American Cherry

American Cherry
Product Specifications:
Here are the nature wood species as follows:
  • American species: American black cherry (crown cut / quarter cut), American black walnut (crown cut / quarter cut), American red oak (crown cut / quarter cut), American white oak (crown cut / quarter cut), American white ash (crown cut / quarter cut), hard maple (crown cut / quarter cut).
  • African species: - sapelli (crown cut / quarter cut) - anegre (quarter cut) - makore (quarter cut) - wenge (crown cut / quarter cut) - zingana (quarter cut).
  • Asia species: Indonesian ebony (quarter cut), Burmese teak (quarter cut), Chinese red birch (crown cut / quarter cut), Chinese ash (crown cut / quarter cut).
  • Sizes: 4ft. x 8 ft. with 2.7mm thickness and up (3.6, 5, 6, 9, 12, 15 and 18 mm).
  • Grade: A grade and B grade.
  • Style: plain slicing; book match or slip match.
  • Material of base board: Lauan, poplar, MDF, and BB.
  • Glue: E1 and E2.
  • Specification: according to HBC-2003 (CCEL) and GB18580-2001 standard.