3D Printer Pen Material Filament Refill

3D Printer Pen Material Filament Refill, FS996448-1
3D Printer Pen Material Filament Refill, FS996448-1

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Type of Payment:

PayPal, T/T, Western Union

Minimum Order Quantity:

5 piece(s)

Production Lead Time:

5 day(s)

Unit Price:    US $5.32-9.47 /piece

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Sample Order


US $9.47

5 day(s)

Small Order



US $6.07

US $5.32

5 day(s)

7 day(s)

Product Specifications:
Pictured here is a set of refills for 3D printer pen use. The set comes in a rainbow of colors and offers smooth, clean and kink-free filament extrusion. They are perfect for expressing your creativity and can stay fresh until your need it.
  • Come in a rainbow of colors - 15 bright, consistent and brilliant colors of filament thanks to our unique NVibrance® pigment coloring process.
  • Professional models every time - Smooth, clean and kink-free filament extrusion with up to ±0.03mm accuracy. You won't find better.
  • 15 feet of 3D potential - express the full rainbow of your creativity without limits.
  • Protection from weathering - individually wrapped filament packets keep each coil fresh until you need it.
  • Red, blue and green colors that all glow in the dark - along with royal gold and silver colors (see description for full color list).
  • When printing with PLA, there is a smell of cotton candy, not the pungent smell as that of ABS.
  • You can print a large model part without heating bed corners and the situation will not tilt.
  • PLA processing temperature is 200 ℃, ABS is above 230 ℃.
  • PLA has low shrinkage, also performed well even when printing large-size models.
  • PLA has a lower melt strength, excellent printing model easier shaping, surface gloss, colorful.

Age Group:

2-4 Years, 5-7 Years, 8-11 Years, 12-15 Years, 16-17 Years, Kidult, Adult, Elderly




Shenzhen, China

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