Calibrated Synthetic Opal Cabochons

Calibrated Synthetic Opal Cabochons
Product Specifications:
We offer opal cabochons in various shapes , sizes , thickness and cutting in fifty five colors . They are in excellent quality with calibrated size . Why buy synthetic opal from us ? Firstly can enjoy professionalism for gemstone cutting . More than thirty five years cutting experience with stringent quality checks & with specialization in synthetic opal more than fifteen years. Secondly can enjoy the best quality products Buy he most calibrated products at various size and shape . Thirdly can buy at the most competitive prices. But high quality cut opal with the best price equal to best value For Money Fourthly can enjoy ultimate fast delivery . Enjoy the most stable and timely supply . Fifthly can enjoy excellent customer service . Sixth can enjoy our customer central policies for a long term relationship and to gain more benefits Great selection of more than fifty five colors Get access to more than fifty five beautiful opal colors , most are exclusive colors from us . Last but not least Unique expertise and talent Able to cut opal beads to the smallest size of one point five mm .



Main Material:



4-12 meter


0.03-3 gram

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