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Elanra Air Pendant

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US $375.00
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Product Specifications:
Elanra is the only registered medical device in the world with patented technology, that produces small negatively charged ions of Oxygen across variable frequencies. This special Oxygen is absorbed through your respiratory system into your blood and is transdermal also so the skin can also absorb it. Elanra is used by those suffering Asthma, Allergies, S.A.D. (Seasonal affective Disorder), Sleep issues, Wound healing and of course improves Vitamin absorption and strengthens the Immune system. The Elanra Air Pendant is worn around the neck like a necklace, it is our smallest portable model. The Elanra Air Pendant is designed for those who need to be mobile and need to protect the type of Oxygen they breathe. The Elanra Air Pendant has Nine (9) settings and has a rechargeable battery that is recharged using a mini-USB port. The Elanra Air Pendant was specifically built for those who travel long distance in planes. It has a setting to sleep and relax, another setting to focus if you want to read, and lastly a setting to energise you before you depart from your long flight.