Machining, Fine Tech
Machining, Fine Tech
Machining, Fine Tech

Brand Name:

Fine Tech

Product Specifications:
Our factory Specialize in producing any plastic and metal for CNC precision machining parts.
Welcome OEM/Tailor-made/Customize.

Machining capability:
•Precision metal milling: Length 100mm, Width 100mm, Height 0.5 mm, Accuracy <0.005mm.
•General metal milling: Length 3000mm, Width 1000mm, Height 1000mm, Accuracy <0.01mm.
•Surface finish: Hand Polishing, Vibratory polish, Sand blasting, Electroplate, Anodize, Powder coating and PTFE coating etc.

Material of machining:
•Stainless steel, Carbon steel, Free cutting steel, Brass, Aluminum and Titanium.
•Nickel silver, Beryllium copper and Hard Plastic.
•All of our products are manufacturing by 3-5 axis CNC machines, to ensure that the  products can fulfill your special requirement!
•All of our material sourcing come from Japanese, German, Mainland depend on your requirement, we guarantee the material can meet RoHS and Reach requirement.
•Welcome your simple module construction, then our professional engineer will send you layout for your confirmation.

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