Indoor Air Quality Meter

Indoor Air Quality Meter
Product Specifications:
The meter is designed with air watches for precisely detecting harmful gases and alarming ventilation time, unlike air cleaners which only catch particle materials. The LCD color and numerical value change depending on indoor air cleanness to help customers recognize air condition easily. The meter is used as an air quality level detection device at home or in crowed facilities such as schools, libraries, hospitals, public offices, etc.
  • Detection range: 300-5,000ppm.
  • Accuracy: ±10%.
  • Resolution: 1ppm.
  • Life expectation: >5 years.
  • Night mood mode.
  • Operational temperature & humidity range: 0-50℃, 5-90% RH (avoid condensation).
  • Storage temperature & humidity range: 0-60℃, 5-90% RH (recommend package in a moisture proof bag).
  • Function to set up user convenience concentration to ventilate.
  • 110V-220V plug type with easy handling and installation or wall-mountable type with DC adaptor.

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