Liquid Photopolymer Resin

Liquid Photopolymer Resin, LTL, Macdermid
Liquid Photopolymer Resin, LTL, Macdermid
Liquid Photopolymer Resin, LTL, Macdermid

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Product Specifications:
The perfect solution for corrugated printing, this liquid photopolymer resin offers tack-free properties, solid coverage, and high resilience to achieve lint-free printing. This resin can resists impacts from UV, heat, and humidity for long-lasting quality. With wide imaging latitude, it can reveal the images of a variety of copies without missing any detail.

• 32 durometer (shore A) resin.
• Extremely low tack plate for better cleaning performance on press.
• Excellent durability that remains stable under UV, heat, and humidity.
• Wide imaging latitude that can easily reveal a variety of copies with fine details included.
• Highly resilient plate with exceptional ink transfer.
• Specifically designed to provide thick photopolymer printing plates for the corrugated market.
• Dyed in red to improve the contrast.
• Allow easier mounting and cleaning significant reduction in time and cost.
• Option to cap for reduced fluting.
• Well suited for in-position platemaking.
• Resin can be reclaimed and simply washout by soap and water to maintain the plate quality.
• Supported by MacDermind and Crownflex plate-making system for assorted sizes of photopolymer plates: 1523, 1723, 2030, 2340, 3050, 4260 and 5280.
• Country of origin: Australia.

Technical Specifications:
• Packaged in 5-gallon plastic containers.
• Packaging weight: 40lbs (18kg).

Performance Specifications:
• Plate thickness:  0.112 - 0.280 inches.
• Background thickness:  0.070 - 0.180 inches.
• Relief Height:  0.032 - 0.125 inches tone range.
• Reproduction:  2 - 95% (when used as a capped plate).
• Line screen (max.):  100lpi (when used as a capped plate).

Plate Processing:
• Hardness (Shore A):  32.
• Viscosity (at 25°C):  32,000 cps.
• Appearance:  red.
• Cloud point:  <32°F (0°C).
• Freezing point:  <32°F (0°C).
• Temperature to thaw:  68°F (20°C).




Plastic Resin



Product Size:

5-gallon (40 lbs., 18 kg., net wt.)/ pail

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