Digital magic microphone karaoke

Digital magic microphone karaoke, AV457

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Product Specifications:
  • A digital karaoke microphone set with an modern design.
  • The component accessories per 1 set includes: sub-microphone 1 (keypad), sub-microphone 2, 1 song chip, song book, power adapter and a 5 meter cable.
  • The shapes and designs of the two sub-microphone are creative and innovative.
  • This set of karaoke equipments contains 6000-10000 popular songs of various languages.
  • No DVD is needed and you can connect the components directly to a TV.
  • With a hi-fi dynamic sound quality.
  • The digital devices are fully upgradeable.
  • 3 to 4 song chips can be loaded at the same time.
  • With this high tech digital karaoke equipment set, you may sing anytime and anywhere.