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HKTDC to Open First-ever International Tea Fair
Event Held with New Lifestyle Showcase, Food Expo and Chinese Medicine Fair



29 July 2009 – The Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) today unveiled details for four fairs to be held in mid-August, led by the first-ever Hong Kong International Tea Fair, which will run 13-15 August.

Another new fair – the HKTDC Hong Kong Lifestyle Showcase 2009 – will be open from 14-17 August, and will make its debut as a public show, offering more than 230 brands to consumers in Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland.

Along with the tea and lifestyle events will be the ever-popular HKTDC Food Expo 2009 running from 13-17 August. The Food Expo has also become a favourite among food lovers, with a trade hall open to international buyers.

Rounding out this series of concurrent fairs is the International Conference & Exhibition of the Modernization of Chinese Medicine & Health Products (ICMCM), which also runs from 13-17 August.

"We have wanted to host a tea fair for some time now, given that Hong Kong is a prime trading hub, and that its people have the highest tea consumption levels among Asian cities," said the HKTDC’s Assistant Executive Director Raymond Yip. "This inaugural tea fair will facilitate global trade and encourage an even higher tea culture in our city."

The combined presentation of the four fairs represents the HKTDC’s recognition that Hong Kong is increasingly being recognised as a trendsetter for the region, due to the maturing of its creative and design capabilities, the popularity of its culture, and its high standards of health care and food safety.

"We feel all four fairs reflect well on Hong Kong’s growing role as a hub for Asian lifestyle trends," said Mr Yip. "As Asian markets mature, we see regional consumers demanding more of their own styles and trends. And we see Hong Kong as ideally placed to provide the necessary platform in growth areas such as lifestyle, tea, food and Chinese medicine, which will all be on display."

Tea Fair Debuts

Co-organised with the Chinese Tea Culture International Exchange Association, the Hong Kong International Tea Fair will feature exhibitors from the great tea-producing centres of the world, including Argentina, the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Malaysia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey and Vietnam.

Complimenting the trade fair will be several special events designed to build awareness of tea including brand building, market opportunities and the cultural aspects of the beverage. The tea fair will also be open to the public on its last day (August 15).

Hong Kong is a hub for tea trading, importing HK$381 million worth of tea and tea products in 2008, an increase of 10 per cent over 2007, while exporting HK$116 million worth of tea and products the same year, an increase of 31 per cent. For more tea fair details, please go to: http://www.hkteafair.com

New Lifestyle Fair for the Public

The HKTDC Hong Kong Lifestyle Showcase is also being held for the first time, and will feature three special zones. The Lifestyle – Glamour zone will include watches, clocks, jewellery, fashion and accessories. The Lifestyle - Leisure zone will include creative products, entertainment products and sporting goods. A Lifestyle - Living zone will feature cosmetics, personal care items and health products.

Also featured will be the Hong Kong Q-Mart Quality Living zone organized by the Federation of Hong Kong Industries. This zone will feature a variety of "Made-by-Hong Kong" products, including those of Q-Mark licensees, all contributing to enhancing everyday life.

Accompanying the special zones will be staged entertainment, mini-parades, lucky draws and forums on image care.

For more lifestyle showcase details, please visit: http://hklifestyleshowcase.hktdc.com

Food Expo a Tasty Treat

The 20th edition of the HKTDC Food Expo is Hong Kong’s annual food extravaganza, featuring a Trade Hall for professionals and a Public Hall for the general public. This year’s fair will feature more than 600 exhibitors, and brings together food retailers, suppliers, wholesalers, brokers and food agency representatives under one roof. Exhibitors will come from 24 countries and regions.

For more information on the HKTDC Food Expo 2009, please go to:

ICMCM a Healthy Alternative

Co-organised with the Modernized Chinese Medicine International Association, ICMCM will feature exhibits in Chinese medicine, health supplements, health care and therapy, health equipment and related services, research and development among others. The fair provides a high-quality Chinese-medicine trading platform and promotes awareness of Chinese medicine around the world.

For more information on the ICMCM, please visit:

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HKTDC Food Expo

HKTDC Assistant Executive Director Raymond Yip tastes some freshly made Hong Kong-style tea at a media briefing for the inaugural Hong Kong International Tea Fair and Hong Kong Lifestyle Showcase. The two new fairs will be held concurrently with the Food Expo and the ICMCM

HKTDC Food Expo

Samples of exhibits being prepared for the first Hong Kong International Tea Fair which will run 13-15 August, including the top 10 Chinese tea leaves and exhibits from other major tea-producing centres. During the fair, special events will be organized to build awareness of tea, including sessions on brand building, market opportunities and cultural aspects of the beverage

HKTDC Food Expo


HKTDC Food Expo

The first Hong Kong Lifestyle Showcase will be held on 14-17 August, presenting watches, clocks, jewellery, fashion and accessories, as well as many creative and stylish products. Among the exhibitors is Cattivo Jewelry, with its "Honey is Forever" series, which sources material and design concept from honey. The Hong Kong Q-Mart Quality Living zone will feature a variety of "Made-by-Hong Kong" products, including those of Q-Mart licensees

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