Carbon Black Feeder

Carbon Black Feeder
Product Specifications:

This carbon black feeder is a new product independently developed by DORIGHT to better solve carbon black palletizing problems. The item mainly consists of a pump body, rotor, cover and gear for added flexibility. This item with good air tightness features a long serving time.

  • Heat resisting stainless steel housing.
  • When the process is stable, the carbon black feeder and the palletizing water can be cascade-controlled to thoroughly improve the instability of cascade control between the pelletizer power and pelletizer water caused by unsteady material feed.
  • The feeder has a simple structure and is easy to be maintained.
  • The motor and pump are assembled into one body and world famous variable frequency controllers are used to provide reliable service.
  • Matching flanges are provided for the inlets and outlets of the feeder to facilitate on-site installation.

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