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This black tea originates from China and features a lingering taste. The traditional method helps preserve the natural flavor for a long time. This black tea is an excellent choice to serve breakfast and other meals.
  • Article name: Cai Bang-hong black tea
  • Species: selected species of native tea tree.
  • Rating: treasures.
  • This tea is often beginning with the green tea flavor without the fat with, replaced by a soft flower fragrance. Follow the smell of fresh sip in mouth, fruity and elegant, almost without bitterness and astringency. However, swallow it, a stream of power then moves sprits with a break take-seems a calling from mountains with their good old charm, also likes a kind of waiting remaining unchanged in the lights dimmed.
  • Brewing water: purified water.
  • Tea and water ratio: 1g: 50ml.
  • Water temperature: 25-85℃.
  • Tureen 3 minutes, continuous brewing.