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Synthetic Rough Opal

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Model No.:
OP01 RG - OP55 RG

Type of Payment:
T/T, PayPal, Western Union

Minimum Order Quantity:
1 kg

Product Specifications:

Dazzling and ever changing in color, opal embellishments continue to fascinate people for their exquisite glamour. On top of opal's intrinsic iridescence, a wide range of rainbow hues are available in this selection. The properties of lab created opal are essentially a match for the natural gemstone, recreating the glow in any shade desired.

  • More than 55 colors available. 
  • Polymer impregnated synthetic opal is impregnated in laboratory in a year and has similar properties as that of natural opal. 
  • Synthetic opal preserve the unique charm of natural opal but being more durable and contains less internal inclusion. 
  • Hardness: 4 (natural: 5.5). 
  • Specific gravity: 1.80-1.90 (natural: 1.98-2.20). 
  • Heat resistance: 130°C (natural: 100°C).

Product Size:
1 kg package