Environment Inspecting

Environment Inspecting
Product Specifications:
The company is professional in offering environment testing service for different industries. Our tests include construction and decoration verification testing (formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, TVOC, radon, standards: GB 50325-2006), indoor air environment testing (formaldehyde, benzene, NOX, SO2, NH4, CO, TVOC, respirable particles, benzopyrene, radioactive, etc; standards: HJ / T 167-2004) and more.
  • Test of the air environment in various places (testing items: total suspended particulates, respirable particulate matter, NOX, SO2, NH4, CO, TVOC, benzopyrene, Pb, noise, aldehydes and ketones, hydrocarbons, esters, etc; testing standards: GBZT 160.1~81-2004 GB/T 15432-1995 HJ/T 93-2003 PM10, etc.)
  • Test of atmospheric pollution emissions (testing items: SO2, NOX, particulate matter, benzene, phenols, aldehydes, dust, etc; testing standards: GB / T 16157-1996 HJ / T 57-2000 HJ / T 56-2000 HJ / T 43-1999 GB 5468- 1991 air and emission monitoring and analysis method (fourth edition)).
  • Water quality monitoring (testing items: chroma, turbidity, pH, conductivity, total hardness, alkalinity, pH, transparency, COD and BOD5, DO, residue, cationic, anionic, heavy metals, organic compounds, etc; testing standards: ISO 11885:1996 Water and Wastewater Monitoring and Analysis Method (fourth edition)).