Bituminous Sealant

Bituminous Sealant, OS111 Bituminous Sealant, illbruck

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OS111 Bituminous Sealant

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Product Specifications:
OS111 is bituminous sealant and adhesive that can be applied on damp, wet or submerged substrates. It is ideal for: sealing leaks and making repairs, even on wet surfaces,adhesives for all types of roofing felts; including APP- and SBS- modified membranes, waterproof finishing of overlaps,connections and joints of roof edges, chimneys, light domes and bushings for exhaust pipes, fixing rain water drain systems onto the roof, connection of damp courses and other waterproofing wall details (e.g. inner-walls), fixing overlaps of roofing felt at rising outer walls, temporary remedial or repair of plumbing.

OS111 是一種瀝青黏合填縫密封劑,即使在濕水戶外及室內環境下也可以使用。適合密封洩漏和進行緊急維修,即使在濕的表面,仍能對煙囪、排水管、排水系統進行接頭或連接的密封。

Products Benefits
  • Can be applied to damp, wet or submerged substrates
  • Excellent adhesion to a wide range of materials
  • Long-term resistance to weathering, ageing and UV

  • 使用安全:非氯化 和 無毒溶劑
  • 優異的黏附性,(幾乎)適用於所有表面
  • 防流掛,可以水平和垂直應用
  • 高度靈活性及耐用性

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Product Size:

310 ml cartridge

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