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Adhesive Sealant, SP350 Fix & seal universal, illbruck

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SP350 Fix & seal universal

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SP350 Fix and Seal High Tack adhesive from illbruck, developed to save time, money and mess, is being hailed as the next generation of one-step, initial grab, super-strong adhesives.

With a formula based on advanced hybrid polymers, the one-component adhesive is ready to use and easy to apply and, while it is non-sagging, it remains fully elastic. 

SP350 是一款初始抓力超強的黏合劑,被譽為新一代產品。能幫助節省時間、金錢和減少施工時的不便。


Product Benefits
  • SP350 offers excellent adhesion to most common building substrates including masonry, plaster and timberwork. There is no or minimal need for mechanical fixings, underpinning or mixers; the user simply applies the adhesive, positions the item to be fixed and, five seconds later, all is secure
  • It can be painted over too! The remarkable adhesive is supplied in 310 ml cartridges for application using a standard skeleton gun and is the new complete solution for interior & exterior work

  • 可應用在一般的建材上(包括磚石、石膏和木材)
  • 具有卓越的黏附力。黏附時不需要 / 減少機械固定或支撐。只需簡單地施加黏合劑,待固定材料五秒鐘後,黏合處便能穩妥不移位
  • 施工後更可在表面塗漆
  • 配以一般的膠槍便可應用,是戶外及室內新一代的完整解決方案

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310 ml cartridge

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