Bluetooth Wireless Microphone

Bluetooth Wireless Microphone, LC 95549

Model No.:

LC 95549

Product Specifications:
Enjoy a fun karaoke night in the comfort of your home with this microphone. Thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity, it provides 30-feet operation distance to set you free from tangles. With microphone priority function, the background music will be automatically lowered in half when someone is speaking, or you can control the volume with the provided controller. Feel like a rock star with this wireless microphone.

• Ergonomic handle for a solid grip.
• Two entry ways of background music: Bluetooth and line-in connectivity.
• Adjustable microphone volume.
• With echo effect.
• 30-feet wireless operation distance.
• Background music volume can be adjusted by the compact controller.
• Support microphone priority function.
• Work in the UHF band at 500~980MHz.


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