Longan Aril Extract Powder

Longan Aril Extract Powder
Product Specifications:
Stay fit and healthy with this longan aril extract powder. This powder allows you to enjoy the benefits and nutritional values of longan easily and conveniently. It boasts a wide range of functions such as tonifying heart and spleen, nourishing the blood and treating palpitation.

• Product name: longan aril extract.
• Latin name: euphoria longan (lour.) steud.
• Extracted from longan aril (a tropical tree).
• Part of the plant used: root (heel).
• Product specification : 4:1~20:1; 10% 30%.
• Maslinic acid test method: TLC.
• Appearance: light yellow-brown powder.
• CAS no.: 4373-41-5.
• Molecular formula: C30H48O4.
• Molecular weight: 472.70.


• Tonify heart and spleen.
• Nourish the blood and tranquilization.
• Treat insufficiency of vital energy and blood.
• Treat palpitation.
• Treat blood insufficiency.


• Pharmaceutical as capsules or pills.
• Functional food as capsules or pills.
• Water-soluble beverages.
• Health products as capsules or pills.

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