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Product Specifications:
With EasyApp, everyone can be a merchant easily. EasyApp is an easy platform for worldwide merchants to put their products and services online, widely spreading out their latest information to their potential customers via mobile technology. 100% no coding or technical talent is required to own a mobile app.
  • You can manage nearly all information showing in their own app through the EasyApp platform, such as adding new products and editing existing information, including related image assets and YouTube’s video resources, anytime, anywhere while with the Internet connection.
  • When product information is updated, it will be updated on all installed devices of the end-users automatically.
  • Once you subscribe the service, EasyApp will take care of the rest.
  • You need not bother about app publication to Google Play/AppStore and database maintenance, which are really complicated for the technical outsiders.
  • EasyApp adopts the newest cloud computing technology offered by Google.
  • This brings the stability of the system almost zero downtime and also achieves the high level network security standard with its coupled firewalls infrastructure.
  • To handle tremendous traffic in certain periods, it also equips with a traffic loading balancer.
  • The balancer will route incoming traffic to idle virtual CPU instances, so that we do not face the difficulty of scaling up our physical infrastructure rapidly.
  • EasyApp also employs a cutting-edge cross-platform technology which makes the app layout design adapt different screen sizes on different mobile or tablet devices.
  • Simply to say, everything looks almost the same, no matter it runs on iOS or Android, also preserving consistent look-and-feel among all devices.
  • In addition, EasyApp supports script injection technology.
  • Almost everything running on the mobile front-end is the instructions injected from our cloud server.
  • It implies that if we would integrate new features or fix functional issues, the app end-users even need not reinstall or update the installed app.
  • When a latest version of instruction is available, it will be injected to all installed versions automatically as well.