3-ply Surgical Face Mask

3-ply Surgical Face Mask, U1-10012
3-ply Surgical Face Mask, U1-10012

Model No.:


Minimum Order Quantity:

100 box(es)

Product Specifications:
Wearing a face mask in public places is probably your best line of defense against flu and viruses. Presented here is a box of fifty three-ply surgical face masks with a high filtration capacity to protect you from other’s respiratory droplets. It is also designed with an adjustable nose clip so it can fit snugly on your face. Guard yourself against virus-containing respiratory droplets during flu season with this top-quality and well-designed mask.
  • Three-ply disposable face mask.
  • Designed with adjustable nose clip for a good fit.
  • Perfect fitting masks that hug your face contour flawlessly.
  • With a three-ply design for excellent protection.
  • Matched to softer, latex-free, elastic ear loops for long wearing comfort.
  • Product does not include glass fibers.
  • With very low resistance to breathing.
  • With high filtration capacity.
  • Hypoallergenic face mask suitable for people with sensitive skin.
  • Comes in a fold-flat design that is easy and convenient to pack for commuting, traveling and more.
  • Each box contains fifty pieces.
  • Twenty boxes per carton.
  • Minimum order: 100 boxes.







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