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Empowered with decades of experience and expertise in organising trade exhibitions, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) is reputed internationally for its outstanding performance.


Our trade exhibitions have been the distinctive platforms where both exhibitors and buyers alike explore business opportunities. At HKTDC's world-class events where buyers and exhibitors from different countries and regions converge, our comfortable and convenient venue provides the perfect venue where they can negotiate business, exchange the latest market intelligence, and establish business contacts.


The HKTDC sincerely invites you to join this exhibition, to explore the way to success.

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Exhibitors’ Comments



“We are making our debut at the International ICT Expo to promote our electronic healthcare record platform ‘acesobee.’ This one-stop platform helps patients and their families to consolidate relevant medical information to enhance personal care and patient relationship management. We won the Best ICT Startup Gold Award at the Hong Kong ICT Awards 2017. The ‘acesobee’ system has been well received since its launch at the end of 2016. Our existing customers include NGOs and an educational institute. This Expo offers a great chance for us to promote our service to more customers. Some local NGOs and caring centres have made serious enquiries and we look forward to negotiating further with them for cooperation. Some ICT companies showcasing their services at the Expo have also come to explore collaboration with us. This is really a good place to raise our profile. The results are very encouraging.”
Albert Au, Founder, acesobee Limited, Hong Kong



“Acquaintance Enterprises is a fast-growing technology startup established in 2015, specialising in logistics-centric web application and mobile apps research and development. Our 36Link one-stop solution for the B2B trucking logistics industry was launched three months ago. So far, over 100 logistics companies in Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland have established business relationships with us, using our cloud-based platform to improve efficiency and productivity through better order and workflow management.  We expect to grow the customer base to 600 companies by the end of the year. As part of expansion drive, this is our debut exhibition at the HKTDC International ICT Expo. The response has been very positive. We have already got in touch with some potential customers from Singapore and the Chinese mainland. The ‘Belt and Road’ strategy is spurring trading activities throughout the region, thus creating new opportunities for our 36Link service. The Expo offers an excellent place to raise our profile and promote our service to different customers.” 
Felix Wong, Co-Founder, Acquaintance Enterprises Limited, Hong Kong



"AritaOne Software is participating in the International ICT Expo for the first time to promote our Connectie mobile workflow and instant messaging platform for productivity enhancement. Our platform can help companies define workflow efficiently allowing for effective internal communication. The Connectie service has attracted widespread interest since its official launch four months ago. Demand is especially strong from logistics companies and SMEs involving field services, maintenance works and retail operations. We have received enquiries from a number of companies including logistics firms and building contractors at the Expo. We will negotiate further to conclude business cooperation. It will usually take four to five months to reach agreements. The Expo has helped us reach out to more customers. We hope to exhibit here again.”
Jason Cheng (Right), Business Development Manager, AritaOne Software Limited, Hong Kong



“B4B Challenge (Big Data for Business Challenge) is a contest focusing on big data innovation. Organised by Innobator and co-organised by Cyberport, the contest seeks to provide a platform that connects big data demand and nurtures talents and startups to apply innovative solutions in big data. The first B4B Challenge was successfully held at the end of 2016. We are participating in the International ICT Expo to promote big data applications and our annual event. Through B4B Challenge, startups have the opportunity to join a mentorship programme to get valuable advices from industry leaders. We can also connect them with partners and investors. The Expo is an exciting event with a lot of visitors. We have met with many people from different places and some companies from Indonesia and Malaysia are exploring cooperation with us. Hong Kong is a perfect place for the free flow of big data talents in the region. We are pleased to be here extending our presence to different players in the industry.”
Daniel Yuen, Steering Committee Member, B4B Challenge, Hong Kong



“Established in 2000, CDN provides a comprehensive range of IT consultancy services and solutions in India. We have built up a broad customer base involving a wide range of businesses such as banking and finance, education, hospital management and automobile industry. We have been participating in the International ICT Expo over the past few years. Again, we have got in touch with many potential customers from different places including UAE, Russia, USA, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia this year. Further talks will be held to forge partnerships with them. The Expo is a good trading platform to reach out to buyers from all over the world. We have secured many business leads again to grow our business. The results are very positive.”
Deepak Kaurav, Business Development Executive, CDN Solutions, India



“In business for about seven years, Clavax Technologies is a leading IT company providing a variety of solutions for IOTs, big data, healthcare, real estate, web and mobile app development. With headquarters in USA, we operate our software development centre in India. This is our first presence at the International ICT Expo to find new opportunities in the region. We are seeking cooperation with companies who want to extend their IT needs. A number of serious customers from different places including Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland, Italy and Azerbaijan have approached us at the Expo. Further talks will be held with them to conclude business collaboration. This is an amazing fair and everything has been well managed. We will definitely participate in the Expo again and look forward to developing our business through this valuable platform.”
Gaurav Kr. Sharma (right), Business Development Manager, Clavax Technologies Pvt. Ltd., India



"Film Players is adding a new touch to smart films and providing total solution for customers, from video concept and retail marketing plan to shop front design and interactive visual merchandising ideas. Our one-stop smart film solution won the Best ICT Startup (Hardware & Devices) Bronze Award at Hong Kong ICT Awards 2017. This is our debut presence at the International ICT Expo to promote our smart film applications. We have drawn a good amount of interest from both local and overseas customers including some buyers from Indonesia, Russia and Australia. The feedback has been quite good. Overseas companies are especially fond of our smart film solution that offers new and creative ways for display and marketing initiatives. The Expo opens up new opportunities for our business development. We are positive about building relationships with the new business contacts.”
Toby T.C. So, Founder & CEO, Film Players Ltd., Hong Kong



“Founded in 2015, A AM A MODEL operates a unique commerce and marketing platform Style Seller in Korea that allows subscribers to sell brand name products by uploading everyday photos on our website. Subscribers will earn money when the products featured in their photos are subsequently sold through our platform. Style Seller has currently over 40,000 subscribers in Korea selling primarily fashion products and accessories. We are broadening our product categories and expanding our service to overseas markets. This is our first exhibition at the HKTDC International ICT Expo to find partners to promote our platform and launch our service in Hong Kong. We are very excited to have found strong responses here and some companies from Hong Kong and Malaysia have already expressed interest in our service on the first day of exhibition. We will discuss further with them to explore cooperation. The Expo has drummed up a lot of interest and we are glad to be here growing our business.”
SungKoog Ahn (left), CEO, I AM A MODEL, Korea



“MintPot is a new startup specialising in VR video solution in Korea. Through partnership with VR content publishers, our solution enables the viewing of real-time VR video with subtitles. We currently support four languages. With our technology, we can provide viewers’ profile by inputting and analysing visual coordinates and data. This is our first participating in the International ICT Expo to promote our technology and VR video solution. We’re pleased that a number of potential customers and partners from different markets such as Turkey, Egypt, Hong Kong, Singapore and Korea have approached us to explore cooperation. We are positive about concluding deals in the next few months. The Expo is a perfect place to promote our technology and service to customers worldwide. We would like to exhibit here again.”
Bit Kim, COO, MintPot, Korea



"In business since 2014, Ubiquilux is a smart lighting company in Canada. We are participating in International ICT Expo for the first time to promote our 3D light control system. This touchless light switch allows for specific gestures to turn on and off the lighting, offering a new way to control and interact with light. The dimmer function is also activated by gestures. We have received very strong demand since its recent launch in North America. We are showcasing this unique light control here to find business partners for expansion in this part of the world. We have attracted serious interest from a lot of potential customers and partners, particularly those from the Chinese mainland. We are positive about developing business cooperation with them. The exhibition results are quite encouraging.”
Miklos Tomka, General Manager, Ubiquilux Corp., Canada



“Founded in 2013, Votee is a market research startup providing a solid platform for consumers and brands to share ideas and gather information. Consumers and individuals can get opinions immediately from friends and experts on our social voting platform. Our market research service built on our social platform is especially sought after by retailers, FMCG businesses and overseas brands. We are participating in the International ICT Expo for the first time to reach out to more international customers and brands. The responses have been very positive. We have met with some potential customers from Hong Kong, Malaysia and USA engaged in IT, retailing and other businesses who can acquire easy, reliable and cost-effective market research through our platform. We have also got in touch some potential investors from the Chinese mainland and USA. Pitch proposals will be prepared and further talks will be held to explore funding opportunities. The Expo has generated a lot of interest. We are very happy with the results.”
Jacky Chan, Cloud Architect, Votee Limited, Hong Kong



“Established in 2002, XYZ Interactive provides game-changing sensors to companies looking for innovative firmware. Our low-cost GestureSense technology offers 3D positioning as well as touchless and gesture control to products while the BeaconSense firmware allows for machine-to-machine positioning and interaction. Our sensors are widely used in toys, lighting, robotics and smart shelf systems for retail operation. We are promoting our sensor technology at the International ICT Expo for the second time. We are looking for business partners to help us grow our business in the region through licensing cooperation. We have established useful contacts with some Hong Kong and Chinese mainland companies. Further talks will be conducted to explore cooperation. Some potential customers from different markets like Germany, USA and Ukraine also made enquiries for our technology during the fair. We are happy to be here again to network with industry players. This is a good place to gain exposure.”
Michael Kosic, CEO, XYZ Interactive Technologies Inc., Canada


Buyers’ Quotes



"Dream Division is a startup in Italy specialising in the production of action cameras and underwater cameras. Our products are mainly sold in the USA. This is our fourth-year visit to the International ICT Expo as well as Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) to find new suppliers and business partners. We are looking for GPS and navigation-related software that can be integrated with our new action camera series to be launched next year. We are currently discussing with a solution provider we found at the booths occupied by Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation at the Expo. We hope to develop collaboration to enrich the features of our new product line. We come here every year to keep us abreast of the latest technologies and industry trends. This is a good place to find everything from consumer electronics, electronic components and ICT products.”
Massimiliano Santoni (right), Owner, Dream Division S.A.S. Di Santoni M, Italy



“E-Run operates a joint exhibition sales platform for home furniture and building materials. Headquartered in Shunde City, our group is also engaged in the supply of paints for building works. I am visiting the International ICT Expo for the first time to find software applications to support our operation. So far, I have identified 6 service providers from Hong Kong and India. We will conduct further negotiation with them to explore cooperation to help us upgrade our website operational efficiency and provide suitable software to enhance the workflow management of the paints division. The business matching service provided by the organiser has worked very well, making it so easy to find quality service providers. The Expo has a lot on offer and we would like to visit the fair again next year.”
Liu Pu Xi, General Manager Assistant, E-Run Network Technology, the Chinese mainland



“GlobalGool is an online wholesale platform in Malaysia selling a wide range of electronics and food products. I am visiting International ICT Expo for the first time to enrich the product lines. The fair offers a lot of different items. I have found an e-commerce software from a Chinese mainland exhibitor. The easy-to-implement software is designed to help companies establish e-commerce operation. I will test and examine the quality of the software. If everything goes well, I will become the master distributor to sell the product in Malaysia. The initial order will be around RMB30,000. I have also identified some other interesting items at the fair including wireless chargers, power banks and POS systems. Further talks will be conducted with these exhibitors to conclude business. The Expo is a very good fair. Exhibitors are very helpful and friendly. I really like it and will definitely visit the fair again.”
Yap Keong Foon, General Manager, GlobalGool Internet Technology Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia



“Guangdong Gudou Tourism Group is a major hot spring resort and hotel operator in the Chinese mainland. Our Gudou Hot Spring Resort provides over 2,000 hotel rooms in Jiangmen City and it is a popular spot for tourists. This is my first-ever visit to the International ICT Expo to look into the latest ICT and software trends and explore cooperation opportunities with service providers. I have met with a number of exhibitors, especially those from India, to exchange ideas and learn about their software applications and mobile apps on offer. The Expo has provided a good opportunity to understand the current market trends. The Expo has brought together so many industry players and ICT solutions all under one roof, making it an effective and convenient platform to do business. We look forward to discussing further with the service providers we found at the fair to establish business cooperation.”
Ming Wong, Executive Director Assistant, Guangdong Gudou Tourism Group, the Chinese mainland



"Hanshin is a leading department store operator in Taiwan’s Kaohsiung City currently operating two major stores. The flagship store has been in operation for 22 years while the other store Hanshin Arena Shopping Plaza will celebrate its 10th anniversary this year. This is my first visit to the HKTDC International ICT Expo to find ICT and e-commerce solutions to improve our business operation. We are studying plans to enhance our e-commerce and online shopping business. The Expo features some companies providing software and solutions that may be suitable to support our e-commerce development. I have met with several exhibitors from India. One of them offers an interesting solution and I will discuss with our IT staff in Taiwan to explore cooperation with them. I also took the chance to visit the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) and found two potential gift items to give away to customers shopping in our department stores. They include a set of well-designed Bluetooth speakers and a multi-functional charger for travelling purpose. This trip is very rewarding. I hope to visit the Expo again.”
Amanda Yuan, Manager, Marketing Department, Hanshin Development Co., Ltd., Taiwan



“Our company is one of the largest IT service providers in UAE offering a wide range of system integration and technology solutions including cloud-based projects and cyber security initiatives. We also support the implementation of large-scaled government projects for different applications such as education, healthcare, oil and gas as well as engineering services. I am visiting International ICT Expo to find suitable technology and solution providers. So far, I have identified five potential partners from the Chinese mainland, Taiwan and India in relation to 3D printing, cyber security, mobile applications, healthcare solution and software development. We will discuss further with them to work together for new projects in the pipeline. Subject to successful negotiation, the total value of potential projects we anticipate to undertake in the coming year will be up to US$3 million. The Expo is getting bigger in scale with more exhibitors. I will visit the fair again.”
Feras Al-Jabi, General Manager, ITQAN Global for Digital Cloud Systems, UAE



“Liqun Group is the largest department store operator in Qingdao currently running over 50 stores across Shandong Province. We are actively expanding our online shopping business to cope with further development. That’s why we are visiting HKTDC International ICT Expo for the first time to find capable service providers for better online operational efficiency. We are especially keen to explore cooperation in relation to big data analysis to improve customer profile and workflow management. So far, I have met with five ICT companies from Hong Kong providing varied services such as mobile workflow solution, process management software and interactive web application. More meetings are arranged with other service providers on the second day of exhibition. I will gather all kinds of information and discuss with our IT people to build possible business with these new contacts. The Expo has a lot on offer. I am pleased to have come here to pursue collaboration opportunities.”
Liu Ze Qiang, E-Commerce Manager, Liqun Group, Chinese mainland



“In business for 15 years, Navigator is a leading computer company in Ukraine providing a variety of desktop computers, tablets and smart phones under our own brand ‘Impression.’ We are currently the largest supplier of desktop computers in our country. This is my first-ever visit to the International ICT Expo to looking for smart solutions and accessories that can complement our product categories. I just arrived here but the fair looks really interesting with a lot of choices. I have come across some smart solutions like smart films and e-ink boards. There are so many exhibitors here. I am confident of finding some good products and solutions. The organiser has done a great job and everything has been well managed at the fair.”
Dennis Biletsky, Project Manager, Navigator, Ukraine


Investors’ Quote


“Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund was established in 2015. We are focusing on local startups helping young people in Hong Kong to start up and scale up their businesses. We also attract overseas companies to start their businesses in Hong Kong. This is the first year to set up the Startup zone at the International ICT Expo. It is very happy to see a lot of different startups from Hong Kong and overseas gathering here. Some of them are very innovative. I am taking advantage of this platform to talk to them and see what we can help and support them. The startup ecosystem in the Chinese mainland is more mature. I believe Hong Kong lags behind about 5 to 10 years. It’s good to see that Hong Kong government and enterprises in the private sector are now shifting their focus to startups and inputting more resources to support their development. We also need to do more in our education system to encourage young people to try more, change their mindsets and think big for their future. . We are looking for aggressive startups that are willing to think big. Startups here should not focus on Hong Kong market only but look beyond to cover the Chinese mainland or even the global market. For startups, the quality of the founders’ team is the most important. People are always the most critical part in this respect. We see a lot of good people in Hong Kong, whether they are locally grown or coming from other countries. They can see the advantages to start their business here. Hong Kong is a very good startup hub with the availability of financing and the support of professional services.”
Teddy Lui, Operations Director, Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund


“The startup ecosystem in Hong Kong has been growing vigorously over the years. Apart from local startups, a lot of overseas startups are moving into Hong Kong to explore business opportunities in this part of the world. With HKTDC’s dedicated efforts over the decades, Hong Kong has emerged as a major trading platform for all kinds of businesses. HIKTDC is also making more efforts in matching investors with business startups. International ICT Expo serves as an excellent place to bring startups and investors together to explore growth through a win-win strategy. We have witnessed increased interest in the Expo’s Startup zone. On the first day of exhibition at this year’s Expo, we have brought together over 20 angel investors here to listen to presentations by various startups at the “Tech Startups: Pitch, Mix & Match” session. The session has got some strong responses. The prospect of business startups in Hong Kong is very positive and those specialising in fintech, smart city and health-related solutions are likely to draw keener interest from investors. Hong Kong is the right place for investors looking for technology startups, and more Chinese mainland investors are coming here to find opportunities. The Startup zone is getting more exciting this year with a lot of activities coming into play to gain exposure. This is a very encouraging development.
Dr Samson Tam, Chairman, Hong Kong Business Angel Network, Hong Kong


“The startup ecosystem in Hong Kong is getting most sophisticated now with the advancement of technology and innovation. We have witnessed a growing number of new businesses and young entrepreneurs engaged in a diversity of trends and activities such as IoT, software and hardware. Incu-Lab works on incubation of creative startups and strives to help entrepreneurs grow and extend business. This year, Incu-Lab has teamed up with HKTDC to organise Tech Startups Mentoring sessions at the International ICT Expo to offer professional advice to startups and connect them with potential partners, customers and investors. The responses have been very positive. We have met with about 50 to 60 startups here. The quality of most startups is pretty good and they offer some ready-to-sell products and services. The "Tech Startups: Pitch, Mix & Match" session on the first day of exhibition was also very successful, enabling startups to present themselves and have fruitful exchanges with investors. We are very pleased to see HKTDC engaging a lot of resources such as the Startup zone at the Expo to promote the development of business startups. The prospect for startups is getting increasingly positive and their growth can be further driven by the support of professional advice and mentoring.”
Jeffrey Au, Chief Strategy Officer/Care Taker, Incu-Lab, Hong Kong


“Sky Saga Capital seeks to invest in good quality startups with intrinsic value and long-term growth potential. This is my first-time visit to the International ICT Expo to learn about Hong Kong’s startup ecosystem and prevailing economic environment. I am especially interested in businesses relating to bio-technology, entertainment and consumer electronics. I have met some of the startups promoting their businesses here. Through the fruitful exchanges, I have gained better understanding of these startups’ business cultures and their differences with startups in the Chinese mainland. Many startups in Hong Kong are highly committed to developing their own services. I really appreciate their efforts. I have also taken the opportunity to deepen the connection with HKTDC to explore more exchanges and cooperation in the future. I expect the Expo to grow bigger and bigger with more offerings in the coming years.”
Alex Wong, Marketing Director, Sky Saga Capital, the Chinese mainland


Media Quote


Technology is increasingly becoming part of every individual’s daily life. It has also become the new frontier for invention and challenges boundaries. The media industry sees a paradigm shift skewing towards digital in terms of consumer behaviour as well as news discovery, gathering and presentation. At the SCMP, our digital and information infrastructure is a key component in our business roadmap going forward. Online platforms are indispensable touchpoints to reach and engage consumers. We believe in the growth of Hong Kong’s IT industry development. For students with a vision of pushing the envelope through technology, the IT field offers an exciting and boundless platform of learning and career development.

cpjobs.com is unique amongst Hong Kong digital recruitment platforms as we were the first to introduce predictive job recommendation functions. Employers can proactively find suitable candidates from cpjobs.com’s member database through our newly launched talent search service cpTalent. The ICT Expo platform is a confluence of IT professionals and talents which can effectively reach our targeted or potential candidates. That’s why we participate in the Expo for job recruitment.
Ms. Mildred AuYeung , Group Director, Human Resources , South China Morning Post Publishers Limited