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Air Filter, MERV A8, 3M

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MERV A8 Performance Data

> Air Velocity for ASHRAE Testing: 492 fpm (1968 cfm for 24" x 24" filter)
> Initial Pressure Drop: 0.26" w.g.
> Recommended Final Pressure Drop: 1.4" w.g.
> Efficiency Rating per ASHRAE 52.2: 2007 MERV 11¹
> Efficiency Rating per ASHRAE 52.2: 2007 Appendix J MERV A8
> Dust Holding Capacity at 1.4" w.g. 90 ± 15 g

■ Reliable performance in the most extreme commercial office building HVAC environments due to durable, moisture and humidity resistant, 100% synthetic filtration media, 100% metal free filter design and engineered frame construction.

■ Significant energy savings possible when installed in place of standard filters due to low pressure drop achieved through the use of this highly refined electrostatically charged media(electret media), open filtration media structure and high surface area mini-pleat design.

■ Far less storage space required compared to many filters of same efficiency resulting from thehigh performance 2” mini-pleat filter format.

■ Reduced labor hours
•  due to simple, hassle-free installation, supported by the innovative slip-rib frame design
•  due to longer filter life which results in fewer filter change-outs
•  factory installed integral gaskets, which eliminate labor required to install and properly align gaskets on site
•  no clips are required when installing 3M Mini-Pleat with gasket filters

■ The 3M Commercial HVAC Filter MERV A8, MERV A11 and MERV A12 contribute to earning a point in the LEED® certification process during the construction phase for new buildings and renovations.

■ The HVAC filter meets UL 900 Class 1 (US) flammability rating.

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