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Theme of the Year 2018

Smart City: The Way of the Future

A Smart City zone is newly set up to present Hong Kong Smart City Blueprint which maps out development plans for the next five years as well as various solutions and applications for smart cities.

Come visit and discover next-gen technologies that provide a clear path towards brighter, smarter cities of tomorrow.

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Highlighted Solutions


(Listed in no particular order)

Exhibitor Information Highlighted Solutions Photo



Alibaba Cloud provides a comprehensive suite of cloud computing services to businesses worldwide, including SMEs, start-ups, corporations and government organisations. Alibaba Cloud is the official Cloud Services Partner of the International Olympic Committee. Today, Alibaba Cloud has data nodes in 18 locations worldwide, the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Australia, the Middle East, Europe, and the U.S. (East and West Coast).

Booth no.: 3G-E10

Country/region: Singapore

ET Brain
  • ET Brain is Alibaba Cloud’s ultra-intelligent AI Platform for solving complex business and social problems
  • It offers users multi-dimensional perception, global insight, real-time decision-making, and continuous evolution under complex situations to rapidly form optimal decisions



Automotive Parts and Accessory Systems R&D Centre (APAS)

Booth no.: 3G-A08

Country/region: Hong Kong

Portable Charger Kit (PCK)
  • It is a handheld Electric Vehicle (EV) charger that works with proprietary AC power socket through wireless authentication
  • The driver can simply plug the charger to a nearby PCK Socket and get medium fast charging for the vehicle after parking
  • It replaces the traditional bulky wall mount AC chargers by simple PCK Sockets which are small, low cost and easy for installation and maintenance

Smart Street Lamp
In the Smart Streetlamp project, HKPC have developed a LoRa based wireless network to control and monitor streetlamps with following key features:

  • Remote ON/OFF control streetlamps
  • Voltage, current and power measurement of individual streetlamp
  • Dimming control on individual streetlamp
  • Automatic detection of malfunction streetlamp and report alerts



CamClaim Limited

Booth no.: 3F-F04 (At Science Park Pavilion)

Country/region: Hong Kong


O2O Integrated Payment One2paid provides "safe, reliable and convenient" mobile payment solutions to merchants by a seamless integration of the robust Smart POS hardware, with e-accounting, precision marketing and many other add-on solutions on a single platform. Thanks to the latest technology One2Paid utilised, doing O2O business can be never be so simple these days. Merchants can easily pick their preferred Open-API Apps from wide range of B2M business Apps that best fit in to their business from the One2Paid Business Store, too.


Cisco Systems, Inc.

Cisco Systems, Inc. is the worldwide technology leader that has been making the Internet work since 1984. It helps society securely connect and seize tomorrow's digital opportunity today.

Booth no.: 3G-B16

Country/region: Hong Kong

Cisco Kinetic
  • Cisco Kinetic is a cloud-based platform that helps customers extract, compute, and move data from connected things to IoT applications to deliver better outcomes and services



DataInsights Ltd

Booth no.: 3F-F04 (At Science Park Pavilion)

Country/region: Hong Kong

Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence software

DataInsights develops Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence software to enable machines to understand human, learn like human, work for human. Our products and service help forward-thinking enterprises capitalize on innovation technologies for operation and business optimization. We can offer customer our total solution included

  • Knowledge & Reasoning Engine
  • Service & Workflow Optimizer
  • Human-Machine Natural Interaction Engine.

All of our products are available on On-premises, cloud and hybrid.


Dun & Bradstreet

Dun & Bradstreet offers a dynamic set of solutions in Risk Management, Compliance, Sales & Marketing, Master Data & Analytics and Enterprise Learning that are tailored to help businesses across industries mitigate risks and find meaningful growth.

Booth no.: 3G-E08

Country/region: Hong Kong

The New D&B Hoovers
  • Dun & Bradstreet Next Generation Data & Analytics Solutions activate data and innovation across industries and geographies, empowering businesses to drive meaningful growth through relationships and sustain competitive advantage



Esri China (Hong Kong) Limited

Esri is the global leader in geographic information system (GIS) and spatial analytics, and Esri’s GIS mapping software, ArcGIS Platform, is the most powerful mapping and spatial data analytics technology. Esri China (HK) provides related software, consultancy and training to Hong Kong and Macau markets.

Booth no.: 3F-F04 (At HKSTP Pavilion)

Country / Region: Hong Kong

ArcGIS® Platform for Smart City Solutions

  • Esri 3D Campus Viewer allows seamless review of buildings and floors in a web scene for an indoor routing. The application allows the public to search for people or places and route between selected locations in indoor areas.
  • Operation Dashboard for ArcGIS is a configurable web app that provides location-aware data visualization and analytics for a real-time operational view of people, services, assets, and events. You can understand the real-time traffic situation in a very easy way.
  • Open Geo-Spatial Data website (http://opendata.esrichina.hk/) provides different types of layers and web maps of spatial data available from Data.Gov.HK. These data is both for the public to search open data and for API developers to use the data in a spatial ready format and save the data conversion effort.
  • And more solutions will be showcased at the Expo


Hitachi East Asia Limited

Booth no.: 3G-C16

Country/region: Hong Kong

Finger Vein Authentication Technology

This system using Hitachi’s medical equipment development experience and adopt precise optical processing technology with biometric algorithm to perform finger vein contrast and authentication. As near infrared light penetrates one’s finger, part of the ray is absorbed by the hemoglobin in the blood, capturing the unique finger vein pattern and comparing it with the pre-registered finger vein pattern for identity authentication.



Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI)

ASTRI innovates smart technologies and solutions for Hong Kong, contributing to its smart city development and supporting the Government’s smart city vision. From smart mobility solutions to facilitating 5G development, FinTech to big data – it strives for breakthrough advancements in smart city development.

Booth no.: 3G-B08

Country/region: Hong Kong

Smart Pole
  • The Smart Pole leverages Narrowband IoT technology to facilitate various smart city applications
  • It comes with an interactive display. It can facilitate Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) communications – enhancing road safety and modernising traffic management
  • It is also an ideal infrastructure to facilitate high-speed communication technologies like 5G by providing hotspot coverage

Palm Fusion Biometric Access Control System
  • The System includes a contactless biometric sensing device that can capture an individual’s palm veins and palmprint pattern by radiating the infrared and visible light when a user puts his or her palm above it
  • By using the fusion technology, this solution obtains a higher security level, combining both palm print and palm vein features



Airport Authority Hong Kong

Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) is one of the finest and busiest airports in the world.

As an international and regional aviation hub, HKIA is connected to over 220 destinations worldwide via more than 1,100 daily flights operated by over 100 airlines. In 2017, the airport handled 72.9 million passengers, over 5 million tonnes of cargo and airmail and over 420,000 flight movements.

Airport Authority Hong Kong is responsible for the operation and development of HKIA. It is committed to managing and operating a safe, secure and efficient international airport, providing passengers with top-notched customer services and a memorable experience.

Booth no.: 3G-E02

Country/region: Hong Kong

Airport Authority Hong Kong (AAHK) showcases the latest technological developments in Hong Kong International Airport to enhance operational efficiency and passenger experience:
  • “HKG My Flight” Mobile App
    Provide personalised and hassle-free airport experience
  • Intelligent RFID-embedded Baggage Loading Robotics for Automated Baggage Reconciliation: Improve workplace safety and increases automation in baggage reconciliation
  • Automated Airfield Ground Lighting Scanning and Inspection System: Enhance maintenance efficiency and accuracy by high speed imaging, GPS and big data technology
  • Real-time Trolley Supply Monitoring System: Streamline work process for business partners and monitoring by AAHK, ultimately enhancing passenger experience

AAHK also attracts and nutures next generation of aviation industry leaders through Hong Kong International Aviation Academy, in order to support the sustainable growth of the regional aviation industry.



Hong Kong R&D Centre for LSCM Enabling Technologies (LSCM)

To support the policy of “Smart City” initiated by the HKSAR Government this year, the LSCM R&D Centre has been fostered to develop core competencies in logistics and supply chain related technologies and to facilitate the adoption of these technologies by industries and community in order to create a profound and positive impact on the “Smart City” development.

Booth no.: 3F-G08

Country/region: Hong Kong

“Follow-Me” Robots & Platooning Technology
  • The robots help workers in delivering heavy items to minimise their risk of injury
  • They can carry heavy and large objects,track and follow the workers automatically
  • Configured with multiple sensors and advanced computer vision techniques, the robots can detect and avoid obstacles automatically, thus ensure the workers’ safety
  • A platooning technology is also developed to facilitate the robots follow and control each other intelligently. A linking of two or more “Follow-Me” robots can improve efficiency and reduce turnaround time of delivery. This technology can be applied in warehouses and construction sites, etc



Robotic Effector System for Label Affixing
  • This System helps to scan the parcels which have passed the conveyor belt, identify a suitable space, and jet the bar-code label or RFID tag automatically by the specially designed end-effector and the robotic arm.
  • LSCM Technologies deployed in this application: Depth camera to capture the 3D image, Special designed end-effector to jet labels for different shapes & stiffness, Intelligent Vision & Robotic Arm Cooperation & Coordination System



Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation

Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) HKSTP is committed to promoting smart city and demonstrating “Smart Region” innovations by adopting the technologies of Park companies, with focuses on Smart Environment, Smart Mobility, Smart People and Smart Living. Science Park is a living laboratory to provide a real environment for trail of smart city solutions and collecting real-time data, so as to enhance the solutions.

Booth no.: 3F-F04

Country/region: Hong Kong

At the Smart City Zone, 6 partner companies from Science Park presented their latest innovations included applications on big data analysis system, cashless payment solution, geographic information system and radar sensors technologies.


King City Technology Limited

Booth no.: 3F-F04 (At Science Park Pavilion)

Country/region: Hong Kong

It offers radar-based gesture detection system. It helps users interact with IoT devices by intuitive bare hand gestures. Users can enjoy a boundless user experience in both outdoor and indoor scenarios.



Microsoft Hong Kong Limited

Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT” @microsoft) is the leading platform and productivity company for the mobile-first, cloud-first world, and its mission is to empower every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more.

Booth no.: 3F-G04

Country/region: Hong Kong

Microsoft CityNext
  • It helps cities digitally transform and unlock their potential by delivering innovative digital services that can help citizens lead safer and healthier lives, enriched by high-quality education
  • Cities can tap into the solution portfolios of Microsoft and its partners and innovate at their own pace; deploying solutions that can interoperate with and improve on their existing IT investments
  • The target markets are government services, healthcare and education



Mictronics Co. Ltd.

Booth no.: 3F-F04 (At Science Park Pavilion)

Country/region: Hong Kong

Save Energy and Annual Maintenance Man Hour Fan Coil Unit

Easy Maintenance & Save Energy Fan Coil Unit Save 60% to 84% for FCU operates at high and Low speed in respectively Reduce 2-3 man hours for annual cleaning and maintenance job, Easy remove Fan Desk for complete cleaning, Restore the cooling capacity like date 1 after having completely clean the FCU


NEC Hong Kong Limited

NEC HK’s expertise includes solutions for carrier networks, biometric identification, smart city solutions, artificial intelligence, enterprise applications and infrastructure, unified communications, transportation solutions, multimedia displays and smart energy, as well as the provision of managed services and contact centre services.

Booth no.: 3G-B20

Country/region: Hong Kong

NEC Solutions

  • NEC Smart City Solutions
    NEC helps realize Smart Cities by offering five leading NEC technologies: sensing, authentication, monitoring, control, and cloud computing

  • NEC Face Recognition Solutions
    NEC’s world No.1 face recognition technology can be implemented as a functionally independent application, or seamlessly integrated into new or existing biometric security solutions by system integrators and solution providers


  • NEC Smart Living Solutions
    NEC Social Robot “HUMANE” is designed to stimulate, engage, enable and empower older people with dementia and/or requiring companionship, as well as support their carers in Aged Care Facilities and Home-based care with lifestyle centred services


  • NEC Video Analytics Solutions
    This software ‘Behavior Analyzer’ automatically detects suspicious behavior such as intrusion, loitering, and object abandonment based on user-defined time and location parameters. It can distinguish between humans, shadows and moving objects. It can be used to Detect intrusion to prohibited area, Detect suspicious Object, Detect Fallen Person, Detect Crowded Persons, Count number of people, Masking, and Easy setting interface

  • NEC Smart Transport Solutions
    It has been implementing cutting-edge solutions to manage key infrastructure – such as railways, bus networks and highways. The technologies make rides smoother and more efficient for passengers and drivers via in station and on-board communication systems, bus telematics systems and transportation control systems


PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting Hong Kong Limited

PwC China, Hong Kong and Macau work together on a collaborative basis, subject to local applicable laws. Collectively, PwC has around 600 partners and 16,000 people in total. It provides organisations with the professional service they need, wherever they may be located. Their highly qualified, experienced professionals listen to different points of view to help organisations solve their business issues and identify and maximise the opportunities they seek. PwC’s industry specialisation allow them to help co-create solutions with their clients for their sector of interest.

Booth no.: 3G-A04

Country/region: Hong Kong
  • PwC’s strength in the aspect of smart city-related solution and services are Strategic Roadmap, Implementation support (Public Private Partnership), Financial Analysis and Options Appraisal
  • During the Expo, PwC will showcase the key lessons learnt across global Smart Cities projects and examples of specific solution implemented


Smart City Consortium (SCC) is formed by a group of professionals from different corporations and organisations to provide opinions and suggestions to the Government for formulating related policies and standards in the development of Hong Kong as a world-class smart city.

Smart City Consortium

Booth no.: 3G-C16

Country/region: Hong Kong

Smart City Pavilion
  • Organised by Smart City Consortium, Smart City Pavilion will be set up in Smart City Zone, presenting the latest solutions on eIDentification, eKYC and security
  • Key exhibitors include: Certizen Limited, Hitachi East Asia Limited, iASPEC Services Limited, Kamfu International Technology Limited, PriSec Limited, The Hong Kong Association of Online Brokers Limited