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InfiniBand Range Extender

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A pair of E100 devices communicates over a 10 gigabit Ethernet wide area network (or WDM light path) through their optical ports. Each device connects to local InfiniBand infrastructure through 4X SDR InfiniBand ports. By handling the InfiniBand buffer credit extension, InfiniBand traffic is able to traverse the WAN without application-level consideration to flow control over the link. The buffer capacity allows normally very short reach InfiniBand to span any global network and maintain very high wire-speed efficiency. In addition to the 4X SDR IB port, two 10/100/gigabit Ethernet channels are also encapsulated over the WAN link - the E series devices do not process the Ethernet packets, which are merely passed to the remote side as if carried on a virtual cable. The local IP and Ethernet channels are independently processed. Over and above range-extension and native routing, Longbow E series features integrated in-line AES-256-GCM encryption and authentication. This transparent capability provides a 10Gbits/s, highly secure InfiniBand path between locations with no latency penalty, and no bandwidth penalty.
  • Applications: Longbow E series devices are highly effective long distance bulk data transport solutions.
  • Completely bypassing TCP/IP stack tuning and flow control problems, native IB applications can simply move data over the WAN using RDMA transfers.
  • Sustained efficiency is very high, often above 95% of maximum over many thousands of miles.
  • The encryption and authentication functions are important to users with sensitive data to safeguard: medical data sets, financial services, and off-site replication.
  • Medical data sets: high resolution MRI scans can now exceed 1 Tbytes in size. DNA sequencers can generate many Tbytes per day. Patient confidentiality can prevent these large data sets from being moved without encryption. Financial services: high-frequency trading applications are extremely latency sensitive, and may benefit from zero-penalty strong encryption and authentication.
  • Off-Site replication: avoid encrypting at rest just to support use of an untrusted high-performance replication pathway. An equally important consideration is the control of access to the infrastructure itself.
  • Longbow E series provides high security without performance compromise.
  • Standard supplied optic transceivers.
  • Type: 1310nm LR XFP.
  • Connector type: duplex-LC SMF.
  • Raw bit rate: 10.3125 Gbits/s.
  • Wide area network interfaces:
  • Node type: host.
  • Physical layer: optical 10GBASE-LW/LR.
  • Ethernet payload: IPv4 or IPv6.
  • InfiniBand interface: connector: IB CX4 4X copper, SDR at 10Gbit/sec.
  • Node type: two-port switch.
  • Physical layer: InfiniBand architecture v1.1, with v1.2 powered port option.