12 hours). BPA-free.

Nep Holding International (HK) Ltd
Booth No. : 3F-D02
Website: http://www.diamondcoral.com


3 Seconds Instant Warm Water Dispenser, WaterBar

  • DIAMOND CORAL WaterBar has utilized a new 3-second instant heat technology to develop an innovative 3 seconds instant warm water dispenser. It produces fresh hot water that helps to keep users away from unhealthy re-boiled water within 3 seconds and supplies 50℃ warm water with just a press of a button.

Shun Hing Electronic Trading Co., Ltd
Booth No. : 3F-B02
Website: http://www.panasonic.hk


Panasonic Pressure Cooker

  • Capable to perform stewing, steaming, double boiling and rice cooking in one single appliance. A design which is safe and user friendly.

Smartech International Marketing Limited
Booth No. : 3G-B25
Website: http://www.smartech-intl.com


Clair S Electrostatic Air Purifier with Bluetooth Speaker

  • Patented e2F filter to filter particulate matter 0.1 micrometers in size
  • Remove Viruses, Allergens, Bacteria, Dust, Harmful Chemicals, Pollen, VOCs
  • Can play music with every Bluetooth device
  • Made in Korea
  • Product size: 25.4(L) x 15(W) x 25.5(H) cm
  • Power supply: Input: AC 100-240V / 50/60Hz ; Output: DC12V / 1.0A

Super Trend Lighting (Group) Limited
Booth No. : 3G-A15
Website: http://www.stll.com


COC (chips on cord) LED bulb

  • This is an innovative and stylish series of COC (chips on cord) LED bulb which is designed with classic light bulb size and shape. With its special filament structure, it delivers 360° lighting distribution that is more similar to a normal incandescent than the other LEDs. It offers high luminous efficiency which reaches the highest energy efficiency class of A++ in European standard. It is an ideal replacement of decorative incandescent bulbs which can be widely used in homes, restaurants, shops and hotels.

Start-up Square
Booth No. : 3F-A01 to 3F-A14
Website: http://ybhk.hkfyg.org.hk/


Start-up Square

  • This year, the HKTDC and The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups join hands to launch the “Home” for Youth Start-ups: Exhibition Experience Taster. 14 selected young entrepreneurs will present their innovative products and services at "Start-up Square" at the Expo.