Food Waste Recycle System

 Food Waste Recycle System, HL100, HUALV
 Food Waste Recycle System, HL100, HUALV

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1 piece

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30 day(s)

Product Specifications:
Food Waste Recycle System----HL is able to recycle food waste from restaurants, household kitchens, markets of vegetable and seafood, fishing-breeding farms, cafeterias of schools, companies, military centers and the government, as well as guest houses etc.
By adopting bionics and simulation of the digestive system, the process is improved to a simpler, yet more scientific and effective level. Food waste will undergo the following stages: automatic sorting, solid-liquid separating, oil-water separating, fermenting, drying and deodorizing.
The independently-developed fermentation technique adopts various bacterial powders to alter organic macromolecules into smaller molecules, applicable to eating habits in different regions.
The waste processed after fermentation, which is rich in protein, amino acids and trace elements will be used to feed certain insects. They will be made into two types of products: Environmental Insects and Frass Sand. Environmental Insects are rich in insect protein and fat, which could export high price. And the Frass Sand is also nutritious, which is an excellent feed or organic fertilizer.
The whole process entirely realizes the harmless treatment and resource utilization of food waste, achieving the safety ecological homeostasis.