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Green Tips to Exhibitors

To make HKTDC SmartBiz Expo a greener trade fair, the following green tips are suggested for your participation at HKTDC SmartBiz Expo.

Booth construction and set up

  • To avoid excessive decorations
  • To use natural decorative materials e.g. green plants
  • To use energy saving light bulbs or LED lights
  • To use fewer electrical appliances or instruments
  • To avoid energy-intensive appliances
  • To avoid transport and bring in excessive display materials
  • To maximize the usage of reusable panels, cabinets, signage boards and recyclable carpet
  • To adopt environmental friendly construction materials e.g. low VOC paints, FSC-certified wooden products and other wooden products with E0 or E1 formaldehyde standards
  • To adopt re-usable exhibits

Booth Operation

  • To arrive the fairground by public transports or shuttle bus provided by the Organisers, if any
  • To use e-brochure or e-catalogues and minimises the distribution of printed matters (e.g. catalogues, brochures)
  • To avoid providing plastic bags or environmental friendly bags and reduce packaging, if used, make a charity donation
  • To reduce souvenirs or choose souvenirs with a practical use
  • To switch off all appliances or instruments consuming energy when not in use
  • To place recycling bins in booths and practise waste separation

Post-event Management

  • To take back materials for next use
  • To record leftover materials and avoid them next year
  • To minimise posting printed matters to interested buyers


To Separate Recyclable Wastes and Dispose of Recyclable Waste at Recycle Bins

It has come to our attention that inappropriate disposal of exhibits / stand materials / wooden structures were found on the move-out day after the fair closed at previous editions of the Fair.

This is to remind you that according to the Clause 56 of the Rules and Regulations of the Fair:


56.  All exhibits, Stand materials/Publicity Material and the like of the Exhibitor shall be removed by the relevant Exhibitor immediately after the closing of the Exhibition according to the arrangements and within the time limits specified by the Organiser. Any exhibits or Stand material/Publicity Materials and the like of the Exhibitor left behind at the Exhibition Venue shall be deemed abandoned and shall be disposed of by the Organiser at the expense of the Exhibitor concerned. All proceeds (if any) of such disposal shall be retained by the Organiser and the Organiser shall not be obliged to account the proceeds to the relevant Exhibitor.


To facilitate exhibitors’ disposal of different materials, disposal and recycling points will be set up along the back of halls starting at 3pm of the last fair day. Exhibitors should separate different materials and place in corresponding disposal and recycling areas respectively. Exhibitors failing to clear their booth may have to bear disposal fee charged by the Organiser, or may be given lower priority in the future participation of HKTDC events.