Aluminum Optical Frame

Aluminum Optical Frame , cx-6134

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Aluminum Optical Frame
This aluminum optical frame is lighter than titanium, but only at half the cost. The surface of this alloy is extremely hard, so much so that it is literally impervious to scratch and corrosion from sweat and other facial secretions such as sebum. Although the surface of this material is very hard, it is very pliable at the same time, which allows much more complex designs to be made possible. Only a handful of facilities in the world have the know-how and hardware to produce aluminum and magnesium alloy frames as it requires a very hi-tech and specialized production technique to work with this material.
  • Material: aluminum.
  • Ultra lightweight.
  • Corrosion and sweat resistance.
  • Innovative 3-dimensional design capability.
  • Safety and environmentally friendly: material is easily recyclable with high demands in other industries such as aerospace and specialized piping.
  • Uniqueness and rarity.
  • Color: black, gunmetal and coffee.
  • Free personalized brand on frames.
  • Certification: CE, FDA and EN1836: 2007.
  • Weight: 0.04kg.
  • OEM and ODM orders are welcome.

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