Habito Board

Habito Board, GYPRO
Habito Board, GYPRO
Habito Board, GYPRO
Habito Board, GYPRO

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Product Specifications:
  • Standard Light Grey Pape
  • Provides more strength than standard plasterboard with a no. woodscrew capable of supporting up to 15kg. 
  • With enhanced durability compared to standard plasterboard, walls are more resistant to damage and stay looking smarter and longer, perfect for brand conscious retailers who want to maintain a high quality image.
  • Reduces the need for plywood pattresses 
  • Gyproc Habito is tough enough to stand up to the frequent knocks and scrapes that occur in a busy retail environment, whether from customers' bags or from stock being moved it offers a superior resistance to these everyday bangs. 
  • Easy to fix 
  • Gyproc Habito takes less time to install compared to the traditional method of board and plywood. Bu using just one product, in one layer, it makes management on siter easier and frees up time, making those deadlines more comfortable.
  • Gyproc Habito can be screw fixed to both timber and metal stud partitions.
  • Gyproc Haito can be fab fixed onto masonry walls.
  • Gyproc Habito can be scored and snapped just like standard plasterboard.
  • Gyproc Habito can be finished by skimming or tap and jointed just like standard board.
  • Can achieve up to 120 minutes  fire resistance..
  • Mount objects directly - Covering walls with Habito boards gives you the flexibility to restyle or renovate rooms or even redesign your whole home.  Curtain rods, flat screens, wall bars, cabinets, paintings- mounting objects is child's play.
  • Despite the special strong plaster core, Habito boards are easy to trim: cut into the board with s Stanley knife and simply apply pressure to break in two, like you would with a regular Gyproc board.
  • Habito boards are 100% recyclable.
  • Edge Type Recessed Edge (RE)
  • Weight 35kg / board
  • Standards: EN520p 2004
  • Fire Resistance: BS 476 Part 7: 1997; BS 476 part 22 Class 1
  • Non-toxic and non-hazardous


Harden plaster board


Light Grey

Product Size:

1220 x 2440 x 12.5mm

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