Glass Magnesium Board

Glass Magnesium Board
Product Specifications:
As a result of years of research and technical innovation, this glass magnesium board is an environment-friendly, toxin-free and order-free product. It can be used in construction and renovation in hotels, office buildings, and residential buildings. It is also used for fire safety purpose, such as furniture, fire-proof door and ventilation system, instead of wooden board, medium density fiber board, gypsum board and calcium silicate board.
  • 100% free of asbestos, no smoke or poison released in fire, creates a green and healthy living space.
  • Extraordinary heat insulation performance saves energy.
  • Excellent fireproofing performance, incombustibility of Grade GB8624-2006A1.
  • Convenient for construction and improves efficiency.
  • Superior sound insulation performance ensures peaceful living environment.
  • High strength, stability and flexibility of the basic materials.
  • Water resistance and moisture resistance, free from the damage of condensed water or moist air.
  • Lightweight, ageing resistance, and long performance life.
  • Resistance against mould, bacteria, insects and termites.