Magnet, 36, SF

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Hong Kong Dollar 13~15

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15 day(s)

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Hardware magnetic components:
As the name implies, it is a combination of magnets and hardware products. Magnets are generally divided into Nd-Fe-B strong magnets and permanent magnet ferrite magnets. Magnetic hardware products are not magnetic hardware products, but metal products are wrapped with magnets, so that the hardware products will be magnetic. Therefore, hardware magnetic components need professional customization, because each customer uses different products, so of course, for product performance, tolerance, temperature resistance, specifications and shapes will be different. Compared with Nd-Fe-B strong magnets, different shapes of hardware magnetic products can be produced according to the needs of customers. If the ferrite needs to be molded, it will be more complex. However, as long as accurate information is provided, it can also be produced according to the specifications provided by customers.
Magnetic components are widely used in mechanical automation parts, can be customized according to drawings and samples, unlimited quantity, professional product customization services.




Zn/Ni-Cu-Ni Epoxy Resin Electrophoresis

Product Size:

D15 x 15mm