Bituminous Sealant

Bituminous Sealant, Tixophalte, Shell
Bituminous Sealant, Tixophalte, Shell
Bituminous Sealant, Tixophalte, Shell
Bituminous Sealant, Tixophalte, Shell
Bituminous Sealant, Tixophalte, Shell

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Shell Tixophalte Wet is a high-performance, ready-to-use, bituminous compound that can be used as a filler, joint sealer or adhesive in a wide range of applications. Its excellent properties mean it can be applied cold on wet, vertical surfaces and even underwater!

Shell Tixophalte Wet 是一種瀝青黏合劑填縫密封劑,即使在濕水、垂直及水底下環境也可以使用。

  • From large industrial projects such as dams, canals, bridges and roads to roofing, guttering, drainage and waterproofing pools to small DIY jobs like sealing leaking joints
  • Formulated from carefully selected components based on rubber-modified bitumen, it is easy to apply and is designed to offer long-lasting protection and waterproofing
  • It is suitable for application on all these surfaces: APP or SBS roofing, asphalt, insulation (EPS, PUR,PIR...), cardboard, cement/concrete, brick, metal and glass

  • 由大型項目,如水壩、運河、橋樑和道路、屋頂、排水和防水池,到小型 DIY 工作,如密封洩漏接頭
  • 由精心挑選的橡膠改良性瀝青成分製成,易於施工,能持久的保護施塗處和防水
  • 它適用於所有這些表面:APP 或 SBS 屋面、瀝青、絕緣 ( EPS, PUR, PIR...)、紙板、水泥/混凝土、磚、金屬和玻璃

Product Benefits
  • Safe, easy and ready-to-use
  • No run-off, even on vertical surfaces
  • Excellent direct adhesion, sticks directly to most wet surfaces and most building materials
  • Can be applied under water – ideal for damp and wet conditions during application and over its lifetime
  • Protection against rust, damp and corrosion
  • UV resistance
  • Meets the ISO 11600 standard which defines the physical properties of building sealants
  • Approved by water quality organisation for use in contact with drinking water*
    ( *AS/NZS 4020:2005 Australian Water Quality Centre)

  • 使用安全; 非氯化和無毒溶劑
  • 優異的黏附性,(幾乎)適用於所有表面
  • 不流淌,可以水平和垂直應用
  • 可在水底下施工,不受水濕影響其性能
  • 保護防止施塗處受生鏽、潮濕、腐蝕之影響
  • 抗紫外光
  • 符合 ISO 11600 建築密封膠物理性能定義的標準
  • 獲得澳洲水質中心認證:此產品可用於接觸飲用水的位置

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310 ml

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