E10 AC DC 24V Screw LED Lamp

E10 AC DC 24V Screw LED Lamp, SAP24-XXX28B31F, Optosupply

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T/T in advance

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3-4 week(s)

Product Specifications:
E10 AC/DC Screw LED Lamp
E10 AC/DC Screw LED Lamp is 2pcs of LED paralleled
together in opposite direction and requires a resistor in series
to permit direct connection to AC/DC 24V.

●8mm LED
●Water Clear Type
●AC/DC 24V

Cool White: AC/DC 24V,8000-17000K,20000mcd, 20mA
Blue: AC/DC 24V, 2500-3500K,10000mcd,20mA
Green: AC/DC 24V, 465-475nm, 7000mcd,20mA
Yellow: AC/DC 24V,585-595nm,10000mcd,20mA
Red: AC/DC 24V, 620-630nm, 10000mcd, 20mA



Cool Warm White, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red

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