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Speaker's and Attendee's comments
Speaker's comment
“It’s my honour to speak on the latest development of TCM hospitals in Thailand. ICMCM gathers industry players from all over the world and provides a good opportunity for us to exchange ideas and establish new contacts. The demand for TCM has been increasing in Thailand as Chinese people constitute 60% of the Thai population. Currently, the number of TCM doctors in Thailand is around 835. To meet the increasing demand, eight universities in Thailand are offering TCM courses to nurture TCM doctors and Huachiew TCM Hospital has been designated as the clinical study centre for these students. Our hospital in Bangkok has increased the number of TCM doctors to 40 currently from 32 last year to provide TCM treatment to 500 patients every day. In my opinion, it’s important to increase the modernisation, standardisation and technology of the TCM industry as a whole.”
Yenchit Techadamrongsin, Deputy Director, Huachiew TCM Hospital, Thailand
Attendee's comment
“It’s my first time attending ICMCM. The conference not only helps me to understand how the Chinese government is promoting the development of the TCM industry but also lets more people understand the TCM development in Thailand. Due to the growing demand for TCM in Thailand, our hospital offers five different kinds of TCM, including TCM decoction pieces, imported proprietary Chinese medicine (PCM), Chinese medicine made by our hospital based on our TCM doctors’ prescriptions, Chinese medicine made by our GMP contractors, and Chinese medicine granules. Industry players may find it difficult to enter the PCM market in Thailand. Things will be much easier if they can find suitable business partners in Thailand who fully understand the needs of the market, PCM regulations and registration methods.”
Ritjet Rinkaewkan, Manager of Pharmaceutical Department, Huachiew TCM Hospital, Thailand