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Park Independent Allocate System

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Product Specifications:
This project uses low power Bluetooth technology and cloud technology to establish an e-commerce information platform. The main solution currently has a large city complex and a business center to provide regional users on LBS (geographic information service) with personalized business information of needs through a regional entered terminal which offers Bluetooth signals for positioning. Through the cloud of information systems, users can get related information, thus obtained convenient of the LBS service and personalized of business information service, improving the business activities capacity of related places.
  • Physical features based on the cloud platform: Bluetooth base station management, related businesses, business center messaging functionality, hardware information integration, CRM functions of authentication, client based on social business information access, information sharing, LBS navigation, and other functions.
  • Key technology: based on low power Bluetooth technology to build an indoor base station, through covered Bluetooth signals to obtain related location information and indoor LBS services.
  • Main innovation points: low power Bluetooth base station, small volume, convenient installation, and low energy consumption.
  • 3 dimension positioning: full signal coverage and stereo LBS service.