Environment-Friendly Adhesive Glue

Environment-Friendly Adhesive Glue, 908

Model No.:


Minimum Order Quantity:

1 tone

Production Lead Time:

1 month(s)

Product Specifications:

This adhesive glue adopts an environmentally friendly formula that is not harmful to human bodies and the environment. It provides super strong adhesive power for construction projects. The glue is widely applicable between aluminum plastic board, fireproof, rubber sheet, three-plywod, log board and furniture decorative materials.

  • Main ingredient: synthetic rubber.
  • Viscosity cp.s (25℃): 1,000+/-100.
  • Heat and aging resistance: good.
  • Opening time: 8-12min.
  • Best time for conglutination: 5-8min.
  • Applicable material: conglutination between sponge, leather, timber, clothes, paper, plastic, ceramic, glass, metal and other materials.
  • Implementary standard: HJ/T220-2005.




Shenzhen, China