GIA Instrument

GIA Instrument, GIA
GIA Instrument, GIA
GIA Instrument, GIA
GIA Instrument, GIA
GIA Instrument, GIA

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Duplex II Refractometer (includes Polarizing Filter & RI Liquid)
The only refractometer designed to "spot" read cabochons or small facets with diameters less than 1mm. Top of the line desk model with removable eyepiece magnifier that enlarges RI scale image. Hinged lid protects glass working area from dust & abrasion. Refer to affixed chart of most-used RI's. Polarizing Filter & RI liquid included.

Illuminator Polariscope
The GIA Illuminator Polariscope is the fastest way to test the optical properties of gemstones. Quickly determine whether translucent or transparent gems are singly or doubly refractive. Resolve optic character in doubly refractive gems, spot pleochroism, and detect diamond strain. Opening at front can double as light source. Includes interference figure sphere. Stoneholder mounts on both sides; stoneholder not included. Operates on 120V only.

Diffraction Grating Spectroscope
Compact Unit Produces Clear Bright Spectra with the use of a Low Intensity Light. Lipstick-tube sized spectroscope has fixed focus and slit.

Simultaneously view a gem's pleochroic colors in sharp contrast. Quickly separate doubly refractive stones like rubies from singly refractive stones like garnets and red spinels.

Hand Loupe 10x -18mm
Eliminate reflections on stone with black anodized frame. Includes leather case. With 18mm fully corrected triplet lens

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