CarbonCare Event

CarbonCare Event
Product Specifications:
  • CarbonCare ® Event is a trademarked product of Carbon Care Asia (CCA).
  • A CarbonCare® Event is managed in such a way to produce low carbon dioxide emissions.
  • For the inevitable portion of carbon emission, it will be offset through the purchase of carbon credits, so the total carbon emission will be either reduced or offset, hence making the event a carbon neutral event.
  • The objective is create an event that produces the least or no carbon impact on the environment.
  • An event incurs carbon dioxide emissions through energy use, logistics and transportation, accommodation, water, food and beverage.
  • International standards have been developed for measuring, reducing, offsetting and verifying an event’s carbon impact.
  • Carbon Care Asia provides a total solution for event organizers to attain low-carbon or carbon-neutral status by advising on quantifying and verifying an event’s carbon impact following internationally recognized standards.