CZ Stone

CZ Stone

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Product Specifications:
This diamond master set is one of the best accurate diamond color comparison sets available in the market. The set features strictly controlled top-quality CZ stones which can work as replicas of diamonds for comparison. This set is packaged in an attractive and deluxe leatherette case.
  • 10-stone set: 1.50 carat and up.
  • Color grade range: DM-CC1: D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L and M and DM-CC2: N, OP, QR, ST, UV, WX, YZ, FL, F and IF.
  • Stones are cut into "Ideal" proportions with "H & A" symmetry.
  • Attractive and deluxe leatherette case: pocket size.
  • Non UV-fluorescent.
  • Natural white acrylic grading tray.
  • Limited warranty against color change: 10 years.

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