Intelligent Electric Vehicle Charging Network

Intelligent Electric Vehicle Charging Network, E-Charge

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  • Hong Kong EV Power Limited established E-Charge in 2011, which acts as an all-rounded facilities manager of electric vehicle chargers in the City. E-Charge currently has more than 8,000 members, covering over 70% of electric vehicle end users in Hong Kong. The clients of E-Charge include property developers, commercial organisations, governmental utilities and individual tenants. Apart from installing electric vehicle chargers, E-Charge manages and supports the daily operation of charging stations in car parks of estates and shopping malls under its partners. E-Charge has established an internet-based service platform to provide various charging information and smart features, which brings great convenience to electric vehicle end users. The platform, with both web and mobile applications, is capable of performing a host of smart functions, such as searching for charging network, real-time status monitoring, making instant reservation, settling payment, retrieving charging records and providing information related to electric vehicles. The charging system could even send SMS notification to users when it is out of order. E-Charge is devoted to facilitating and promoting the wider use of electric vehicles in Hong Kong, helping to reduce carbon emissions and solve the problem of air pollution.