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Product Specifications:
We provide professional one-on-one medical care service, including local and overseas nursing care workers; they can provide general care (feeding, showers, toileting, injuries/fall prevention, and providing passive exercise, etc.) to patients.
  • 1) Our Professional overseas Caregiver includes caregiver certificate holders, Assistant Nurses, Nurses Diploma and Nurse Degree holders. Our Nursing Consultant (a Hong Kong licensed nurse) will provide an on-site patient assessment to evaluate the patient's medical and caregiving needs. An overseas Caregiver allows the patient to rest at home while receiving specialized care. This is also the most affordable option with a monthly cost of around $4,800 to $6,500 and a one-time administration fee $14,800 or $18,800)
  • 2) Second option is local nursing staff; we also have a team of local Registered Nurses, Enrolled Nurses. Health Workers and Personal Care Workers. They can provide care to different types of patients. They service schedule can be very flexible (from 1-hour to 12-hour per day, depending on the actual needs). Hourly rate varies and is calculated based on their ranks and service time.