5.6 Inch Standard CTP

5.6 Inch Standard CTP, MTP5.6 5.6-inch Capacitive Touch Panel, MICROTECH

Model No.:

MTP5.6 5.6-inch Capacitive Touch Panel

Brand Name:


Product Specifications:
  • 5.6-inch standard CTP, can be attached cover lens and tape as requirements
  • CTP type: cover lens
  • ITO sensor: glass: T: 0.7mm
  • Outline dimension:126.5 x 100
  • Active area:112.89 x 84.672
  • Interface: FT5206
  • Remark:1 pitch 4 pin
  • FPC interface: standard I2C interface
  • Optical parameters: total transmittance: >84%
  • Electrical parameters: VDD 3.3V
  • All materials and components must be RoHS compliant

Product Size:

126.5 x 100



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